Exorcisms in Rosedale: Brutal, Cruel, Barbaric & Violent


Dear Friends of Jesus,


We have been seeing so many souls won to Jesus and freed from evil spirits recently! This mission has been blessed. Jesus to be praised.


Adjectives escape me in attempting to describe the events from last night. I will try my best to describe what transpired. I can say this; it was, indeed, brutal, cruel, barbaric, and violent. Allow me to go further, it was filled with blood lust. I’m used to, violent encounters with the demonic. Demons are violent beings; it’s expected. However, the savagery I experienced last night was unusually strong. 

 I have been conducting public exorcisms for decades, spanning 6 continents, thousands of them. Before large audiences and small crowds, on television, on radio, on the Internet and yet in all of the public exorcisms I have conducted, I do not believe I have conducted a more intense and violent exorcism as the one last night in Rosedale, Mississippi. In more than ten thousand cases of demon possession I have dealt with some of the most violent cases known. I have been an eye witness of demons killing people and placing them in death comas (and seeing Jesus raise them up in life). These were in private meetings with a handful of people involved but what I encountered last night was a public meeting and it was extreme. 

Where do I begin? I am still suffering from some soreness and nearly had my finger ripped off. I was assaulted. I was pushed, I was punched, I was kicked, I nearly lost a finger. Oh, Jesus, help me! You would think any reasonable individual who say it’s time to take a break; not me. I’m ready for the next exorcism (though I hope it’s much more calmer). I’m a big man, nearly 6 foot with large broad shoulders and naturally strong. Yet, these demons within these demonized individuals were pushing me around like a rag doll. It was if I was a little child. Throwing me around, pushing me around. Even the holy angels that accompanied me were outnumbered thus me being manhandled.This doesn’t usually happen. We witnessed amazing angelic warfare and they assisted greatly however it wasn’t easy. It was difficult. 

It didn’t help that one of our ministry partners had to cancel at the last minute as his ride never showed up to take him to the bus station. I was alone to fight this battle. Though, I was alone, Jesus was faithful and freed many. 

The setting? A small poor rural community in eastern Mississippi. A strong African-American church invited me to speak at their evening service. I was honored to be present. Over the years I have been blessed with strong ties to the African-American community and many African-Americans attend our public meetings throughout the nation. I have equally been honored to minister in many African-American churches too and I was blessed to be present last night at this assembly. 

Sadly, not many men were present, to assist me, from a physical standpoint, so I was alone battling the powers of darkness. Yet, God raised up some very strong women who love Jesus, to help me. The senior pastor, a precious lady, perhaps in her late 50’s, was primarily the only one assisting me. I see this in many regions of the world, among many communities. Men would rather watch sports or pornography (let’s be real) then be part of the work of exorcism. Obviously, there are strong men but in many places it’s usually Godly women assisting in the kingdom work. Thank God for these women. I love you women of God! 

Now, before arriving into Rosedale; I was in Los Angeles conducting a powerful public service at the Temple of Salvation in Hollywood. It was jammed packed. I taught for several hours and ministered to those present. One of the first ladies I ministered to was a young lady who had been invaded by many Jezebel spirits. 

“We have been here for more than 500 years and not one single minister or Christian has ever confronted us before,” the demons boasted, “We have married her and we are not leaving her; in fact we have her gift of music to prevent her from being used of God.”


Here we go again. No one ever intervening. Why, why, why? It’s so frustrating. Demons are running rampant and not one single disciple intervening. Sad.

Jezebel fought me fiercely and was determined. It glared at me with violence and murder. Jezebel is desiring to kill me. Godly men; be on guard of this violent demon. We must rise up in Jesus name against this spirit attacking our precious sisters in Christ. 

As soon as the demons of Jezebel were forced out and were commanded to release her gift of music; I had this lady sing before the assembly. It was amazing and powerful. She began to cry out to Jesus. Not only was she delivered but also little heart part surfaced –5 years of age among many other little parts– they were healed by Jesus too.

“Jay, I’m so happy! I am FREE. I have never sung like this before in my life!” as she gave me a huge bear hug!

Love it! Imagine how she will be used of the Lord now? 

That was the only beginning; many other demonic spirits were confronted, on this night, and expelled. Some were screaming out of their victims with very high pitched voices. All of these demons were directly sent to the pit! 

We have been unusually blessed with the power from God to see many dozens over the past few months in California set free. I am planning on extending the public meetings when I return from Australia in September (we will be conducting more Saturday evening public services). This Russian congregation has been very supportive and desire to see so many more free from demon powers. More on these extended meetings soon.

Then it was very encouraging to hear the many testimonies of souls sharing how as a result of these meetings they have been healed and liberated from the powers of darkness. I was really excited to see that even more souls were won to Jesus on this night as well too!

After many hours of ministering to the captives I was rushed to LAX (they continued on ministering deep into the night; until 1am. A dear Christian couple who we have been training took over the service and drove out many more demons). I boarded a 1am flight into Memphis. My night had just begun. From Memphis, I jumped into a rental car and drove a few more hours. Mind you, I had not really slept for a day or so. I was thinking to myself –this is crazy traveling. But at the same time, I felt the Holy Spirit compelling me. Arriving into this poor Mississippi community (Rosedale, pop. 1873), I could feel the waves of heavy oppression. The Holy Spirit warned me; there would be violence. He was kidding.

I began to teach from the Scriptures and began to pray for those tormented by demons. So many assembled were tormented. I need to return as there is much more work that needs to be accomplished in this community that was dominated, generations ago, by plantations where enslaved laborers worked under horrible conditions. So, as you can imagine, demons were deeply entrenched in this land. I am so happy to report Jesus freed precious souls and healed bodies and hearts. However, as I mentioned, it was under difficult conditions as I warred against powerful demonic forces that were intent on murdering me. 

We battled hundreds of thousands of spirits named: Killing, Murder, Death, Baal, and Jezebel. The Killing spirits were the strongest. They surfaced within several ladies in the church. They screamed, violently yelled and aggressive. They literally pulled her hair out in big chunks. They threw things. At one point a chair was thrown at me. As I battled, the demons launched an satanic attack I have rarely seen in a public service upon me. They pushed me around and tore my shirt. At one point while trying to remove the muteness this woman had been experiencing; the demon took hold of my finger and nearly bit it off. I have a high tolerance for pain but this pain was out of the world. It chopped on it and nearly ripped it off. The demons tasted the blood and they lusted for more. 

Thankfully, the muteness was removed in Jesus name! Amazing miracle. This woman speech was literally robbed. She could not speak at all. The demons held her tongue captive. That was but only one healing miracle; there were others.

As the Killing spirits surfaced. I battled them with many spiritual weapons –including the fire of the Holy Spirit which they hated the most from my observation. I was endowed with unusual miracle working power of Jesus. I needed it! I saw things last night that most pastors never get to experience in their lifetimes. The power of Jesus but it was countered with the strong powers of Satan. The spiritual enemies were able to do some very strange and eerie things I want to share with you in my next email report. Despite that the enemy did on this night precious saints were delivered from demons and healed. All of these killing and murderous spirits were sent directly to the pit in the holy name of Jesus! 

Victory is mine saith the Lord! 

I look forward to sharing more on these most powerful exorcisms. I am back at the airport about to board for another flight. More meetings tomorrow in Omaha, Nebraska at a home church. Hope to meet all of you tomorrow. I am hoping for some calm deliverances. Ha! I need your prayers of strength and healing in Jesus name. You have no idea how much this takes out of you. The violence and the exorcisms are a explosive combination. 

It would deeply encourage me during these violent encounters with demons; to have your support. Pray, believe and give


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