Open Your Eyes; Jesus has Ascended!

Within the past month or so, in Australia and America, I have been honored to witness the supernatural presence of Jesus in our midst. We know as disciples of the Lord Jesus that our Living God is ever with us; He is omnipresent. However, there are times, the Lord Jesus, appears in a more tangible form –where one might see Him, hear Him, and encounter His essence. I have had many personal  encounters with Jesus over the years. I have spoken to Him, I have heard from Him, I have seen Him and I have entered into Him, in His love, in the heavenly realms. We have also encountered our Savior in our many meetings around the world. One unique aspect of our mission is the numerous appearances of the Lord Jesus in our services. Not too long ago, while conducting meetings in India and Pakistan (in Lahore; Jesus appeared to me personally), many disciples testified of seeing the risen Savior while in our services. I never take these holy encounters for granted. I am deeply humbled of the supernatural move of Jesus. He is pleased to display His love and power in our midst. I bow before Jesus!

-In Perth, In Melbourne, Victoria, recently, after a powerful deliverance service, at a fellowship meal, a disciple, quickly saw a vision where Jesus took me onto His lap and loved on me.
-In Sydney, New South Wales, several weeks ago, before the service, a disciple saw the Lord Jesus place a “white robe” on me.
-In Ontario, California, few weeks ago, during a deliverance, Jesus appeared; He spoke and told me He was proud of me and that He loved me (and that I was in the perfect will of God).
-In Sherman Oaks, California, the following night, during a deliverance, Jesus made an appearance, in the corner of the hall and was visible to several of the disciples.

-In Los Angeles, California, this past Wednesday, a disciple could actually see the light of Jesus hovering over my head; in a halo like form.

While driving back home, from our flight from San Diego, last night, I was suffering from serious demonic oppression due to multiple reasons. I commanded all demons to depart from me. Perhaps some of it came from our Wednesday night meeting at the Temple of Salvation; which was intense and difficult –as some very strong spirits surfaced during the night (more on this in a moment).

Suffice to say, I was longing to hear from the Lord Jesus. To be strengthened by Him. Mind you, it was around Midnight. I was tired and wasn’t really looking forward to this next mission as I would be leaving my family behind (I have been traveling with my family for the past several months; what a blessing). 

When I got home I was checking my email messages and an Australian disciple emailed me and wrote this at 12:10am; right after experiencing those demonic assaults (the bold is mine for emphasis).

Jesus told me to tell you how much he loves you Jay he’s with you and not to forget the 100 fold blessing he’s got for you Mark 10:28-30. Then Peter began to say unto him, Lo, we have left all, and have followed thee. And Jesus answered and said, Verily I say unto you, There is no man that hath left house, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, and the gospel’s, But he shall receive an hundredfold now in this time, houses, and brethren, and sisters, and mothers, and children, and lands, with persecutions; and in the world to come eternal life. See how he said 100 fold now not when we get to heaven all you have to do is stand on his promise and not let satan choke the Word or get you to reason with it.”

This was so comforting and much needed. I’m so happy Jesus is with me in His love and to know He’s with me. I receive these words of Jesus, in Mark 10, of receiving the hundredfold, as I leave, in a few hours, my wife and children, for His sake and the gospel. Jesus has been consistently telling me in these supernatural acts that He is present with me; I must press onward. Souls are at stake –Heaven or Hell! We must call people to the Lord Jesus quickly for He loves all.

As I mentioned earlier, this past Wednesday I was once again at the Temple of Salvation, in Los Angeles, leading a public deliverance. Didn’t know if we would have a good turnout or not being a weekday however I was pleasantly surprised to see more disciples show up then what I anticipated. After teaching for a few hours on the armor of God I began to lead everyone in some mass deliverance prayers. Almost immediately, some very powerful mermaid spirits surfaced within a woman from the Ivory Coast, West Africa. The evil spirits contorted her body and groaned. I commanded the demons to submit to Jesus. They obeyed. I brought her to the front and discovered much.

These mermaid demons, it was revealed, had married her and been having sexual relations with her. I commanded the demons to remove all rings. They did. I also commanded the demons to remove all fiery darts from the woman. They did. These Jezebel-like spirits had been in the ancestral bloodline for generations and had gained access through the sins of idolatry. Her family, generations ago, worshipped strange idols thus allowing numerous demons to enter the bloodline. I also encountered many other kinds of evil spirits including those that were bringing various kinds of torments and afflictions. All of these demons were removed from this woman in Jesus name! 

As the demons departed for the pit; this precious West African woman was so happy and was rejoicing in her newfound freedom in Christ! Having lived and ministered in this part of the world I am quite familiar with these kinds of West African demons –marine and water spirits; spirit husbands and spirit wives. May we continue to reach those terribly afflicted with these kinds of demons with the power of the Kingdom of God! 

We also ministered to a precious disciple; who is a member of a very large and prominent church in the Los Angeles area. She was referred to us by the pastor. She had been demonically assaulted for a long time by very strong ancient spirits that were determined to destroy this woman. I’m very thankful we were there to intervene in Jesus name! 

The first group of demons that surfaced were some death and destruction spirits that gained access to this woman through her husband. We discovered that the husband had separated from her and was now sending formal witchcraft spells against her –in an attempt to destroy her. Horrible; coming from her own husband. Furthermore, because of all the demonic spirits within him; they were able to access her due to their martial oneness. As I often remind everyone, in our public meetings, not only do you need deliverance from your own ancestral spirits but also your spouse’s ancestral curses that were likely transmitted to you via the martial union. Something to consider. 

Some of these ancient spirits were rooted in ancient idolatry from her husband. There also spirits of breast cancer within her. All of these demons were removed out of her body and many of these physical afflictions were forced out in Jesus name. It was a very unusual exorcism, in the sense, how these spirits, manifested. They were making very strange animal noises (many of these animal demons were expelled in Jesus name). They also kept on grabbing hold of her neck; in an attempt to strangle her. There were many snake spirits attached to her neck.

“We are here because her husband’s ancestors prayed to us,” these serpentine spirits confessed to me, “They prayed to us and we drew near and entered them.”

Disgusting. Idolatry, almost always, results in instant demonization from our observation. Think about it…somewhere in your bloodline, your ancestors, perhaps, opened the spiritual door by praying to idols, by offering blood sacrifices, or some other kind of idolatrous act that God abhors. Perhaps, you are reading this and something is being provoked from within. Now is a good time, to confront it in Jesus name! 

Prayer of Release from Ancestral Idolatry“In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we confess there is but one true God. We submit and worship Him alone. We formally break in Jesus name; all forms of ancestral idolatry from mother and father. We hereby break the generational curse through the shed blood of Jesus and command all spirits of demonism to depart from me now in Jesus name. Lift off spirits of heaviness in Jesus name. All oppression go in Jesus name. May the Holy Spirit comfort and console me. Amen.”

(If you sense a spiritual release and freedom; please feel free to email me as I would love to hear from you)

This dear woman, whom had these many snake spirits, maladies, and curses was freed from numerous ancient spirits, in Jesus name, during the service. There’s more work that needs to be done but I rejoice in the goodness of God. Others in the meeting hall were ministered to also. 

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