In North Dakota: Jesus Conquered Evil Spirits!

I just absolutely love these extensive missions, watching miracles take place each and every night. What an honor to serve Jesus. This North American journey had us, first of all, conducting a powerful public meeting in Houston where many were liberated and supernaturally healed. From Houston we traveled onward to Pensacola, Florida. From Pensacola we drove onto Mobile, Alabama where we conducted private meetings. More miracles took place where thousands of demons were cast out. Then from Mobile we drove through Mississippi and through Louisiana where we drove into the city of New Orleans where we caught a flight to Las Vegas, Nevada where even more private meetings were conducted. From Las Vegas it was onward to Denver, Colorado then finally stopping into Fargo, North Dakota where we are currently holding meetings. While in North Dakota we stopped briefly into Minnesota and have marveled at the travel mercies we have experienced. 

It’s been truly remarkable thus far this year —even with my 6 week rest of my vocal cords earlier this year— by God’s grace we have:

  • Traveled already into 17 states here in America
  • Journeyed and ministered into 4 different Canadian provinces
  • Traveled into 3 different Australian states
  • Visiting 8 different nations on 4 different continents
  • Conducting nearly 70 private and public meetings
  • Reaching many thousands of souls for the gospel of Jesus; calling souls to repentance and renunciation of the devil
  • Hundreds have been supernaturally healed and freed from demonic spirits
  • More than 100 students, from 5 continents, are still enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center being equipped

I am also praising God for more healing that has taken place in my life. Not only is the pain no longer present in relation to my vocal cords; I also no longer feel the very strange vocal sensation that was thought of by the medical community as being a permanent condition I would have to live with us for the rest of my life! It was instantaneous healing but healing nevertheless by our great God. I have been thanking Him often for this. All of the proper rest and taking vocal precautions have been beneficial to me and will continue in this regard.

So, here I am in chilly North Dakota holding a private meeting where we witnessed once again the power of God releasing a 50 year old man, by the name of Max, from more than 100 demons. To better understand what an amazing miracle took place earlier today, allow me to explain Max’s background. Never married. No kids. Deeply hurt. Severe smoking addiction that turned into a sexual fetish. For 32 years he sought out pastors for a deliverance and no-one intervened! In anger, called upon Satan. He began to rip up his own Bibles. In fact, could not even own one for fear of it being ripped up. Cursed God and his own life. The result? Pain, torment and demons! 

As we began to pray for him many evil spirits surfaced including:

  • Torment via his smoking, fear, and anger
  • More than 37 Jezebel spirits that brought stress, isolation, immorality, fantasies, and perversion
  • 13 spirits of Perfectionism
  • A demon named Lies
  • More than 64 demons named Death that brought heart attacks, lung cancer, lung disease, liver problems
  • Many spirits of Mockery, Confusion, Mind-Control, and 47 spirits named Control 

Interestingly, enough, some of these control spirits invaded Max through his own pastor who was a very controlling figure. Because of his soul ties with his pastor, the spirit of control was able to gain access thereby furthering his torment. Moreover, it was discovered that many powerful spirits entered his life because he demeaned (mocking) the sacrament of marriage. Followers of Jesus need to be careful in this regard. The sacraments of the universal church should be safeguarded as holy events in the life of a saint. As a result of cursing the sacrament of marriage; demons invaded his life. Very serious. 

Many of the Death demons were able to gain entry into Max’s life as a result of his ancestors not being diligent in following Jesus. The demons actually stated, “We are here because his ancestors on his father’s and mother’s sides both were neglecting spiritual things.”

We need to be running the race before us. We need to honor Jesus and not neglect the spiritual things that are so very important, namely making sure we doing what Jesus did! Start there and you can’t go wrong my friends! 

All day we ministered to Max and drove out all 100+ evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, we ministered to his broken heart and prayed for supernatural healing took place. Now, due to his new found freedom he desires to reach out to family and friends who also need deliverance! What an amazing transformation. I’m glad that Max didn’t have to suffer anymore. It’s inexcusable that a disciple had to wait 32 years for deliverance. Thank God for these private intervention sessions that allows opportunities to minister to those who are unable, for one reason or another, to attend one of our public meetings. Max was extremely thankful we offer these home visits. These come at a great cost to us many times but it’s well worth seeing souls FREE!

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