In Haiti: Preaching the Gospel to Thousands in Plaza

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, conducting open air gospel meetings that is reaching many thousands for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our flight into Port-au-Prince from Ft. Lauderdale was pleasant and our process through customs was without incident. It was good to be back in Haiti. However, I do not enjoy encountering the worse poverty one can experience on earth. Haiti’s impoverished conditions are perhaps even worse then that of India and Western Africa, regions of the world I have ministered in. By many humanitarian organizations’s account, Haiti is considered one of the poorest nations on earth. I would concur drawing from my international travel experiences. The infrastructure is dismal, the poverty rate is nearing 80% of the population and the spiritual oppression is intense as this nation, is perhaps, the only nation in modern times, to actually have dedicated their land to Satan. Moreover, the traffic….I have traveled all around the world and have yet to find a place where the traffic is as chaotic as it is here in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. A few places would be close such as Lagos, Nigeria, Bombay, India and Bangkok, Thailand but here in Haiti it’s stunningly insane. For more than 3.5 hours we battled the crazy traffic as we traveled from Port-au-Prince to the city of Gonaives.

Many of you might recall all of the natural disasters this small nation has suffered through in recent years too. It’s horrific. This is why we believe the Holy Spirit sent us to intervene in those suffering from demonic powers and infirmities. Many churches have been unified and are committed to seeing the gospel go forward in power. Many churches were represented last night desiring to be in fellowship with us. Last night, in the city of Gonaives, I honored and distributed ordination certificates to 16 pastors. Moreover they stood with me in prayer as I ascended the platform to preach the cross of Jesus. 

As soon as I was introduced I felt a surge of Holy Spirit power flow thru me. I was thrilled to stand before many souls desperate for the power of God. As I looked at the people who had assembled in the plaza I just knew many needed salvation. Not only was every seat taken in this plaza (it was a standing room only crowd) but there were a few thousand souls outside of the plaza who had assembled. I preached on the benefits of knowing God from Psalm 103. Then I centered on the cross of Jesus (and actually brought out my holy cross as I preached for all to see) and called people to repentance. Many souls were saved on this night as I could hear so many souls call upon Jesus as Lord! Then I invited everyone who needed divine healing and deliverance from demons to quickly come to the front of the platform so I could pray over them. 

I felt the power of God immediately come down when I called for the Holy Spirit to carry the souls forward. As the Holy Spirit descended multitude of souls –hundreds– came rushing down for healing and deliverance from demons. As the praise band led everyone in worship I prayed over every single soul that rushed down to the platform. I made the cross on each forehead and as I did numerous demons manifested –many of them shook the heads of the Haitians as if the demons were saying “no,” when I was commanding them to depart in Jesus name. Many of the deliverances were quick and demons departed quickly. Many of those delivered were so happy and praising God.

Only eternity will reveal the massive amount of souls touched on this night in salvation, healing and deliverance. I’m just thankful for God’s grace and power. As I expected, I was very excited to preach and perhaps overextended myself in the preaching and ministering. So, today, I’m resting my vocal cords and body. Furthermore, we are spiritually protecting us as we have been cursed by many. We can feel it and the Holy Spirit has warned us. Grateful for your prayers for divine protection.

We are still receiving so many testimonies from from who were deeply touched by our ministry in recent days. While in Atlanta, so many were miraculously cured from various afflictions and the victory reports are edifying. Allow me to share a recent one; from a young Chinese lady who was delivered from more than 5,000 years of demonic curses of Buddhism and ancestral worship. 

“Hi Jay! Brother! Thank you so much again for helping to deliver me from ancestral worship/ generational curses! I’ve been telling my friends of how God used you to deliver me, and I am sooooooooooooo thankful!  Thank you for being obedient in helping me!  I feel so loved by Daddy Jesus that He would call me to come to your meeting and that He would deliver me!  So thank you brother! God really used you!  And, I did as God had showed me earlier and what you confirmed… I stayed up til 6:00am in the morning and anointed the whole house and especially over that statue that you said I needed to pray over.  I prayed over that and anointed it in Jesus name!!

And, I even told my mom that I prayed about it and did not believe that my “great grandmother” was visiting her in her dreams, but rather that it was a familiar spirit.  So, please pray that God shows the Truth of not only Jesus but of that to her in Jesus name!  I know God has an awesome plan for my mom and my family. Thank you again Jay! You are a mighty man of God’s love through deliverance!  Thank you and I want to bless you and your team and your family in Jesus name!!!”

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