Enslaved Souls Rescued by the Love of Jesus; Now Testify!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


From late May to early October I think I have slept in my own bed 4 nights. Amazing when you think about it. For the past 4 months (I am thankful that my family traveled, for the most part, with me during this time period). I have been constantly traveling to dozens of cities across North America and Australia; impacting thousands with the ministry of salvation, healing and deliverance. God is pouring our His favor and His love upon this mission. It makes me want to pour out His love to others. I am a servant of the Lord Jesus and He is with me in power and grace despite the many satanic attacks we receive daily. Yes, the enemies of the cross are furious with me and desire to murder me but Jesus is ever present in His wonderful calming love. Jesus is with you too my friends in His unfailing love.


One means by which we can defeat the enemy is to continue to share our victorious testimonies of our life changing encounters with Jesus with others. We need to spread God’s love to all.


 I was deeply touched by a short email from a young man whom we ministered to in our Seattle meeting that had been terribly vexed by demons of insanity. He was brought to the meeting by his father who was desperate to see his son set free. As I ministered to his son; numerous demons surfaced including hate, anger and torment. They were driven out in Jesus along with the spirits of insanity. His deliverance has been life transforming to this young man. He recently emailed me:


“Jay, thank you so much for coming. God has blessed me with my freedom. I hope to tell others about God’s grace!”


I have no doubt this young man will do just that! When you are delivered; you want to tell others so that they might receive freedom also!


Allow me to share some more spiritual thrillers; some powerful testimonies, from Australia and North America, that will inspire you in your journey with Jesus.

We saw the power of God and demonstration like we have never seen before!


“Dear Brother Jay, we didn’t get a chance to tell you….from the deepest part of our hearts; a big hug and thank you! For all that you have done; words cannot express it all.

You and your ministry have truly touched our hearts and our lives will never be the same. God has opened up more to us these past few months; with all of your teachings, praying to break generational and ancestral curses, healing parts of the hearts, the soul and spirit, in giving us such understanding in so many many things, the prayers and applying the armor that I hadn’t really seen until now…

When Vance and I, went for the very first time in April of this year, to the Los Angeles Temple of Salvation, we honestly did not know what to expect.  I had looked you up on the internet and just knew to go.  I didn’t know what my dear husband would think of all this, going to a place where they held exorcisms and deliverances, something we had never seen before, only heard about, located in the heart of LA/Hollywood.  I even told Vance before we got there, ‘Honey, if we don’t like it, we can leave, o.k?”  We came and were a little nervous but we just knew the first time we ever met you; you were a humble man of God with integrity, love and honor.  You took time getting to know the people who had such needs, oh my!

I, for one, was so delivered from many so spirits.  I know from the very beginning it started with being delivered from Jezebel and many ancestral and generation spirits. I can now say, I am free of so many things; the relief that comes and the healing. I can ride on eagles wings and will rise. It is with a greater walk and a new found freedom and greater path I have in God.  Vance found healing in his heart when Sister Sharon prayed for him after the Lord revealed to her what was there and ministered to him.  All I can say is that we give God the glory for you and your ministry. God truly led us to you! It was the Lord’s timing when we needed you!

After that first night of not only receiving deliverance, God has done something in my heart, as well.  I became very compassionate in my heart for those who are held in bondage in the grips of Satan. 


happened as well, for my husband.  We then were, able to bring friends who brought others and I was so thankful for what God did for them through you.

We saw the power of God and demonstration like we have never seen before.  How the angels assist you and the weapons you used in warfare.  It was all so very powerful!  We saw it in action and how the enemy is in subjection to the power of God,  Jay we can’t even describe everything!  How you are so used by God!! We came to know the strength of God you portray along with your heart that is so huge!  You taught us what it means to minister in faith by the Spirit when casting and warfaring against the devil, by taking time to teach the people and having the care to have communion and concern over those to pray in repentance.  You have absolute consideration and care over the services, and they are very orderly (even though the devil is not very orderly)  And when you minister, you are always beaming with the countenance of the Lord upon your face and seeing the joy of the Lord on you as you know that many will be set free on that night!  And then being so bold as a Lion taking vengeance on the enemy and all of his evil works.  

We saw you completely drive out millions of spirits to the pit; working in the trenches and laboring all the while you were operating in faith and love.  As is how ‘faith worketh by love’.  Your true commitment and your love of God for the people, is so evident to serve them in any capacity.  The devil isn’t afraid of an average church goer but he is afraid of the ones who are rising up and taking dominion over the powers of darkness and raising havoc in the kingdom of darkness, through God. Taking the souls back from the devil and no wonder the devil doesn’t like you because you truly walk with God and God walks and works with you, hand in hand.

Jay, there are not very many people who will do what you do.  They are not sold out and have become a servant of Jesus Christ.  They do not have souls on their mind and on their hearts, going to places that many would not even want to travel to.  The sacrifices that you have made are many; that the Lord has seen.  You have been very faithful, even through the many times of weariness and tiredness, your life is always on the line and battling things that no one would even understand; always having yourfamily on your heart and mind but knowing God is taking care of them.  You ask God about the finances and the places but He continually opens them up to you.  There are only a handful of people, I know that are completely sold out and Jay, you are one of them, a true servant of the Lord.  You hold a very high rank and special place – if one day I can attain to the fullness, you will have had no small part.

Jay, your ministry, your mentorship, all the teaching and training, and the time in fellowship and friendship has meant so much and has touched our hearts.  It is truly an honor to be co-laborers in Christ Jesus with you.  Please don’t ever forget us, we will never forget you. We love you Brother Jay!”

I wish I could follow you everywhere you go!


 “Jay–I wanted to tell you about a few strange things that have happened to me since our last meeting. Last Weds I told you I had some itching sensation during your meeting and you said to me, pull it out in faith. Well, just about every morning when I’m in the shower I have had this shooting pain in the sole of my right foot.  It’s been there for years when I don’t wear shoes.  I always wondered what it was, it felt like I had a needle stuck in my foot.

I thought to myself after your meeting, why don’t I try to pull it out in faith?  Maybe the enemy has put some firey darts and spiritual weapons in my body?

So I did just that, a few times and I started to get relief.  I kept doing it (I remembered just how many arrows and strange spiritual weapons one woman removed in your deliverance service last weds).  After a few minutes the pain was completely gone!

The next morning it was back in a dull form.  I think the enemy was trying to trick me that this doesn’t work by putting more firey darts in my foot.  So I removed them again in faith, and I was completely pain free. This morning, I had no pain at all and again am completely pain free. It’s pretty amazing and has me wondering how many of our physical ailments are due to these spiritual darts and weapons placed in the spiritual realm.

Another strange thing, I was woken up the other nigh about 12:30 with a chime/harp like sound, like a rig.  I popped up immediately, and felt something moving up my leg.  I said, “Be bound in Jesus name!”.  It stopped immediately!

I have been waking up with these weird almost bite like marks and hive type things when I wake up in the morning.

Last night I think the Holy spirit or angel or something of God woke me up just past 3:00 am, and I again felt something moving up my leg.  Again I said, be bound in Jesus name!  It stopped.

I went to the bathroom and I had these bumps on my chest and back.  It started to itch and burn.  Instead of scratching I put my hand over it and said I cover you with the blood of Jesus, and weapon that has been put into my body. In a few minutes it almost completely went away.

Your teachings have been awesome Jay, I wish I could follow you everywhere you go.”

More visions of Jesus blessing me!

“Jay, I saw you clothed in a very ornate gown that went from your shoulders to the floor – just like a long coat  covering your entire body. The gown was in very bright shimmering colours of gold, red, blue, and purple. The gold was very very bright, it stood out and glittered. It first looked like a kind of oriental brocade fabric to me.  As I pondered on this, I asked the Lord what it meant, He instantly said “the King’s Robe” – at that very moment I saw a bright gold scepter appear in your right hand and a crown pop onto your head. You were standing there holding out the scepter in front of you, just the way the kings of the O/T did. My mind flashed back to Esther when she appeared before the king, and he held out the scepter to her. I can feel the anointing as I type this Word – praise the Lord!”

Obviously, these great testimonies are encouraging to my heart and trust they have inspired you! May we open our hearts to Jesus and allow Him to use use to rescue souls today!

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