Namibia Boy FREED from Mermaid Spirit, Holy Angel Rescues!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Our God is gracious. Here it is nearly 3:30am and listening to some great Australian praise and worship –so soothing to the soul! I think I finally caught up on all of the emails. Your voice messages, emails and communication has been edifying and LIFE. What an amazing group of brothers and sisters we have on our mailing list –warriors for King Jesus!

Over a year ago, I was honored to meet Pastor Rueben, while I was conducting a South African mission tour. This dear brother oversees churches in Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. He has invited this mission to conduct public evangelistic, deliverance and healing meetings in these locations. Our plan was to conduct the meetings next March. However, as many of you know I have been hindered and challenged with some vocal cord issues. May Jesus grant us strength to press onward! 

Just received a powerful email report from this dear pastor friend of mine, in southern Africa, in the nation of Namibia, where will be conducting a series of training seminars and public deliverance meetings at a Bible College. They are believing an outpouring of the Holy Spirit when we conduct the services. I refuse to allow these vocal issues that challenge me to hinder the work of the Kingdom (either in Namibia or in South Africa where we were scheduled to conduct meetings too)! This dear brother, Pastor Rueben, just sent this incredibly thrilling testimony. Allow me to share ~

“Brother Jay –Last night at 7 pm a boy disappeared from his parent’s house around 10 pm Mrs H. called us. The boy name is Khumbu. He did not come home. I and my wife went to the parent’s house. The mother explained to us about their son how he had disappeared. I prayed to God to ask the Holy Angel to rescue the boy, later on, after 10 hours, the boy miraclously returned back home. The mother called us. The boy is back, he didn’t know how he was taken, as the angel brought him back. We went to see Khumbu. I prayed with him, then an evil spirit come out of him. It was spirit of mermaid. This boy was making strange voices. And he was saying sometimes he felt like a strange person would enter in his room at times. When I began to pray with him the demon cried out in agony. He was driven out. Now this boy is saying: “I am now free and I can now see clear.” The boy’s eye’s was filled with darkness but now can see!”

While in South Africa last year Rueben witnessed some powerful exorcisms we conducted and assisted me greatly. In fact, he witnessed us calling forth holy angels and asking for them to intervene on the behalf of those experiencing violent demonic attacks. The holy angels arrived and ministered alongside us! What a joy it must have been for this dear pastor to participate in the ministry of deliverance by including God’s holy servants –His angels. The holy angel brought this little boy –that was taken by a Mermaid spirit (a water spirit which is causing spiritual havoc in many African lives) and brought him safely back home so my dear friend could perform a exorcism –driving the Mermaid demons out of his body! FREEDOM exclaimed the boy!

A dear friend of the mission who lives in New South Wales, Australia, who recently sent an compelling testimony, that I shared with everyone, of the many miracles that resulted from our mission there, a few years back, has sent another email victory report that I must share. I am humbled by these reports:

“Jay–my wife reminded me of some other testimonies that resulted out of your ministry to us.  We saw a major release of miraculous spiritual gifts among many of our friends who encountered God during your visit to us.  A LOT of prophetic and apostolic gifts.  I’m amazed at how quickly equipped our network of friends have become in various spiritual gifts. Some have even been released to pursue their calling to the office of prophet and apostle.  And the hunger for God – wow, this has been incredible.  There’s so much more I could have shared – your impact has been FAR reaching.”

WOW!!! I bow before KING JESUS! We have seen this occur in many other locations around the world where God allows us to stir up the miracle gifts and activate them! Not only the gifts but various callings. The past few years we have seen God raise up a number of apostles and prophets who are here to serve YOU! 

Mentioning Australia, I just received a report from Pastor Joan Smale, who oversees a Church of the Cross mission, in Western Australia, and is our mission coordinator for Australia, share this victory: 

“Ministry for me has also grown dramatically. My first Spiritual Warfare/Deliverance Teaching Session last week brought in about 30 or more people…A number of them who attended your meetings now want to train to do deliverance, so that area of ministry also has also grown over-night!”

As you can see the work of the gospel is advancing powerfully throughout the earth and I rejoice in our great and loving God who provides us victory! Aren’t you excited that we get to participate with HIM in this victory by virtue of our union with Him in heavenly places!?!

I am Hidden in JESUS!

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