Battling Animalistic Demons in San Francisco; Wonders in Seattle

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Before I shared the amazing miracles that took place here in Seattle, Washington, I must reveal the mighty works of the Holy Spirit that took place in San Francisco last night. With very little sleep from my public meeting in San Diego, I got back into the car to drive back into Los Angeles for a private meeting then caught a flight into San Francisco for a public deliverance service. While in San Francisco, which by the way, is a hot-bed of demonic supernaturalism, we encountered stunning wonders despite the little sleep I was operating with. God was extremely gracious and provided incredible strength. Allow me to explain.

During the meeting I spent a few hours instructing on the authority we have as disciples of Jesus over the demonic. The response was encouraging. The believers were refreshed and inspired. After teaching for a few hours I was immediately led by the Holy Spirit to minister to a young lady, whom I’ll refer to as Susan. Though, initially I thought this woman (along with her husband) would be assisting me; it turned out she was needing a deliverance from evil spirits. Mind you, this young lady was a deliverance minister herself. As I often share with the people of God; you never know who might have demons. In this case, it was this precious woman.

For hours, demons manifested from within her that were aggressive and were wanting to attack me with violence. For hours it was a epic spiritual battle against good and evil. The powers of Jesus prevailed; nevertheless, it was a battle. I encountered:

  • 3 Voodoo spirits within Susan that entered her a result of attending a Pentecostal church, where a visiting group of “believers,” were invited to minister. Turned out this so-called Christian group weren’t followers of Christ but devotees of voodoo. They were permitted to lay hands upon the believers and no doubt many were directly demonized as a result; namely Susan. 
  • More than 5,000+ spirits of Jezebel. They had sex with her, held her spiritual gifts, confused her on her identity in Jesus Christ, brought forth cold sores, panic attacks, and arthritis. Jezebel revealed she had placed upon Susan numerous anklets, earrings, toe rings, eye shadow, necklaces, and rings on her finger. 
  • Baal demons; that had been in the generational bloodline for more than 2,000 years.
  • Numerous ancestral heart parts including some that were from the First Century. Some of the ancestral dissociative identities were wounded by chariots in ancient times. 
  • Numerous fiery darts of the enemy that were deeply entrenched within this woman. 
  • Numerous physical afflictions.
  • Numerous dissociative identities including a little pre-natal parts.
  • Numerous witchcraft spells and curses that had been sent by her own mother; including a curse that “she would not be loved.”
  • Ancient Aztec demons that bound her with the addiction of marijuana; the demons confessed: “We bind her to smoking pot; we have more than 10 chains around her.”
  • Numerous times Jezebel attempted to throw fire in my direction; they failed.
  • Numerous times Jezebel attempted to harm with spiritual knives, swords and spears; they failed.
  • Numerous times Jezebel attempted to seduce me with sensual looks and overly sexualized body language. Frustrated; the demons groaned: “We can’t control you. We hate you for this.”
  • Dozens and dozens of angelic interventions; where the holy angels assisted me in warring against the demons.
  • Dozens and dozens of unusual miracles such as using the Holy Spirit fire to burn and weaken the invading Jezebel demons.
  • Numerous demonic acts such as twisting their body in unusual positions, facial changes, convulsions and other strange evil acts.
  • Serpentine spirits that were lodged within her spine resulting in horrible pain and afflictions. 
  • Ancient Aztec demons that were rooted in ancient pagan ceremonies. The demons told me: “Her ancestors liked to dance with the fire.” This was said as they mimicked the pagan dancing rituals. 

This was some of things that were present during this demonstrative deliverance that displayed the realities of spiritual warfare to those who assembled in this conference hall in a local San Francisco hotel. At one point the demons caused Susan to fall violently to the ground and suddenly animal spirits surfaced from within. It was a cat spirit. It purred like a cat, it clawed the ground like a cat; it mimicked all of the features and movements of a cat. Strange and evil. A human being degraded in this manner is the act of Satan. 

At first, the cat spirit couldn’t communicate with me as it was an animal spirit; I commanded it to speak English; it did.

“We came into her ancestors more than 400 years ago because they worshipped cats in Europe. They committed idolatry; so we entered. The ancestors allowed their cats to lick them. We bring animalistic lust into her family.”

My friends, much can be said about this; especially, in our pet-obsessed culture. I know of many families that allow their dogs and cats to sleep with them on their beds. A beast on their marriage beds. I don’t think this necessarily healthy. Animals are prone to demonic invasion. As these animals lie on your beds; many of their spirits are then entering your beds and homes (I’m not against pets; but I think our culture has gone overboard on blurring the line on human-animal interaction; bordering on perversion). 

These demonic entities were truly battling me and I was fighting back in Jesus name. Eventually, the powers of good overcame. Jesus prevailed and all of these demons were sent to the pit along with all of their infirmities and afflictions. As this lady was being freed; her heart was also experiencing deep healing as many heart parts were being comforted by Jesus! Susan was beside herself after her deliverance. She was utterly shocked by what transpired; from what we shared (as Susan was mostly in a demonic trance the entire time we conducted this exorcism). 

Imagine how effective this, sister in the Lord, will be now in the deliverance ministry; after experiencing deep healing and liberation from the powers of darkness. I commend her husband for taking such a strong stand for Jesus and assisting her husband in finding freedom. Jesus is so wonderful.

Trust me; I only scratched the surface in attempting to reveal the numerous miracles that took place in San Francisco. The many signs and wonders were stunning to witness. Even the believers present; said they had never anything like this before.

From Northern California I traveled onward to Seattle, Washington, where I am presently. Earlier today, I taught from the Word; God was pleased to display His power in our meeting. A handful of souls experienced instantaneous physical healing (including a former Muslim from Afghanistan and his Russian girlfriend). When I prayed for my sister; the vexing physical pains and afflictions that she had been experiencing for some time quickly vanished. She was SHOCKED and immediately testified of feeling ZERO pain! Amazing. She was glowing after her healing (see picture above and see for yourself). Same with my brother. God supernaturally healed him within seconds. Both were utterly shocked and pleased. 

I also ministered to a young man who was brought to the meeting by his father. As I prayed over him, numerous spirits of death, torment, mental illness, anger and insanity surfaced. They quickly admitted to causing all of the mental and emotional afflictions. I commanded the demons to release him and they did; upon leaving this demonized state, Rob, was SHOCKED and besides himself. He couldn’t believe what transpired but was extremely happy about being freed and healed. He had to step outside for a moment to gather his composure as he had never experienced anything like this before. 

Others were freed from demons including a man from powerful Freemasonry spirits that were vomited out of him over the course of the entire meeting. This man testified of feeling great relief and release. Others experienced deliverance from demons and physical healing –reporting feeling zero pain!

The last 10 days I have been traveling throughout North America ministering to many dozens; the acts of the supernatural of healing and deliverance. The results: incredible, spectacular signs and wonders that would stun the average person walking down the street. God has been pleased to display His awesome power. I’m looking forward to sharing more testimonies in the next few days.

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