Jesus Prevailed: 100,000’s of Demons Defeated, Blindness Departed, Human Interjects Removed!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

For more than 6 hours last night, in Ontario, California, I taught from the Scriptures, prayed for the afflicted and drove out demons in Jesus name. Again, we had a jammed packed meeting hall. We had to bring in some extra chairs to accommodate all of those who came in to the meeting desperate for intervention. These past two Saturdays, here in Ontario, we have seen some tremendous interest and looking forward to returning at some point in the near future. 

Tonight’s meeting was a struggle for me. I had to fight my way into victory; as the enemy truly sought to hinder me. For hours I could feel the armies of Satan advancing against me and warring against my soul. It was a horrible experience; very reminiscent of the experience I had in Kansas City a few months ago; where I had great difficulty breaking through. Eventually, Jesus prevailed and I’m thankful to Him for sustaining me. In fact, quite a few disciples shared how they were simply stunned, amazed at the strength I had to continue in the midst of great warfare. Trust me, it’s all Holy Spirit. As no man could sustain this for a long period of time without the aid of the Spirit of God! 

As I mentioned, eventually, we were able to encounter a breakthrough however it took some time. As I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers; several souls were swiftly delivered and healed of various maladies. I even had the wonderful opportunity to lead a young lady to Jesus Christ. In nearly every Southern Californian public meeting; we are witnessing Jesus saving souls! This brings me great joy. 

One of the first ladies we ministered to was an African woman, perhaps in her late 40’s, that sat to the right of me, off to the side of the meeting hall. Throughout the night I didn’t note anything unusual with her until I began to pray over her; then suddenly mass numbers of evil spirits surfaced. They groaned and moaned. They screamed at me. They growled and contorted her body.

These spirits wanted to battle but they lost –spirits of torment, spirit husband, incest and a spirit named devil. Obviously, it wasn’t Satan himself but rather it was a group of spirits that were able to take upon that name due to their loyal service within the kingdom of darkness. There were literally hundreds of thousands of these evil spirits working within her.

“We crawl on her scalp, we crawl within her all day and all night, we are here torment,” the demons informed me, “We even cause blindness where she has to use glasses.”

I commanded all of these demons –hundreds of thousands of them– to take upon the blindness and all of the afflictions they had brought into this woman. They took it upon themselves and they were all cast out in the mighty name of Jesus! When the demons were driven out; this dear woman immediately testified of being able to see clearly without the aid of her glasses. Another beautiful miracle of blindness departing in Jesus name. She also testified of feeling peace and so much lighter. She was thankful to what the Lord had done for her. Pray for this woman; that she would stand on her faith in her Healer.  As we continued on through the night, more souls were delivered in some measure. Not only did some experience deliverance but also deep emotional healing. Numerous broken heart parts surfaced through the night and were guided to Jesus for healing. Many of them even testifying of seeing the risen Jesus! Beautiful Jesus!

Another lady we ministered to was a 19 year old teenager who came along with her mother. This was an interesting case which I’ll explain in a moment. I’ll refer to this woman as Amber. This young lady mentioned to me that she wanted her mother to take her to the meeting tonight. I’m so happy she did. One glance at Amber and you could tell her she was hurting and in a lot of emotional pain. She needed deliverance!

As I began to pray over her –demons surfaced, they were deeply rooted. Some of the evil spirits were rooted, ancestrally, more than 1,600 years ago! There were so many evil spirits within this woman including rape spirits, fear, anger, revenge, night terrors, trauma, pain and Baal. These spirits wanted to battle me; I battled back utilizing holy weapons such as holy oil, the cross of Jesus, holy communion, and the sword of the Spirit. All of these weapons weakened these spirits. As I warred against the demons, many of them were revealing they had been holding captive broken heart parts. So I commanded the evil spirits to release the heart parts. They obeyed. 

Interestingly, the heart parts surfaced and spoke to me. Some of them were created as a result of riding some Disneyland amusement park rides. To think that riding an amusement park ride can bring about trauma and fear is something to consider. I’m always careful with my kids about this when we visit various themes parks. Little ones are so much more susceptible and we remain prudent. One little heart part shared, “Jay, I was so scared because I was on the ride that goes through the Haunted Mansion and the ride suddenly stopped. I was stuck. I was so scared.” 

I can absolutely see this being an opportunity for dissociation to take place and for demonization to occur. Here was this young girl riding a terrifying ride (in the sense that it has very dark themes; focusing on evil themes) and the ride malfunctions (was there a demon behind this malfunction; something to consider?). In the midst of this terror; she is stuck. Under the cover of darkness. Fear grips her; terror crawls in. As the demons invaded they brought with them panic attacks and night terrors. As a result Amber has suffered greatly with panic attacks, paralyzing fear and constant nightmares since. The demons even boasted to me, during the exorcism, that they had been sitting in the Haunted Mansion, waiting for the opportunity to invade unsuspecting souls. Think about that for a moment. They were not alone; many more demons were present. To think how many little children they have been able to access through the years is stunning. Think about how many demons have been able to access little ones throughout the Harry Potter section of Disney, for example, is even more staggering to consider; with it’s heavy emphasis on all things witchcraft and sorcery. This whole world is held captive by the devil. Can one go anywhere and not be affected? Sometimes, the worse places to go is in the so called church buildings that is filled with unbelief and false teachings. So, let’s not just focus on Disney. It’s everywhere. We just need to remain prudent and guided by Jesus. 

Obviously, there were a number of evil spirits attached to this little fearful part –demons of fear, trauma, and terror. Each of them boasted how they used the fearful events of Disneyland as opportunities to invade her body and soul. Another little part surfaced within Amber. This pre-teen part revealed when she was riding the Winnie the Pooh ride; she became very fearful and traumatized. Generally, Winnie the Pooh is okay –no occult themes to this character that I’m aware of however the Disneyland ride apparently opened her up to fearful spirits when the ride took it’s riders into a darkened section that brought fear into Amber. Again, fear gripped her; terrorizing spirits invaded. Horrible. All of these demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name and the little heart parts were guided to Jesus for healing and relief. 

In the midst of ministering to these little heart parts –and there were many. I encountered two human interjects (foreign soul parts that interject themselves within souls and bodies). One was named Josh; the other was named Brian. These men, were the ones who had taken advantage of Amber when she was much younger and raped her. With the aid of demon powers Josh and Brian were also able to access her soul through the unholy soul ties and remain in her with the hopes of controlling her. I spoke to both of these evil men. 

As I spoke to Josh; a group of demons named Mormonism surfaced and spoke to me. 

“Ah! We were the ones that gave him supernatural power to invade Amber. Nobody knows about us. We are have remained hidden. Our presence is a secret.”

Josh was a Mormon (he’s now an atheist) and as result of the spiritual powers at work within him, by virtue of his involvement within Mormonism, he was able to tap into those powers and access Amber with the hopes of being able to control her. Evil, indeed. Do not be naive, all cults, metaphysical sects and false religions have supernatural demon powers that can be tapped into; to carry out these kinds of evil activities –such interjecting parts of their souls into others. Many times, it’s done so they can control the individual; other times it’s to seek revenge; to instill fear. 

Both of these evil men were commanded to depart in Jesus name along with all of the afflictions they had brought into this lady. All of the demons, that allowed them access into Amber were also commanded to depart in Jesus name. All of them swiftly left. Imagine, how Amber is feeling now. This is a quality of life issue on multiple levels and I’m thankful that we were able to intervene in her life. 

Along with these human interjects and spirits of Mormonism (there were 100,000’s of them operating within her and with Josh); not to mention all of the other demons of trauma, fear and torment –they were even deeper level spirits. These dark forces were operating deep within her soul and body –spirits of Baal and Jezebel. For a long time, I battled Jezebel and weakened her in the name of Jesus! Eventually she wore down and was driven out along with Baal. As Amber awakened from her demonized state; I led her in a series of prayers and she testified of feeling relief. However, I could tell she is a weakened state and will need some on-going prayer and ministry. Thank you for praying for these precious souls that need our intercession. May Jesus comfort and protect each of them.

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