Miraculous Wonders Increasing in Los Angeles

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

These past few nights here in the Los Angeles area have been simply stunning. I would encourage everyone who receives these email updates to make plans on attending one of our upcoming public meetings if possible to witness for yourself. Our average meeting is about 5-7 hours (often times the meetings are much longer) and every time we gather we witness miraculous signs and wonders that point to the Lord Jesus Christ

On Saturday we held another service at the Temple of Salvation in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles that was well participated and for many hours we ministered healing and deliverance to those attending. I think it was close to 1am before we left the Temple. As often the case people were still arriving some 4 hours into the service. One Russian woman, perhaps in her 50’s, was reminded by the Holy Spirit about our meeting (she had totally forgotten about the meeting) and was jolted to prepare herself to travel to our location. She finally made it –well after 11pm— and after the meeting had concluded waited around for me to pray with her. Immediately, some powerful witchcraft spirits surfaced and spoke to me. There were generational and were determined to fight. A intense battle took place. Obviously, they lost the battle and were commanded out of her body in Jesus name. She was happy and relieved that Jesus rescued her. After leaving the Temple I recalled the powerful exorcisms that took place and I marveled.

Many souls received swift deliverance from demons as I conducted the mass deliverance. With screams, vomiting, yawning and coughing, many evil spirits departed through the night. Many Buddhist, ancestral worshipping spirits, and witchcraft spirits were forced out in Jesus name. One precious lady we ministered to through the night was freed from numerous spirits of trauma and abuse and as the spirits were being forced out little heart parts were surfacing. The screams were out of this world kind of screams. This went on through the night. The screams were literally ear piercing howls of deep pain and suffering. 

The little heart parts were screaming because they contained great amount of hurt and pain within them. As they were being released to speak with me; they also released their pain (which is good and beneficial). Some of the parts spoke of being tortured –sexually and physically. No wonder the intensity of the screams. Each part was taken to Jesus for healing and comfort. Then as I cast out the demons from these parts; the screams went to an entire different level –the demonic howls were intense as each spirit was forced to face judgement and enter into the pit. 

Another precious soul we ministered to at the Temple had been invaded by mass numbers of demons. It was fascinating. Just two weeks earlier, he (I’ll refer to him as Mike) revealed, he had the belief that Christians could not possibly have demons; yet the Holy Spirit was revealing to him that was a lie. In fact, he discovered Christians can have demons and he was one! So he began the journey to find someone to help him to obtain deliverance. In the process of trying to locate someone he found our mission. I was glad he was present as I could see the Holy Spirit at work.

As I prayed his body began to contort and his eyes rolled back into his head –only seeing the whites of his eyes. Mike was completely controlled by these evil spirits and they spoke to me with force and pride. 

“We have been for more than 1,000 years and not one single minister has confronted us; we are STAYING,” the spirits informed me, “We have generational rights and we will fight to stay.”

This is a common statement from demons. They boast in the fact that no-one has ever confronted them before. They take great pleasure in knowing they have been able to stay in the bloodline for long periods of time without being exposed to the power of Jesus. Sadly, one would think that someone through the generations would have at least prayed for a family member and confronted these ancestral spirits. Not so. Sadly the church, through the centuries, have largely avoided this kind of ministry thus allowing demons to flow through the bloodline unhindered. 

I encountered the ancient beings of Moloch, Jezebel, Baal, and many others. Each of them were forced to face the risen Jesus! As they battled me; I battled back with great spiritual force. I called upon the assistance of the holy angels of God, I used the fire of the Holy Spirit, my sacred cross and other weapons to weaken these demons. The weapons we employed were extraordinary. 

All night long I felt the fire of the Holy Spirit upon my hand and would simply motion for the fire of the Holy Spirit to be directed upon the demons and in some cases the demons would be jolted back by the invisible force of the Spirit of God. The power of God is resting upon with me in a greater measure as these meetings continue on. At one point during the service, I placed some holy oil upon my hand and sprinkled the fire of the Spirit upon the crowd that assembled in the Temple and fire fell. Then with the fire on the hands of the disciples they began to use the fire themselves; forcing many demons out. 

Moreover, the ministry of God’s holy angels (remember they are “ministering spirits” sent to serve alongside those who will inherit salvation) were quite remarkable. I would call upon these holy beings and they would come and minister. For the past few weeks, as we continue to conduct these powerful meetings, more angelic interventions are taking place. Some of the angels assisted me in picking up demonized bodies off the ground (I would simply ask the angels to carry out this work), restraining the violent, and so much more. Many are in awe of the work of God in our midst. 

We discovered that the demons within Mike were largely present because of the generational curses of human and animal sacrifice and idol-worship from many generations ago. They was a number of incest spirits that went back more than 400 years ago. There were spirits of madness, pride and lust. Each of them were forced out in Jesus name. Mike was testifying of feeling so much better as each demon was expelled in Jesus name. 

All night long, I battled very strong spirits within those attending the service. God responded by defeating each demonic spirit that surfaced through the night. Many experienced a measure of physical and inner healing. Many demons fled on this night. What a joy to serve King Jesus in the deliverance and healing mission. 

Then on Sunday night we continued the ministry of deliverance in the Arcadia area. Last night in Arcadia our public gathering was jammed packed. On several occasions we had to bring extra chairs into the conference hall as more and more people were arriving to receive healing. In fact, some people had “accidentally” arrived to the meeting hall. One family came as a result of meeting a lady at church who was wanting to attend this meeting and needed a ride. The family offered to help and came with this lady to our service. As the service went on; the entire family was touched by God including the one daughter who received a powerful deliverance from the spirits of lesbianism (as is the case with many lesbian spirits; the vomiting was intense as the spirits were forced out in Jesus name). All night long we conducted exorcisms; they were pretty dramatic. I encountered spirits of Buddhism, occultism, numerous Islamic/Sufism spirits, a mass number of death spirits, and many other strong demons. They were forced to bow to Jesus. 

We also encountered a human interject and ancestral parts then obviously we encountered many little dissociative identities. Many of the parts were healed by Jesus. One ancestral part were encountered, within a Chinese lady, was brought forth in the 7th century as a result of enduring an ancient blood sacrifice. This ancestral part was sent to Jesus.

Feeling stronger as a result of the Saturday ministry session; Mike and his mother came back to continue the ministry of deliverance in their lives. Mike, again, manifested many more spirits (remember he had spirits from the ancestral bloodline that had never been confronted before thus the mass numbers of spirits). They were so many more to confront: fear of death, gang-banging, doubt, rage, murder, idolatry, sacrifices, self pity, revenge, and more. During the exorcism I also encountered a spirit named Psycho. 

“We are trying to make him go insane; we are here to being mental illness,” the spirits informed me, “However, we know we are defeated as he has submitted his life to Jesus fully. We can’t stay anymore in him. We must go.”

Obviously we sent him out along with all of the afflictions he brought into his mind and body and there were many afflictions too. There was a demonic spirit named “Hip-Hop,” and as he surfaced he began to dance and sing some of the most popular Hip Hop songs in our day. I discovered that Mike’s father listened to some of the really dark elements of hip-hop music thus allowing the demons access into the bloodline. It should be noted that much of the hip-hop and rap that is out there in the market is spiritually dangerous. The spirits named hip hop artist Jay-Z and a few others. Doesn’t surprise me as some of these hip-hop artists are in fact pawns of Satan that are being used to enslave minds through their music. 

There were also some very powerful Illuminati demons that numbered in the hundreds of thousands. I bound them up in Jesus name. There were also spirits of blindness in his eyes. As those spirits were cast out in Jesus name; his eyes were no longer blurry as they once were. Immediate improvement took place. I have seen so many in the past few years receive supernatural healing in their eyes; it’s been remarkable

All of these vile spirits were forced out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Mike was freed, on this night, from literally hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits. What an amazing transformation took place as received his deliverance! His smile and inner joy could be seen by all. More work needs to take place however what a start for Jesus!

As we ministered to Mike, many others were manifesting demons. Some cried, some screamed viciously, some vomited, some coughed, some heaved. They were expelled in Jesus name.

So many broken heart parts also surfaced, all night long, and were guided to Jesus for healing. God has granted us a powerful ministry to broken heart parts. God has raised this mission to extraordinary levels in this ministry to those with dissociation. There’s perhaps not another mission out there in the world that deals with the mass numbers of parts as we do. In each public meeting we are dealing with many who have dissociation. What a need to bring inner healing to billions in our day. 

How I desire there were more hours in a day to adequately report to you all of the miracles taking place –so many miracles of deliverance and healing. Furthermore, a precious soul came to Jesus last night also for salvation and I rejoice in the miracles of the new birth! More miracles will take place and we see the wonders increasing as we continue to conduct meetings here in Southern California.

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