Missionary Set Free from the Illuminati in San Diego

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

What an unusual day it was. First off, it was my birthday (July 1st). Enjoyed the day with the family. However, it started off with a urgent email. It came from a brother and sister, from the Bahamas, who are now living in Northern California, who had traveled more 7 hours to attend one of our “Healing Hearts, Removing Demons Seminars,” that was scheduled back a few months ago. Big problem. That was several months ago. I had cancelled the seminar due to having major problems with my vocals (since then God has healed me). Apparently this brother and sister didn’t get my cancellation notification; then on top of it our registration system “accidentally,” sent a email notification to Sarah and Ken about the seminar being reschedule for July 1st. It had not been rescheduled. It definitely wasn’t scheduled for the 1st as I was with my family.

So here is this brother and sister who had purposed to drive all night long (they left at 8pm for the long road trip) –again more than 7 hours– to ensure they were present for this nonexistent seminar in the San Diego area. With very little sleep they both arrived and discovered from the hotel staff that there was no conference scheduled. Without giving in to total discouragement; Sarah contacted me and shared with me their dilemma. I was stunned on multiple levels as I read their email in the morning. How could I simply tell them to go back home and come back to the next scheduled seminar?

No way that was going to happen! So, after spending the time with the family; I journeyed on to San Diego from our base in Dana Point and met with them and witnessed the power of the Lord Jesus overcoming the powers of darkness.

Deeply embedded demonic spirits existed (including some Illuminati programming that was demolished) and were forced to surface from within Sarah as I began to pray. They crossed her eyes and spoke to me. They were determined to stay within her as Sarah possessed some special spiritual gifts that threatened their kingdom. Sarah had been serving as a missionary and as a street evangelist. She was committed to serving Jesus. No wonder the spiritual attacks upon her.

“There’s 8 of us! Some of us entered back in 1912, through her mother, as they practiced human sacrifice and Satanism. Some of us entered through her father back in the 1800’s because they also practiced witchcraft, voodoo and idolatry,” the demons revealed to me.

I also discovered, from the many demons within her, that her ancestors, lived for a period of time, in New Orleans, and participated in pagan ceremonies that included the wearing of masks. There were a number of ancient spirits of Baal, Jezebel, Moloch (Moloch confessed: “We entered more than 8 generations ago through her mother’s ancestors.”), Freemasonry, Death and many powerful Illuminati demons (her ancestors were deeply involved in secret occult groups that conducted seriously dark rituals). I commanded the demons to release the broken hearts they had been holding captive for so very long. I communicated with the little ones and they went to the presence of Jesus for healing and restoration. They could SEE the Lord Jesus.

As I ministered to Sarah and driving out many demons from her I noticed that her brother Ken was entering in and out of consciousness. I approached Ken and immediately many demons surfaced from within him including many spirits of Satanism as his ancestors had immersed themselves in the occult and the dark practices of voodoo. They were SHOCKED they had been exposed; the look of the demons was hilarious –one of utter shock and surprise. As most demons are never dealt with by the disciples of Jesus; thus their shock when confronted. I enjoy surprising invading demons with the power of God. We should shock and awe demons with the majestic overcoming power of Jesus! Why allow demons to surprise us? We should surprise them and force them out!

An interesting point transpired during the deliverance session. I discovered there were some demons within Sarah that had gained access as a result of watching the video of the song titled, “Fallen Angel,” of the R&B singer Chris Brown. The entire song is embedded with Illuminati programming but look at this demonic element with the lyrics:

She’s a fallen angel, sent from heaven up above
She’s a fallen angel, waitin for me to love her, yeah

Who is Chris Brown referring to? To a lover? Who is this lover? As you look at the rest of the lyrics (as I have done) one begins to see the song is not about an person but the devil himself. Chris has made a pact with Satan for fame and fortune (I know of many celebrities who have walked down this path). Satan has provided the riches and the bondage. Incidentally, even the demons screamed out, during the exorcism, “Chris [Brown] made a pact with our master; just as Sarah’s ancestors did.”

On this night, Sarah renounced the formal spiritual contracts that her ancestors made to the devil in the Bahamas and in Africa. As she renounced these key contracts I was able to effectively drive out thousands upon thousands of evil spirits. Through the night they battled me. I called upon the angels of God and they greatly assisted me; in striking the invading demons with their holy swords. I also utilized my holy cross and blessed water. All of these spiritual weapons greatly weakened the demonic spirits. They growled and groaned as they exited out of her body. Not only was Sarah set free but her younger brother was also set free from numerous demons in Jesus name. 

In the midst of the exorcism, I should have noted, a beautiful miracle took place. Several of the demons confessed to having caused Sarah an element of blindness (with the hopes of making it permanent). Systematically, we dug deep into her soul and removed so many demons from her. Moreover, we also drove out much of the blindness to where Sarah confessed she could see much clearer than ever before. Another example of a disciple who obtained miraculous healing in her eyes.

Both, Sarah and Ken, were deeply grateful and happy to know Jesus healed their lives. I’m expecting good things to come out of their lives as they continue on the journey with Jesus.

So very early in the morning as I was driving back home, here in Southern California, I was marveling at the mercy and grace of God in my life. Just these past few months have been stunning, in the mighty supernatural works of the Holy Spirit, that have taken place, as we travel and conduct our missions.What an amazing journey 2014 has been thus far. As we conclude the first 6 months of this year I am in awe of God’s goodness and His grace enabling us to:

  • Travel more than 114 days; nearly 4 months on the road
  • Journey through 4 continents, 8 nations, 23 states within the United States, 4 Canadian provinces and 3 Australian states
  • Conduct more 100+ private and public meetings
  • Survive numerous physical attacks and death threats
  • Proclaim the gospel to many thousands of souls
  • Witness many hundreds freed from evil spirits (driving out millions of demonic spirits) and physically healed
  • See hundreds supernaturally healed from a broken heart
  • Train hundreds of disciples this equipping them to carry on the work of evangelism, healing and deliverance
  • Observe hundreds of extraordinary miracles including angelic interventions, unusual impartation of the fire of the Holy Spirit and supernatural visions of the risen Jesus

Your support enables to accomplish all of this and much more…

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