Freed from Mind Control & Miraculous Cured of Chronic Pain

Dear Friends of Jesus ~We are still receiving many amazing testimonies from around the world from souls who have been impacted by the mission. The gospel is proclaimed and received, demons flee, diseases driven out, afflictions cured, hearts repaired, and seeing lives restored are common miracles we witness every week. We are honored to serve the world that is in need of the Savior.

Recently while in Western Europe, we held a series of public meetings in London, UK, that drew people from throughout the UK, Sweden, South Africa and Australia. One precious lady who attended every service was deeply impacted by the meetings. In fact, she was freed from demons and supernaturally healed of various body and heart afflictions. Her testimony is inspiring as her healing enabled her to do things that we take for granted; that she was incapable of doing until her after her deliverance:

“For 2 days I was blessed at the meetings here, in the UK, as you taught and ministered deliverance, Jay. Many demons were cast out and sent to the pit, it has been an amazing time, and it has been such a blessing to have you here teaching on deliverance, we need the teaching so much, I feel so encouraged, stronger, lifted up. I was delivered of 2 demons, I knew that things were not right, being in such chronic pain, stiffness, severe migraines, always struggling to get through each day, and just trying my best, well last night, you were praying for generational curses, to renounce the mother and father generational curses, it helped. I was able at last to let go of my father behavior against me, name calling, verbal abuse, anger, I felt that he hated me, last night I broke the curses and cried, and it felt liberating, to let go of the burden, yes at times I blamed myself, or felt anger, now I feel peace.”

“Our ”LORD JESUS” BE PRAISED, many were delivered and set free, when I manifested, you came to the rescue, I was delivered of demons of ”mind control,” of course I should have known, I have been controlled all my life, too weak to confront and defend myself, only in the last 5 years I have found the courage to let out of my repressed emotions, feelings, abuse I suffered. THANK YOU ”’LORD JESUS” FOR SETTING ME FREE AND FOR JAY, I went home and felt wonderful, was able to wash my hair, lift my arms and not feel pain after so many years, it felt so good to be able to take a shower and feel no pain, slept well, and didn’t wake up or dream continually, hallelujah, today I feel well, I can walk and move and not feel the pain and tiredness, yes the demons were causing the pain, insomnia, I am going to stand in faith and trust ‘THE LORD JESUS” to strengthen me and keep my freedom from demons.”

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