In British Columbia Confronting More Witchcraft

Dear Friends of Jesus,

On this most recent extensive mission we have been encountering an extraordinary amount of witchcraft wherever we travel to. Our meetings have been filled with intense spiritual conflict. In fact, in our recent meeting in San Jose, California, one of the pastors who assisted me, brought with her 4 or 5 members of her security detail with her, to our meeting, due to the concerns she had with the powers of evil as we were holding our public meeting in a gang infested area. However, in the meeting, I turned to the Lord and His angels (no need for the security detail) for protection and assistance. The fact is, yes, there has been a tremendous amount of warfare. We have encountered many who have ancestral witchcraft roots and many who have been victimized by witchcraft. It’s been a war however we have seen the Lord Jesus Christ come out victorious each and every time.

I’m currently in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, assisting those tormented by demonic spirits. Obviously, since our meeting was on a Monday we knew that many of our friends couldn’t join us because of work and family commitments however some new friends joined us (and those new friends brought hurting people needing deliverance) and our small meeting hall was nearly filled out. Interestingly enough, while we were meeting in our conference hall, in this very large hotel, the Jehovah Witnesses were also meeting and conducting some kind of conference. It was kind of strange to hear the demons from their meeting invade our meeting. You could literally hear crackling noises and bursts of energy popping off in different places while I taught from the Scriptures and ministered. I was already exhausted because the previous night as I didn’t sleep at all and had been up all day traveling in to Vancouver and here we needed to battle these external powers that were wanting to disrupt. 

While sharing these experience I might need to add I had a very eerie experience I had forgotten to mention previously in my email updates. While in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, at the hotel, I was getting my iPad ready to play some praise and worship music. I placed it iPad on the middle of the bed and turned around to do some work on my Macbook. Perhaps 30 seconds later guess what happens? I hear a strange thump noise. I turn around and noticed my iPad which was previously on the middle of the bed had been thrown by some invisible forces (demons) unto the floor. I was baffled but realized it was demons. The demons were attempting to intimidate me by doing something unusual (note: they were threatened with the praise music no doubt) but obviously they failed because I continued on and preached the gospel to thousands of souls later that evening. Ha! 

Anyway, here I am conducting trying to conduct a public meeting and was encountering all kinds of distractions but I pressed on. The first lady we ministered to was a woman who had been to the meeting by a Guatemalan pastor and his wife. I brought her to the front and began to pray over her and a spirit named Leviathan surfaced and shook her body. Along with Leviathan there were spirits of witchcraft and death. All of them had gained entry because of her participation in the occult and her ex-partner’s involvement in the occult. It was revealed that she had actually offered food and other items to various idols. While she renounced these sins and curses the evil spirits were expelled in Jesus name. Immediately the various pains and afflictions she had previously been feeling had departed. You could see a considerable change in her countenance and she shared that she felt so much peace and was feeling lighter. I also ministered to others in the small meeting hall. I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers and many were being freed from demons while praying along with me –some were burping out demons and yawning them out. Another lady we ministered to was being afflicted with demon powers and she was instantly healed from various pains and afflictions. God was pleased to display His power over the enemies of the cross. 

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