In Sherman Oaks: Ministering in the Miraculous Power of Jesus; More Blindness Departs!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I must start off this report by sharing that more and more people are emailing me in the past several days; sharing how they had prayed that simple prayer of salvation I offered in one of my recent email reports. Precious souls are surrendering to Jesus Christ –in our public meetings, through our online ministry and through our radio presentations. I am rejoicing in the goodness of God.

Last night, I concluded our most recent mission in Sherman Oaks, California, where we held another nearly 7 hour public meeting. As the night progressed on; more and more souls arrived desirous of deliverance and healing. Individuals and families traveled in from all over the Los Angeles area to receive ministry. The testimonies I hear each and every meeting causes me to bow my heart to King Jesus! In Ontario, a Jewish disciple testified before everyone that 7 years earlier he was miraculously healed of a physical ailment in one of our meetings in a Methodist Church. Here in Sherman Oaks precious disciples testified of receiving supernatural healing and deliverance from demons as a result of attending our recent meetings. I always leave these meetings simply stunned at the mercy and grace of God.

Here in Sherman Oaks God bestowed upon us unusual amount of grace and power to set the captives free and to heal broken hearts. I felt unusual amount of liberty to teach and minister. Great spiritual power was unleashed in the meeting hall tonight by the power of the Holy Spirit. Many holy angels came into the meeting hall and ministered alongside me –striking invading demons and restraining violence. Even the demons confessed, at one point, of the reality of God’s angels being present in the hall. I utilized the power of the cross of Jesus (the demons shrieked as they glanced at it and were drained of their powers); I also utilized the fire of the Holy Spirit causing demons to fall down and scream in pain. Moreover, at one point, I even utilized blessed water, Holy Communion and a consecrated towel to weaken the demons that sought to battle me. All of them were defeated by Jesus on this night! 

The first lady I ministered to, whom I’ll refer to as Tammy, came in the middle of the service, with her two young boys. She heard (there’s a incredible story behind this) about this meeting from a friend of mine, Horace, who is an Christian animator, here in Los Angeles, who developed an award-winning Christian animated cartoon series where the main character, in one of the episodes, actually drives out a demon from someone (by the way, Horace will be offering a special presentation while we are in Baltimore, Maryland in October!) Within minutes of her arrival, God pointed her out to me and I began to pray over her. Immediately, demons surfaced from within her –legions of Jezebels. 

“We torment her, we bring Crohn’s disease into her, headaches, ulcers in her intestines and blindness. We are in her optical nerve,” the demonic spirits revealed and boasted to me, “We have been here for more than 10 generations and we are not leaving!”

Jezebel, in fact, even married Tammy, at one point. I removed all of her rings and battled her with the power of Jesus! Jezebel growled and contorted her body and was restrained by the holy angels of God. I even called forth the angels of God to draw near and to surround Jezebel. They did and struck the spirits. 

“There’s many of them (referring to the holy angels) here! I see love in your eyes; I see Jesus in your eyes,” the demons of Jezebel said to me. 

So, I continued to ask the holy angels of God to war against the invading demons. They continued to fight until Jezebel grew exceedingly weak and uttered she had in fact been defeated by Jesus. As I ministered to Tammy; her two young sons were also present and was open to helping me minister to their Mom. So, I brought them up to the front and they assisted me in fighting against Jezebel and the ancient spirit of Baal (who also surfaced during the exorcism). The Baal spirits were petrified of the kids! I had them hold my cross and used the cross against the invading demons and they bowed before Jesus; defeated by Him! I love seeing kids used by the Holy Spirit to drive out demons and perform exorcisms.

Legions of them were expelled out of her and sent to the pit. Moreover, all of the ailments they had brought into her body were also removed from her: intestine ulcers, headaches, Crohn’s disease and blindness. As Tammy came out of her demonized state; she was FREED. The peace seen on her face was incredibly beautiful to behold (click here to see the picture). Moreover, she testified of being able to SEE clearly without needing glasses anymore. God had healed her! No more glasses for her! This is amazing. So many miraculous signs and wonders; so many eyes now seeing.  Beautiful Jesus! 

This was just the beginning of the miracles. More were being delivered from evil spirits as the night went on. More broken hearts were being healed and repaired by Jesus. Even Tammy, this mother of two young boys, was also healed of dissociation (a broken-heart). She had two little heart parts that had been held captive by these terrible monsters and now they had been released. I spoke to these little ones –one was only 3 years of age (because of rejection from her father); another 6 years of age (because of abuse). They both experienced and encountered Jesus in a special manner –the comfort and the peace that we all witnessed these parts experience was deeply touching! 

We also ministered to a minister of the gospel, whom I’ll refer to as Linda. Powerful preacher of God’s Word, Linda, had been vexed, for some time, with confusion. As I began to pray over her; some evil spirits surfaced named witchcraft. Linda had not been involved in witchcraft but her employer was. Because she under her him in a sense –a employee and employer dynamic took place where the demons from him were transferred to her —thousands of them! Why? Because Linda was a threat, a spiritual threat to Ben (the employer) and took advantage of some weakness she possessed. They wanted to hinder her and stop her. 

“We want to stop her, we want to make her fight God, we want to bring rebellion into her,” the witchcraft spirits revealed to me. 

Many of you also have been affected by witchcraft from others! Right now; you can be freed from witchcraft spells and curses sent by others to you! Jesus, gently touch those reading this update. In Jesus name –you are FREE from witchcraft to serve the Lord!

Prayer to Break Witchcraft:

“Lord Jesus, I place myself in your loving hands, protected by your holy redemptive blood. I now hereby take upon my authority in you, Jesus. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, through the power of His shed blood on the cross and resurrection, I command every spirit of witchcraft and sorcery to depart from me. Come out of my body and mind in Jesus name. Right now! OUT! I reject every curse and spell in Jesus name. Fill me Holy Spirit with your love to bless those curse me. In Jesus name!”

(If you felt some release and freedom by simply praying this simple prayer; please let me know. I would love to hear!)

The witchcraft spirits within Linda were quite physical. Aggressive. Violent. We bound them up in Jesus name. They spun her around and convulsed her body. I had the holy angels assist me; they greatly assisted me and intervened powerfully. They wanted to fight me.

“We control her mind, we are here and many others. Her boss is wicked and we like it. We send her fiery darts to afflict her with pains,” the spirits boasted to me, “We also restrain her gift of preaching.”

Not only were there witchcraft demons within her but also many Mormon spirits because her employer, Ben, was a devotee Mormon who transferred many of these demons within her. All of these demons were expelled in Jesus name after removing all of the afflictions and fiery darts from her mind and body –I would estimate there were, perhaps, more than 100 fiery darts and spears and swords they had placed within her! All of them were removed in Jesus name; her spiritual gifts were released too! This woman had been set free. I then encouraged her and her husband to preach and minister some. She preached powerfully and this couple ministered to those held in captivity. 

Towards the end of the meeting, around midnight, another powerful miracle took place. A precious disciple whom I’ll refer to as Sandra, arrived to the meeting wanting deliverance. All night Sandra was suffering from extreme spiritual heaviness. As I began to pray over her –demons surfaced. Guess who? Jezebel; that’s right. 

“We are here because more than 240 years ago her ancestors offered blood sacrifices. We bring torment, heaviness and bring ovarian pain,” Jezebel confessed to me, “We are here with others and will fight you.”

Jezebel, in her right hand, held a sword. It wanted to strike me with it. I struck the hand of Jezebel with the fire of the Holy Spirit and the fire of God dissolved the spiritual weapons she was ready to launch against me with. Wicked spirits. I commanded all of these Jezebels and Baals out of Sandra in Jesus name! Immediately, she was set free from hordes of demonic forces. Sandra’s smile too spoke volumes –she truly had been set free! She was so happy! (Click here to see picture of post deliverance smile)

She was not alone; others were set free from demonic spirits and healed. Others experienced restoration and deep healing by simply being present in the meeting hall. One disciple literally fell over while I ministered to others and encountered the joy of the Lord; she began to laugh (not a crazy kind of laughter but a deep releasing laughter). The joy of the Lord was her strength. She even testified of feeling so much lighter after experiencing this joy!

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