8,ooo Baal Demonic Spirits to the Pit, Now in Nashville

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The past several days have been filled with numerous flights, driving diversions, and ministry sessions. The other night we were back in Alabama ministering to those afflicted with demons. While we were praying, a multi-generational demon named Baal, surfaced from within a lady named Macy. 

“We have been hiding here for a very long time. Nobody has discovered us until now. We want to stay here and caused havoc,” the demon named Baal informed. 

In my mission journeys throughout the earth it appears the most common demons I encounter in exorcisms I conduct are the following: Death, Jezebel, Fear, Torment, and interestingly enough, Baal. In ancient manuscripts Baal is often being spoken of as a “king of the gods (demons).” Throughout ancient history the Middle Eastern communities honored this vile demon.  In 1 Kings 16:31, the evil King Ahab, after his marriage to Jezebel, began to serve and worship the demon-god Baal. Where ever there is Jezebel there is usually Baal. In Jeremiah 19:5 we see that even little children were given up as offerings to Baal, “They have built the high places of Baal to burn their children in the fire as offerings to Baal.” It’s been our observations that Baal tends to be a demonic strongman that is usually deeply rooted in those who he has invaded and often times is a generational spirit that holds on the spiritual legal rights of idol-worsip and blood sacrifices. 

I have expelled millions of these Baal spirits out of humans. For the One I serve is greater than this strongman. Baal falls down and bows to King Jesus. I have seen this on numerous occasions. I witnessed this once again while in a meeting, a few nights ago, when I encountered Baal in Macy. It was discovered that Baal had not only been hiding but was connected to many other thousands of evil spirits that were working in conjunction with one another to bring this woman great pain, harm, and torture. Having more than 8,ooo Baal demons within your body will cause some problems. Interestingly enough, these Baal spirits were able to access her life via rape. The one who raped her had these Baal spirits, through his generational bloodline, as they worshipped false gods and practiced voodoo. Through this sexual violation it was enough to access Macy and to invade her body and soul. 

During the exorcism I had Baal hold my holy cross and it greatly weakened him and he bowed before Jesus! As Macy renounced Baal and all of the other demons that had gained access to her life I then proceeded to drive Baal out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Baal on this day flew into the prison of the pit. Immediately, Macy testified of feeling so much relief and was experiencing zero pain. Remember this coming from a woman that had been racked with pain constantly. Jesus healed her of many physical and emotional ills. We also discovered during this 8+ hours of this exorcism that some of the Baals were hold captive some parts of her heart. This is another dynamic that must be mentioned. Baal is often enslaving little dissociative identities. So, when you confront Baal, be sure to investigate this. As Baal enjoys torturing little broken heart parts. 

Baal was forced to let go of the heart parts and we were able to speak to them. They were swiftly taken to Jesus for supernaturally healing. I then prayed that the heart would be healed. Our small prayer team rejoiced in the miracle of healing and deliverance that has taken place in this lady. There is much more work needing to be accomplished in her life however victories are taking place.

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