San Diego: Teenagers Witness & Encounter the Miraculous

Dear Friends of Jesus, 

God really blessed me tonight in so many ways. First, it was a beautiful calm evening, with a cool gentle ocean breeze, here in San Diego, California –one of my favorite cities in the world. The spiritual atmosphere is so much cleaner, here, then it is in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Then as I arrived to the meeting hall; the precious saints were excited about being present. We had to bring in some extra chairs into our small conference hall as more souls arrived from all over the country seeking training and deliverance. I was thrilled to be present in San Diego. 

I also felt great liberty to teach and preach; it was wonderful to experience. I taught for a few hours on our authority in Jesus Christ and led everyone in Holy Communion, however, prior to partaking of the Holy Communion, I was honored to lead a young, about to turn 13 year old boy, who was present with his mother, to salvation in Jesus Christ (later on in the evening he was healed of dissociation and freed)! The saints were thrilled to see this soul saved; as I was too! I then proceeded to pray over those afflicted with demons. Within a few minutes a 58 year old mother sitting towards the back of the meeting hall manifested demons. There were hundreds of thousands of evil spirits within her named “Torment,” along with a group of spirits named Satan. They spoke to me aggressively.

“We have been here for 10 generations, because her ancestors practiced witchcraft and abused others,” the demonic spirits boasted to me, “We block her blessings, cause sleepless nights and we hold onto the three year old little girl.”

Ah! A three year old little girl was there, being locked up by these demon powers. The three year old little girl was released along with some others and quickly guided to Jesus for healing. It was amazing to see the healing that took place as those little ones witnessed the appearance of Jesus. The Lord Jesus quickly healed them and unified the broken heart. I then proceeded to confront the powers of evil tormenting this woman; they confessed to being behind a crippling affliction that she had been suffering from for more than 20 years. The spirits of Satan admitted to causing her the crippling affliction.

“Twenty years ago, we caused an accident, where a refrigerator, fell upon her, we wanted to kill her!” the demons revealed to me.

Ever since that accident this dear woman has suffered from torment and pain. Mind you, she came into the meeting; walking in with some kind of medical aid (sort of like a walker type of device); she left our meeting without using it. As the many demons were cast out of her —hundreds of thousands of them– she immediately testified of feeling ZERO pain, she walked around briskly without the aid of the walker device. Again she testified of ZERO pain. God truly healed this woman and was clearly surprised by this incredible healing miracle (see her picture as you scroll below). 

“Jay, I have been tormented for more than 50 years; now it’s gone. I’m FREE and so happy!” this mother revealed. 

As she walked around the meeting hall; she looked kinda shocked to notice no more pain and greater flexibility. It was was wonderful to see and witness. 

After this woman’s powerful deliverance; another exorcism took place that was out of this world! It was a young 13 year old who I brought to the front to pray for. Immediately a little 10 year old part surfaced, with great grief and anguish.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, why did you leave me, why,” the little heart part wondered; completely crushed. 

I asked the parents about this and they mentioned that when their son was 10 years of age; he was left alone for only an hour one time; leaving their son isolated, feeling abandoned and extremely fearful. The parents, are Godly parents, who had no idea that this would bring about dissociation; but that is exactly what happened. The 10 year old became fearful; his hear broke and then was taken advantage by the demons and invaded.

Knowing the little one was needing immediate relief; I sent the little part to Jesus for deep healing. He was able to see Jesus and was healed by Him. The calming peace that came upon this 10 year old part was stunning to see (and other parts of his heart were supernaturally healed by Jesus). I then began to pray over this young man and immediately the spirits surfaced; convulsing him greatly. The demons were furious with me and wanted to battle me. I quickly utilized the holy oil –the fire of the Holy Spirit– which was placed upon my hands and sent to the demons. They cried out in agony. Several times the fire of God was so great that it literally sent the demons crashing into the wall and collapsing onto the ground. I swiftly called the holy angels to assist me and they picked him up off the ground and again I battled the invading demons within this young teenager. 

The manifestations of the demons were violent and aggressive however the power of the Holy Spirit was so much greater. I felt the miracle working power of Jesus flowing through me in great capacity. I would simply motion with my hand in the direction of the demons and they would collapse to the ground. I would get the demons to embrace my sacred cross; again causing the demons to crash into the wall; convulsing greatly. I was feeling great, in the fullness of the Holy Spirit. 

“We have been here for thousands of years through the bloodline. We do not want him to prosper. We came into the bloodline because his ancestors practiced witchcraft. We bring fear, torment into him. We make him not sleep, we block his spiritual gifts and abilities,” the demons boasted to me, “We hinder his relationship with this father. We must not allow him to have this relationship. We also have all his friends.”

Interesting, indeed. As the spirits surfaced from within this young man. I had his sister, his mother and father come up to assist me in the deliverance. The spirits shrieked upon seeing the father. 

“He’s filled with the fire of God,” the demons screamed, “Get him away from us. He won’t stop praying. He prays all the time and we hate it!”

So, I filled the father with the holy oil and had him throw some towards the demons. As the father directed some of the oil towards the demons –they groaned in agony and fell to the ground in utter defeat. I had his sister even use my cross against the invading demons and that made them collapse to the ground quickly. These demons were utterly defeated by Jesus our King! It was a powerful demonstration of God for everyone to witness. It was amazing to behold. The acts of the holy angels, the utilization of my sacred cross, the holy oil, my Bible, and even a consecrated towel were all used mightily by God to deliver this young man from thousands of years of demonic bondage. 

There was even a spirit called “Destiny Killer,” that boasted of hindering his prosperity and his God-given abilities. I’m sure this is operating in many of you reading this email update. Forcefully command this demonic spirit to release your destiny in Jesus. You are destined for greatness my brother and sister in Jesus! Amen!

All of these demons were commanded to go to the pit in Jesus name and they screamed out him with great violence; as they foamed and growled. In Jesus name this young teenager was FREED! He was so happy. Look at that above picture and tell me if you see the peace of Jesus now! His entire family was radically transformed by this exorcism. 

WOW! Amazing Jesus! I feel great now; refreshed. I’m heading to Los Angeles in a a few hours. Please pray for me as I have a private meeting in the morning then a flight into San Francisco for a evening meeting. Jesus, grant me strength! 

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