In Tennessee: Teenagers Free from Demons in House Meeting

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

What a day! Had an amazing time of teaching of God’s Word and ministering freedom to the captives earlier today. I’m currently in a small community nestled among the large hills outside of the city of Nashville here in Tennessee. I have been invited to conduct a series of teaching and ministry sessions for a large group of families from the Mennonite tradition. Our teaching and evening deliverance ministry sessions was jammed packed (with a good number of teenagers attending) and we witnessed incredible miracles; including the salvation of a handful of young people who were attending our meeting. However, there was some opposition at the very beginning. A man whom I’ll refer to as Dave constantly badgered me with questions that sought to undermine the deliverance and healing ministry –such as questioning the need to break generational curses to mocking my usage of the cross in our exorcisms. It was clear the enemy had a infiltrator that sought to undermine. Quickly the Holy Spirit was quenched and I wondered to myself if I could continue on with the ministry in this kind of unbelieving environment. 

The Holy Spirit swiftly revealed to me the need to remove Dave from our meeting. He agreed to leave but the spiritual damage had been done. As I look back at 2014 I see that this is becoming a more common occurrence whereby I’m having to remove individuals from our public meetings that seek to undermine and to disrupt. Throughout North America, in Europe and in Australia thus far this year I have had to remove many infiltrators. I truly believe the enemy sees our effectiveness and in response attempts to invade our meetings with hopes of hindering our work for the gospel. 

He disrupted. Yes. I pressed on with persistence and Jesus came out victorious but it required perseverance on my end to see this come to pass. While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers a handful of souls experienced some measure of freedom and healing and testified of this reality. In fact, one 13 year old girl, with incredible joy bubbling from within, exclaimed, “Jay, I felt the demons leave as you prayed, they quickly left my body and I feel so much freedom and peace right now.” Others testified of feeling freedom also. 

Through the night, many broken heart parts surfaced and spoke to me ranging from a little newborn baby part to much older adult parts. All of them were taken to Jesus for healing. Some even testified of being able to see the risen Jesus! Great amount of deep inner healing took place. God has truly blessed our mission in this area of ministry. We literally take this work of healing to every continent of the world and have seen many thousands of broken people find hope and healing through Jesus! What an honor to serve the King!

Towards the end of the evening, a 15 year old girl whom I’ll refer to as Ashley manifested very strong Jezebel spirits that were hell bent on staying within this teenager. I quickly utilized my spiritual weapons and the spirits agonized as a result of the weapons. They were clearly being affected by the powerful weapons of the blood of Christ and holy oil. At one point I asked the Holy Spirit to fill my hand with fire and I literally thew the fire into the direction of the demonic spirits and it cowered in defeat as the fire descended upon the invading demons. They groaned and moaned. I also called upon the holy angels of God and they quickly assisted me binding up the demons and striking the demons with their swords thus weakening them greatly. 

It was discovered there were 7 Jezebel spirits within Ashely.

“There’s 7 of us. We came through the generations from the father’s side. We cause back pain and extreme migraines,” the demons boasted, “But we are here because she desires us. She likes the ability to control. We give her this ability.”

Obviously, I had to explain to Ashley the need for repentance of this desire to be in control. Eventually, she saw the need to let go and she finally let go which resulted in this war for her soul I waged on her behalf. I had the 7 Jezebels take upon themselves the pain and afflictions which they brought into the family and all of them were cast into the pit in the name of Jesus! Immediately, there was joy on her face and a sense of relief. Jesus truly set this young teenager free from evil spirits. 

There’s some extensive ministry that still needs to take place however I’m encouraged we have started on the right path and believe we will see even greater miracles later today. I’m grateful for your prayers for this 3 day mission here in Tennessee. 

As usual, I’m still receiving some incredible testimonies from throughout the earth. Including some more fascinating testimonies of people seeing me in their dreams. I just received one this week from a family (a couple that I married last year while ministering in the Middle East) that currently live in the Middle East. Allow me to share with you:

“Hi brother Jay! I love the way you are sharing all these testimonies via email with so many! I learn so much from them and they remind me to constantly stay alert. I had a strange dream last night. Me and my husband were walking in some park I have not been in before and a crowd started gathering. We went over to see what the commotion was about and found you in the middle of the crowd, teaching. My husband went closer to listen but I could not move an inch. I felt anxious and afraid and turned away and kept on walking. What is this about? Are the demons attached to me even threatened by you in a dream? This is how loud your (healed) voice travels proclaiming the love and freedom in Jesus our Savior!. Keep it up!”

WOW! I do not see this as any random accidental occurrence. I believe there is something to this. Too many throughout the earth see me in their dreams preaching the gospel and casting out demons. Many times casting out their own demons and bringing healing. The Holy Spirit is using this very small global mission in some extraordinary supernatural ways. What an honor to serve you my friends.

One aspect of this mission I enjoy is leading souls into the sacraments such as Holy Communion, Holy Matrimony, and Holy Orders (ordination). Every year we ordain many ministers into the gospel ministry. Just several weeks ago I ordained more than a dozen pastors in Haiti and I just love hearing praise reports from those who we have ordained. Well, I received a very touching email from a sister in the Lord whom I ordained in Baltimore, Maryland in 2013 that I would like to share with you:

 “Dear Pastor Jay, just want to thank God for giving you such a unique gift in the area of deliverance I was so blessed to meet you in person and to be ordained by such a humble servant in Christ. I do appreciate all that you have taught me about the enemy. I still haven’t found someone so unique and humble as you are. I am in total support of your missions and I know it is God who is giving you that desire to serve his people.” 

I deeply encouraged in my heart of hearts. I always strive to humbly serve God and YOU! Thank you all of my brothers and sisters for your great love for this mission. It means so much to me. More than you realize.

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