Opposed in Alabama, Eye-Opener in Houston

I’m currently in Mobile, Alabama, where I am being opposed viciously. I have been threatened, cursed, and hindered since making plans on being here to conduct some intensive ministry to those bound by the powers of Satan. It started several days ago. A small group of people hoping to stop me from ministering to those seeking spiritual help. I was given a warning: “Do not show your face in Mobile.” That warning was followed up with profanity. I was told people would be waiting for me upon my arrival (obviously a read between the signs threat). Then I was told I would be exposed and essentially destroyed. They threatened to turn us over to the IRS (this is a form of intimidation). No doubt they would make up some false claims; as our mission has never had a problem with the IRS. Though many Christian mission organizations, in recent years, have had some problems with the IRS, who have been unfairly targeting them such as Billy Graham’s association and Focus on the Family’s organization. Moreover, a small group of people have threatened me by attempting to enlist the media with the hopes of destroying me. 

My friends we are at war! This mission is being targeted for destruction. Since being here in Alabama I have been hindered however I will keep moving forward declaring Jesus is Lord! Interestingly, other saints are seeing the vicious war being waged against me. A dear friend of mine, a former combat veteran of the Iraqi war, who now considers himself as a solider of the cross, recently saw a vision of me. He emailed me to detail this vision:

“Good morning, Jay, I wanted to email you to tell you how happy I am to hear that God supernaturally healed you and your voice. What at testimony to the healing power of Christ. My friend I am encouraged each time I read your emails regarding your battles with the enemy. God is just getting started with you and your ministry. I had a vision of you the other day as you were arriving into heaven. You were dressed in your spiritual armor. Jay that armor was so beaten, dented, and scratched that it looked as though it would fall off any moment. I say this not as a bad thing, but as a good thing. You entered heaven as a warrior would returning from a life of battle. A warrior who fought hand to hand in the deepest of the battle! You encourage me each time I read your messages. I am continuously moving forward.”

I do feel beaten up. Well, I am beaten up. However, I’m thankful I will stand before my King, one day, in Heaven. To give you a sense of the war I have endure through up to this point. Allow me to share a few things I have had to survive through in over a quarter of a century of service to King Jesus:


  • Hundreds of death threats from demons, individuals, and groups
  • Actual assassination attempts
  • Numerous slanderous reports, verbal assaults, and fabrications
  • Strangled, beaten, spat upon, clawed, bitten, violent attacks of all sorts, stabbed with a knife
  • Chairs, tables, hammers, and other hard objects have been thrown in my direction
  • Threats of sexual torture
  • Spilling blood for the gospel
  • Was nearly stoned by a group in Africa
  • A prison riot
  • Interrogated, jailed and detained in Africa

As I recall the amount of times I have escaped death or serious injury; it’s staggering. There’s so much I could share –dozens of intense global incidents. Suffice to say, God has been good to me. I will continue, for many more decades to come, to serve Jesus. The enemy is simply angry that this past Sunday night we saw victory in Houston. In fact, I was just checking my toll-free voice mail messages and a man who attended our Church of the Cross gathering was stunned in what he witnessed. 

“Jay, I had no idea how much pain people have suffered through. It was an eye-opener,” he shared.

Our Houston meeting was an eye-opener; as is all of our public meetings. For more than 7 hours we taught from the Scriptures, battled demons, prayed for the sick and those broken in heart. The pain that was discovered deep within lives was shocking on many levels. 

A number of precious people were being delivered from demons as I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers. Moreover, we were encouraged to see that 90% of those who came to our service stayed for the entire 7 hours of ministry! This is not unusual either! In most of our meetings; the vast majority of people will stay until the very end. After the service a dear pastor friend came up to me and exclaimed: Jay, in most church services people are ready to leave within 1 hour and yet here people stay for 7 hours. It’s amazing!

It is incredible to think about it. As I shared before I believe the answer is because Jesus AND His miracle working power is welcomed. That second part is a key element; thus the interest. Our small meeting hall was nearly packed and so many souls were touched by Jesus! 

The first lady I ministered to was demon possessed as a result of her ancestors turning to witchcraft thousands of years earlier. These were violent spirits but they were defeated and cast out in Jesus name. Another lady in the crowd manifested demons. Those were also witchcraft demons. They too were violent. I called forth mighty holy angels and they came to assist me in warfare as they picked her off the chair and brought her to the front of the meeting hall to receive deliverance. After her deliverance the smile was ever present! She revealed to everyone that she had a vision earlier –prior to the meeting– that she would receive prayer and would be delivered on this night. It came to pass! Yet, another woman in the crowd manifested very strong demonic spirits. Again it’s name? Witchcraft. 

“We have been here for thousands of years,” the demons boasted to me, “Nobody ever discovered us.”

The demons laughed. This was repeated a number of times through the many hours of casting out demons. So many demons exist within people who have no idea they have been invaded by these unseen forces. It’s something I never get used to hearing. It troubles me deeply. Just think how people in this world have demonic spirits and they have no idea. We must expose the darkness and defeat the darkness. However expect resistance.

“We hate YOU, we hate YOU, we hate YOU,” the demons screamed at me during the night! These screams, mind you, were coming from demons that resided within a worship leader who was attending our meeting last night. A worship leader who was powerfully gifted. 

“We are here because her ancestors practiced idol-worship, witchcraft and offered blood sacrifices,” the demons informed me, “We also bring sicknesses and pains in her body.”

Not only was this worship leader healed physically from numerous ailments and pains. She was also healed of a broken heart. Many parts surfaced and spoke to me. They were taken to Jesus for deep healing. 

These hateful demons, that had tormented this minister, ended up in the pit where they belong! 

All night long –hour after hour after hour– we witnessed many parts of broken hearts surfacing and speaking. All of them were taken to Jesus for inner healing. This was definitely an eye opener to many. Especially some of the pastors and ministers that were present in our meeting. It was a holy education and many of them will be taking what they have learned to minister to their respective congregations. 

Another young lady who was sitting up front also manifested demons. They began to shake her terribly. So many demons convulsed and screamed on this night. 

“I’m Jezebel,” the residing demons revealed, “two of her friends placed witchcraft curses upon her, they were death curses.”

Ah! You never know, my friends, who just might be sending curses to you. In this case, two of this young lady’s friends sent powerful death curses with the hopes of destroying her. So much for these so-called friends. I know how curses can affect you. I have been victimized by witchcraft curses. In fact, I’m in the midst of battling them now here in Alabama from those who seek to destroy me. 

What was special about this public exorcism was that her missionary parents were sitting near the front watching her daughter manifest demons and being powerfully delivered. At one point I had the holy angels pull out a spear and I called upon the angels to strike the demons with the spear. You should have seen the reaction! The demons were greatly weakened and moaned in utter defeat. So many miracles to report. 

Strong demons named death, destruction and Jezebel surfaced and spoke to me and fought me. However, Jesus prevailed and the demons were cast into the pit. Many heart parts surfaced and were sent to Jesus for healing. 

One young man we ministered to had been invaded by the spirits of insanity and madness. They laughed and laughed. They had almost succeeded in making him believe that he was indeed crazy and insane. These powerful demons were cast out. 

So many others experienced measures of freedom and healing –physical and inner repairing. It was beautiful to see the smiles and hearts filled with joy. After 7 hours of intense ministry I was tired and my voice needs some rest. I was up early, to get a flight into Florida. Then drove into Alabama for this current mission. After this mission to Alabama I’ll be heading onward to Nevada for more private ministry. Then onward to North Dakota. We need your prayers. 

There are powerful demons conspiring against me (see Psalm 37 about the reality of evil conspiring against the righteous) in an attempt to destroy. I will forever be sustained by the blood of the cross of Jesus. This I know! By the way, the miracles of my sacred cross, were numerous last night. Just know there is power in the CROSS! Amen!

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