Encountering Lucifer in Las Vegas, Witnessing Power of the Sacraments

I’m currently in Las Vegas, Nevada, conducting some private meetings with those enslaved to the dark powers of Satan. Just getting to Las Vegas was difficult. First off, we experienced some intense storms while ministering in Mobile, Alabama which caused the cancellation of our flight from Pensacola, Florida to Las Vegas. We were then forced to drive through Mississippi and Louisiana to the city of New Orleans to catch a flight into Nevada. God was gracious and provided travel mercies.

Our mission in Mobile was incredible on multiple levels. We witnessed Jesus prevailing and rescuing a woman from deep demonic bondage. A survivor of a gruesome satanic ritual; Patricia struggled in life. However, she has fought and sought our assistance. Over a course of 12 hours we battled many thousands of demons. Some of the strange demonic beings we encountered and expelled included:


  • Dela via the sexual violation in the satanic ceremony
  • Vesta via the sexual violation in the satanic ceremony
  • Bilba brought neurological damage and torture
  • Duruth (numbering in the 100’s) brought death, caused lack of sleep
  • Feud (numbering in the 100’s) affected the various glands and body chemistry; also held 12 pieces of a spiritual lizard within her body
  • Villen via a generational curse as a result of ancestral idol-worship
  • Tiger & Lion spirits that literally roared like a tiger and a lion; very strange
  • Snake spirits
  • Beeza via a blood pact
  • Leva (numbering in the 1000’s) via an ancestral curse from mother’s side
  • Mind-Controlling spirits that implanted mind controlling devices including a helmet on the head 
  • Legion
  • Pain (numbering in the 1000’s) via an ancient ritual involving human and animal sacrifices
  • Lupus spirits that brought this terrible affliction in the cells and nerves via a blood sacrifice
  • Pills via an addiction to the prescription pills
  • Witchcraft via ancient voodoo rituals

As you can see we had some strong spirits to battle with. During this all day exorcism, we witnessed Jesus prevail over each and every demon power. Strangely, the animal spirits would surface and roared like the animals would in the fields. There were a number of them including a lion, tiger and a snake. There was one group of spirits named Alpha (common Illuminati demonic entity) that brought this dear lady horrible dizziness, pain, torment, and confusion. There were 52 of them. They had actually placed a spiritual helmet on her head to ensure these afflictions would be constant. Horrible. This lady suffered every day from these demonic afflictions however as we prayed and ministered ALL of these afflictions lifted up and were destroyed in Jesus nameAll of these demons were sent to the pit! You could tell a tangible difference as we drove all of these demons out of her. After her deliverance, she shared how she felt pain-free and was very happy. Years of torment and pain destroyed in one session. 

From Alabama we drove several hours into New Orleans and caught a flight to Las Vegas where a family was desperately needing deliverance and healing. As I began to pray; an evil spirit surfaced from within Robert named Death. 

“We are not leaving,” he informed me, “We are here to stay to kill him, to destroy him, to bring him cancer.”

It was discovered recently that Robert had a form of cancer in his gall bladder. Robert shared with me that he’s seen pictures of the cancer and he mentioned how it looked like some kind of sea creature. Ah! I have seen dozens of pictures that look like this. The cancer resembling some kind of alien, sea creature, monster, or some other kind of strange entity. These pictures are revealing the true nature of the cancer –demons! God does not give His children cancer, Satan does. We know that Satan likes taking upon the form of sea creatures, aliens, and monsters. These are evil forces afflicting people with sicknesses of all sorts. 

“There’s 63 of us,” the demons informed me, “We report to Lucifer.”

Turns out there were 60 demons named Death and 3 named Lucifer. The death spirits were hell-bent on killing Robert through the cancer. Robert recently married and just celebrated the birth of first little daughter. I was determined to see Robert free and healed. 

“Some of us entered because he had sex with a prostitute, at a brothel, in Mexico. Also because there’s incest. He also had sex with a dog as a kid,” the spirits informed me.

Well, turns out all three elements were true. The encounter with the prostitute, the incest and the sex with the dog, all created unholy sexual unions that allowed demons access. Interestingly, as a result of having sex with a dog, the animal experienced dissociation within it’s soul nature. The demons actually took a part of the soul of the animal and carried it into Robert. 

“Some of dog’s soul has been intermingled with the soul of Robert,” the demons informed me.

This is a means to dehumanize precious humans that have been created in the image of God. The intermingling of animals within humans is a demonic phenomena that we need to address and be aware of. Satan is desirous of demeaning human beings and lowering them to the level of the animal kingdom (does not the teaching of evolution in public schools accomplish this too?)

This is an element of the deliverance ministry I do not believe has been explored extensively. We might be one of the first ones in this area of ministry to discover how rampant this reality is. I recently wrote a small booklet, on this very subject, titled, “Encountering Animal Demons and Soul Parts,” that I recommend obtaining so you might learn more on this subject. 

So in this ministry session with Robert, we encountered a part of the dog and a spirit named Dog. Both were expelled from the body. We also encountered some spirits named Lucifer that admitted to holding in place the cancer in his body.

“We are NOT leaving! He will die! We do not want to see him doing what you are doing. He is a man of God and we must stop him,” the spirits informed me.

Ah! Jesus described Satan as a murderer. This is his desire for each of us especially disciples of Jesus. 

“We are the sea creature that Robert sees in those pictures of the cancer,” the demons boasted, “We must kill him.

Demons are ruthless and we must be ruthless with them in Jesus name. I utilized my Sword (the Bible), the blood of Jesus and so many other weapons. The demons especially hated my sacred cross and the blood of Holy Communion but not at first. Allow me to explain.

“Robert has taken Holy Communion, we know all about it. It doesn’t affect us,” the demons informed me.

I discovered that because Robert didn’t believe in transubstantiation (the miracle of transforming the juice into the blood of Christ, the bread into the body of Christ) the demons didn’t feel affected whenever he joined in partaking of the Holy Communion because the Communion was not done in faith and in belief in the miraculous. The demons picked up on that and thus not affected. Wow! Very interesting. This is something I have known for many years but yet another example how our faith must be activated in the sacraments for power to be released (the Scriptures state that the “just shall live by faith.”)

I believe in the miracle working power of Jesus, in the sacraments, so when I blessed the bread and juice, on this day, the demons looked stunned and surprised. They were utterly amazed at what just transpired. They never seen anything like it before. At first they merely stated that what was in the cup of the Communion was merely water. But after a prayer of consecration something transpired and demons knew it. The miraculous took place —the blood and the body of Jesus was suddenly present and was used to defeat (in disgust they stated, “This tastes like blood now”) and weaken the demons. In all of the years, these demons, never encountered the miraculous element of the sacraments thus didn’t feel that threatened however when faith was activated as taught in Mark 11:22-25 then suddenly Jesus is present in His power and demons were utterly defeated!

As Robert broke off the 400 year curse of incest, the unholy soul ties and renounced witchcraft that was rooted in his ancestors, the demons were expelled in Jesus name! We also discovered Robert had dissociation and parts of his broken heart surfaced including a 6 year old little boy that was very scared. He was released and was able to experience Jesus and His love. Robert experienced a deep healing of his shattered heart. It was beautiful to witness. Afterwards, Robert testified of feeling his heart come back together as whole. Not only was cancer driven out but he also experienced a tremendous healing of his heart. 

I’m very thankful for the mercy and goodness of Jesus. He bestowed upon us His power to heal and to deliver. Moreover, He blessed us with His holy angels who assisted me in battling and striking the strong demons within Robert. Wonderful to see! Furthermore, we also ministered to his little 1 week old baby who was also demonized as a result of generational curses and his wife. Both were delivered too! 

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