Defeated Witchcraft Cult in Los Angeles, Souls Saved!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

From Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where we were able to reach thousands of souls for Jesus and see hundreds find deliverance and healing, we traveled back into Ft. Lauderdale, for a very long layover, so we used the opportunity to get some much needed rest and enjoyed Miami’s South Beach. Great weather and great time at the beach. From the Miami area we traveled across the continent to Los Angeles, California, where I was scheduled to minister at the Temple of Salvation in downtown Los Angeles that is made up of some Russian and Ukrainian Jewish disciples. 

For several hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures and then led everyone in Holy Communion. We had a good crowd and people were still arriving into the meeting a few hours after the meeting had started. Souls were hungry for salvation, healing and deliverance from evil spirits. Prior to leading everyone in Holy Communion I asked how many people needed to be saved by Jesus. Quite a handful of souls responded and had the wonderful honor to lead these precious people to the Savior. Ah! The greatest miracle of all! Then I began to pray for those bound by demonic spirits.

Immediately demons were surfacing within many in the assembly. One lady we ministered to surfaced powerful Jezebel and witchcraft spirits that were rooted in generational blood sacrifices. Her ancestors practiced human sacrifice that allowed them entry into their lives. Mind you this lady is a strong believer in Christ along with her husband. Yet, because the generational curses of witchcraft and blood sacrifice were never formally renounced they held on to her family. The demons screamed in agony as the holy angels were called upon to punish the demons. Ah! On this night there were dozens of holy angelic occurrences of their divine intervention that greatly assisted me in ministering deliverance to the captives. As the curses were broken and renounced I was able to drive out the many demons in Jesus name. This precious lady was so happy! She was not only delivered from demons but also experienced physical healing and emotional healing. 

It was very strange to see that as I ministered to this woman; other woman with the Jezebel spirit surfaced and immediately a number of woman stood to their feet in the meeting hall and were talking with one another and causing a disturbance. I had to ask the ladies to sit down so we could bring order within the meeting. There was so much confusion and distractions taking place. It was if all the Jezebel spirits were communicating with one another and drawing strength with one another with the hopes of stopping the meeting. The others in the hall were shocked to see what transpired. I continued on fighting the demons of Jezebel. They were defeated by the blood of the cross.

As I brought people to the front to receive ministry many others were being freed from demons. Some were coughing, others vomiting, others yawning and burping. These are means by which demons exit their victims. Dozens received a measure of freedom tonight just by being present in the meeting hall. 

Another lady we brought to the front was the pastor’s daughter who was experiencing strange physical attacks as I taught from the WORD. Her body would go numb thereby losing feeling of her limbs. Unusual attacks. I could tell her she was being terribly afflicted. I began to pray for her. Demons surfaced from within. 

“We are spirits of witchcraft and we were sent to her by a group called Star Cross who targets pastors. This girl was targeted because her father is a pastor and he favors the Jews. We are the ones that brought the needles, the pins and the arrows into her to torment her,” the evil spirits boasted. 

It was exposed that a local Los Angeles witchcraft cult here was literally targeting this Russian pastor in attempt to destroy him and his ministry. Though they couldn’t directly attack him so they went after a vulnerable member of his family –his daughter! They directed their attacks upon her and they were somewhat successful. For duration of this exorcism we removed satanic spiritual needles, arrows and darts sent from the enemy. I literally had the demons remove the various darts from her body. 

Many of you are victims of witchcraft curses and spells. Do not be naive there are thousands of occult sects that seek the destruction of Christians by the utilization of satanic curses and spells. Place yourself under the holy atoning blood of Jesus and be pro-active and counter the witchcraft with the commands of Jesus. 

The demons within this young lady revealed that had brought numerous physical afflictions within her body they named perhaps a half dozen or more physical ailments they brought into her body to torment her. I had the demons take upon these afflictions. Not only the physical afflictions but also various heart parts they confessed to having held captive. There were 5 of them ranging from 10 years of age to 21 years of age. I spoke o each of them. They were released in Jesus name. They were so happy to be freed from their captivity as they had been held for many years. One was present because of childhood fear. One was present because somebody had said that she had “devil’s eyes,” (a word curse). Another was present because she witnessed her parent’s fighting. 

As you can see there was deep hurt and pain present in this young woman’s life. Each part was led to Jesus and experienced supernatural healing and restoration. Moreover, the parts were able to see Jesus and experience His amazing love. It was beautiful to witness. Mind you this young lady had no idea she had dissociation and yet while we ministered numerous broken heart parts surfaced and communicated with me. 

Ancient spirits of Jezebel, Baal, Moloch were present within this woman. These are very high level demonic beings that had invaded this pastor’s daughter. They battled me. I fought back. I called upon the holy angels.

“There’s 33 of them here,” the demons groaned. 

I could feel their holy presence and asked them to help me in freeing this woman which they gladly consented to. At one point I had the angels draw out their swords to strike the invading demons to weaken their resolve. I counted to 3 and we struck the demonic forces. They SCREAMED in agony and begged for me to stop. I continued to torture the demons. I brought out my holy cross and they backed up in total terror and fear. They had touched it at one point and they screamed, “It burns!” I had the demons remove their jewelry, their crowns, their armor, their rings (“we want men to see that she is taken,” the demons informed me), their ropes, their chains, and other demonic items. 

The POWER of God was very tangibly present and the work of the Holy Spirit was on display for all to see. At another point during the exorcism, I called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit to come upon my hands. The fire came upon me and I threw in the direction of the spirit and it was overcome with power and fell to the ground. The miracle working power of Jesus was very strong within me. 

“We see Jesus in you. We think you are a fool. We are scared of you,” the demons revealed to me. 

Does not the Scripture tell us that Christ in us is greater than he that is in the world. It does and we rest in that promise. 

All of these high level demonic beings were humiliated before the public and were defeated by the cross of Jesus! They all pronounced their doom and took their afflictions with them to the pit! The deliverance was dramatic and intense. They screamed out of her and she was freed! The joy, the peace and beautiful smile spoke volumes for all to see. She was free and healed. She testified before all of her new found freedom. As you can imagine the pastor was extremely joyful seeing her daughter liberated from demons. 

So many others experienced freedom and healing. Many heart parts were brought to the risen Jesus. Many sicknesses and afflictions of all sorts were removed from many minds and bodies. We look forward to returning later in the Summer.

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