Tasting of the Powers of the Age to Come in Houston & Los Angeles

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

 Where do I begin? The past several days have been STUNNING! I have been given an unusual amount of grace and power from the Holy Spirit the past few days. I marvel at the goodness of God in my life and mission for King Jesus! We are literally tasting of the “powers of the age to come,” (see Hebrews 6:5) in these last few meetings. Unusual Holy Spirit power being unleashed upon us. In fact, tonight may have been one of the most explosive Church of the Cross meetings we have EVER held and conducted in Houston. We have had some amazing services over the years however this one ranks right up there as God really made His presence known.

There were salvations, multiple souls being healed, many being cured from a broken heart, and dozens freed from evil spirits. So much more too…


~STUNNING Display of God’s Supernatural Power: Souls Saved, Hundreds of Thousands of Demons Cast Out, Souls Supernaturally Cured

~Jesus Cures: Sicknesses, Diseases, Physical Afflictions Vanish Quickly! 

 ~God’s Work in Action: Saints Equipped, Souls Refreshed, Hearts Healed

 ~Untold Number of Demons Begged Me Not to Order Them to the Abyss (I Sent Them Anyway…)

 ~Extraordinary Miracles & Signs & Wonders: Numerous Holy Angelic Intervention Events, the Fire of the Holy Spirit Defeating Demons & More!

 ~Demons Screamed in Mass Numbers, Departing from Many!

 ~Demons of Insanity, Baal, Moloch, Jezebel, Death, Incest and Many More Sent to the Pit in Jesus Name!

 ~Violent & Aggressive Exorcisms Resulting in Numerous Souls finding FREEDOM

 ~Spirits of Murder & Ritual Sacrifice & Satanism Defeated by the Lord God Almighty!

 ~One of the Most Explosive Church of the Cross Services Tonight!

 ~Supernatural Thriller: Using Consecrated to Cast Out Demons & Healing Hearts

 ~Numerous Dissociative Identities Seeing the Risen Jesus!

 ~Holy Cross Power: Numerous Incidents Where the Cross was Utilized to Defeat Demons

 ~Thousands of Years of Deep Satanic Bondage Broken in Seconds

 ~Holy Communion Drives Out Countless Demons & Supernaturally Cures Many

 ~Tens of Thousands of Hindu Spirits Driven Out in Jesus Name!

 ~Husbands Drive Out Demons from their Wives in Jesus Name!

 ~South America Lady Exorcised from Demons then Proceeds to Heal Many

 ~Training Numerous Saints in the Ministry of Deliverance & Healing; Now Many of Them Ministering Miracles


Tonight’s service was extraordinary, extremely powerful and thrilling on multiple levels, here in Houston, Texas, where we conducted our monthly Church of the Cross meeting. There were numerous miracles that took place on this night. In fact, the greatest of miracles took place tonight as precious souls surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ for the very first time! Seeing the amazing miracle of the new birth never gets old. What a joy it was to lead precious souls, for whom Christ died for, to eternal salvation! The mighty holy angels of God are singing and rejoicing tonight.  

I guess I must start in Southern California for that is where I was for the past few nights prior to traveling here to Houston, Texas. I have been a guest at the Temple of Salvation, in downtown Los Angeles, just a few blocks from Hollywood, ministering to liberty to the captives. I have been leading a series of public deliverance services and will be at this Los Angeles church for a good portion of the summer. I have already reported of the many miracles that took place on Friday evening. On Saturday evening I conducted two more meetings. Our evening public service was well attended and numerous souls were delivered from evil spirits. Even as I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers souls were obtaining freedom and healing. It was astounding to witness! Moreover, souls were refreshed and encouraged by the teaching from God’s Word. 

I do not have the time to report to you of all the signs and wonders that we witnessed; except to say that the Holy Spirit unleashed His supernatural power in the sanctuary. One lady whom we spent considerable time ministering to was a South American lady whom I’ll refer to as Maria. This precious woman came with her husband and experienced the power of God. As we ministered, the demons within Maria caused her fall out. she literally collapsed to the ground like a rag doll. Crumpled up and unmovable in many ways. 

As Maria’s husband carried her to the front; she collapsed again to the ground and numerous spirits of Hinduism surfaced and spoke to me. They contorted her body violently and spoke to me wildly. They sought to battle me however they lost as the power of the Holy Spirit was too overwhelming for the armies of demons that had invaded her. 

“There’s tens of thousands of us; we are not leaving as we are here to stay,” the many Hindu spirits informed me boastfully. 

I have encountered numerous Hindu spirits on every single continent of the globe –in Africa, in South America, in Europe, in Asia, in Australia, and in North America. I have discovered and observed that these Hindu spirits are some of the most powerful spirits roaming the earth. We ought not to be surprised as Hinduism has literally enslaved hundreds of millions of souls (perhaps as many as 1 billion souls globally). Hinduism is being perpetrated by very strong and militant demonic strongman. Over the years I have confronted millions of these ancient beings such as Kali, Krishna, Ganesha, and Shiva within human bodies and have seen them put to flight in Jesus name!

On this night, not only did we encountered powerful witchcraft spirits but also numerous Buddhist and Hindu spirits hell bent on battling me. In Maria, I spoke to Kali, Krishna, Shiva and many others. They so desperately fought to keep her. They spun her around, contorted her arms and bodies and screamed insanely. However the power of the cross, the the blood of Jesus, the holy oil and ministry of God’s angels were too much for these spirits to contend with.

“We have been here a long time through the generations and no-one was confronted us until NOW,” the spirits informed me. I’m hearing more and more of this. So many demons I have encountered in California and in our meeting here in Houston have boasted this very reality –that they have worked largely undercover without anyone challenging their work. This is extremely troubling. Where is the church? Why is the church not conducting deliverance ministry to the masses? This must change in Jesus name or we will lose millions to deep demonization. I am determined to fight in Christ! Join us in this global war for souls.

“We hold her gifts; we must not allow her to activate her spiritual gifts as she has the gift of healing,” the demons revealed.

WOW!!! Well, you know me. I do not tolerate demons in people’s lives. So, I commanded the demons to release the spiritual gifts that they have been holding captive for so very long. They released her gifts and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I sent tens of thousands of these wicked demonic beings to the pit where they belong. Immediately, Maria feel to the ground and worshipped Jesus with such incredible peace and joy. She was FREE indeed! Then I had her minister, with her new found released gifts of healing, to those sick and hurting resulting in souls being made well.

I believe I was up until 3am then I slept for a few hours and headed back to the airport in Orange County and traveled onward to Houston where we conducted our monthly Church of the Cross gathering. As I mentioned, it was perhaps one of the most explosive Church of the Cross services we have every held in this city and we have held some pretty intense deliverances over the years. On this night, hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name including Jezebel, Death, Animal Spirits, Insanity, Incest, Satanism, Witchcraft, and so many others. I have the notes in front of me however there are so many it’s difficult to condense the information I have. For many hours, we witnessed the power of God being unleashed in our jammed packed meeting hall! Even well after several hours after the meeting had started people were still arriving to the service desiring to be set from demons. 

God did not disappoint. Numerous signs and wonders took place —legions of God’s angels came into the meeting hall and assisted me in picking the demonized (no human aid necessary) from the ground and striking the demonic forces. I always marvel at these encounters. We are unusually blessed by God with these interventions that are quite unique in the Body of Christ. They greatly assisted me in warring against the forces of darkness. 

So many dozens in the past several days were supernaturally healed and freed from evil. So many dozens equipped to carry on this work of deliverance to the masses. I had husbands, wives, and friends assist each other in driving out demons. Really remarkable on so many levels. So many heart parts surfacing, untold numbers being released from spiritual chains to being guided to the presence of Jesus. Many of the little broken hearts parts testified of seeing the risen Jesus and experienced deep healing.

We have seen so many cured from various strange afflictions, infirmities, and sicknesses. So many generational curses broken and souls ties renounced. God has truly bestowed supernatural power for us so that we might love others in His Kingdom. Really honored to serve King Jesus.

One young man was dramatically freed from 400+ years of generational demonic bondage of incest. Another man was freed from animal spirits from the sins of bestiality. A precious woman from delivered from militant spirits of Baal, spirits of Satan and witchcraft. Others freed from torment and fears. Even a handful were set free from ancestral sorcery and abuse. Some of the exorcisms we performed we’re quite a demonstration of the power of Jesus over evil –screams, strange contortions, demonic languages spoken, vomiting, and other strange physical manifestations. A number of souls were freed from Buddhist ancestral curses. Yet another young man was liberated from madness and insanity. 

I could go on and on….so many testified of feeling free and healed! The smiles and the peace found on the faces of those delivered spoke volumes. Even well after the public meeting I was still ministering, individuals approaching me and more broken heart parts surfacing. Some were obtaining quick relief and deep healing. As I said stunning. I must end this email update as I am getting tired. It’s been basically non-stop the past several days and many more private meetings this week through North America. Appreciate your prayers in Jesus name!


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