Signs, Wonders & Power Encounters in Houston

 Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night, at our monthly Church of the Cross gathering, the power of the Kingdom was present, as hearts were healed, sicknesses driven out, afflictions cured, and demonic spirits expelled. It was an extraordinary night in Houston, Texas, as we ministered to many dozens needing deliverance and healing. Even a young lady was brought to the Lord Jesus. All of this was possible because of the power of the cross of Jesus!

I was pleased to see the meeting hall jammed packed with hungry souls. I do not think we could have seated anymore people. We might need to move to a larger hall to accommodate the many souls seeking liberation. Along with me were four other ministers of the gospel (two of whom I ordained; one will be ordained tonight) who I invited to be present; who also taught from the Word of God. The Body of Christ was edified and strengthened. 

The disciples of the Lord were really encouraged to hear of a young man, who was recently set free from many evil spirits, in one of our meetings, testifying of his desire to serve in the Kingdom of God. Mind you, this young man, came to one of our meetings over the summer, more than 3.5 hours away. He was that serious about obtaining deliverance. When one is desperate for deliverance; they will travel wherever to obtain help. This young man, Sam, has grown so much since his dramatic exorcism. He testified of encountering peace and power in his life. Moreover, he is sensing a call of God upon his life (we will be ordaining this young man into the gospel ministry tonight). 

His testimony is quite dramatic. For years he had been dabbling into the occult and thriving off violence. I recall the night he came to one our meetings. He was filled with rage, anger and torment. Now, he is filled with power, life, and joy of the Holy Spirit. Incredible. Sam even shared with us that he wanted to physically attack me while I preached in that meeting. He wanted to attack other pastors. But, Jesus….Yes, Jesus FREED Sam. The murder, the violence, and hatred is gone. Now, he desires to serve Jesus. 

After leading everyone in Holy Communion we began to minister to those held captive by the enemy. But, I must stop for a moment and share about this sacred time of Holy Communion. While leading everyone in Communion –partaking of the Body and Blood of Christ many disciples were driven to deep repentance as tears flowed. Some even bowed with me onto the ground seeking God. The Holy Spirit truly moved in great power during the Communion. As a sacramental sign of the Kingdom was being administered; the powers of darkness greatly weakened. 

As I mentioned, after partaking of the Communion, I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers; many souls encountered freedom from demonic oppression. As I prayed, many demons surfaced. One lady to my immediate left began to manifest as the demons attempted to thrust her head into the side wall in attempt to injure her. As I approached her, many evil spirits forcefully surfaced including –that wicked witch Jezebel. 

“We are here because of sin; she’s addicted to love, power, and we entered her because she committed adultery,” the demons revealed, “We used the unholy soul tie to invade her. We bring stomach problems. Some of us are here because her lover cast a love spell on her.”

This is very interesting. Just because you are a disciple of the Lord Jesus that doesn’t somehow exempts you from satanic attack. If anything, you become a target. Granted the real you –your spirit nature is hidden in Christ but your soul and body is still susceptible to demonic assault –and often is. Thus the need for the ministry of deliverance among the Body of Christ. Jesus loves His church and desires His church to be free as He is FREE. So, we need to minister to those disciples whom are broken and demonized with the power of Jesus. 

Jezebel contorted her body; groaned and moaned. She sought to battle me; however the powers of the Kingdom was resting upon us and these Jezebel spirits were rather easily defeated by Jesus. She was rejoicing in her newfound freedom in Christ. 

More souls manifested demons including a woman whom was raped at a tender age of 9. I spoke to the little broken heart part and ministered healing to that little one. The little ones were guided to Jesus. Another young lady had also been deeply hurt. There were many heart parts that surfaced with great pain and torment. The little ones felt rejected by their father and had been experiencing great torment, anxiety, fear, panic attacks and depression. All of these emotional ills were commanded out and the littles ones experienced deep joy and peace. You should have seen her face! Shone like an angel. It was beautiful to behold. Jesus spoke words to the little ones: I love you; you are beautiful. Many of these little heart parts were quickly sent to Jesus for healing. 

As we continued to minister a young man, a prophet of the Lord, was sitting on the front row, who manifested strong spirits —spirits of sexual lust. They growled and cursed me. They were quite physical too. Chairs were moved and people scattered. These evil demons wanted a fight. They were aggressive. I called forth the holy angels of God. Many quickly came into the meeting hall and assisted us; in restraining the extreme violence of the demonic. Moreover, I utilized my sacred cross; the demons shrieked upon seeing it and convulsed. I placed the fire of the Holy Spirit upon the demons and they greatly weakened. That came in from the ancestral bloodline due to the fact that these ancestors committed serious sexual sins and perversions. 

“We control his mind; we hold his prophetic gifting,” the demons of sexual lust boasted.

I bound up all of these demonic spirits in Jesus name. Moreover, I commanded the strong man to surface and he did —a group of spirits named Lucifer. They too were quite violent and fought me. I called forth more holy angels and they came into the hall quickly and swiftly intervened. All of these powerful forces of hell were defeated and commanded out his body in Jesus name. This young man felt great afterwards and testified of feeling FREE and whole. God is so gracious. 

Another man I ministered to came up quickly to the front, however, while walking towards the front, the demons gripped him and froze him. I sprinkled some of the blood of Jesus upon him and the demons shrieked with great pain. Moreover, they quickly backed up in fear of what I held in my hand –a cup of Communion. Ah! The power of the Holy Communion –the blood of Christ. It should also be noted that as the demons approached me; they were not only fearful of the blood of Christ but also the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit that was resting on us —up in the front of the hall. It was quite strong thus the demons were quickly weakened by the anointing and presence of the cup of Communion. 

I began to pray over the man, the evil spirits spoke back.

“We cause sleep apnea, we strangle him. We are here to bring sexual immorality and sicknesses. We bring pains and guilt,” the invading spirits confessed, “We torment him.”

My heart went out to this brother in the Lord. He was under such heavy oppression and torment. God was faithful to bring healing and deliverance into his life. I continued to war against the demons that threw him around the hall and twisted his body terribly. There were so many evil spirits within this man from sins he participated in and the many generational curses he carried. 

“There is one million of us to battle you,” the evil spirits revealed to me. 

I discovered there were more than one million Freemasonry demonic entities within him (through the generations Freemasonry was practiced and participated in). Incredible. To think that in Biblical times; it is recorded one lady had 7 demons (see Luke 8:1-2) and that some had “a” evil spirit (see Acts 16:16-18); now in our modern times, souls have many thousands and even in some cases –millions of demons. Why so many? Because generational curses were never formally broken thus the demonic flowed from generation to generation unhindered. More spirits through the years enter obviously and thus you many with mass number of demons residing within their bodies and souls. 

Thankfully, there’s Jesus! He is able to rescue and deliver. In His power –I commanded all of these demons out of his body and they swiftly entered the pit along with all of the pains, maladies and afflictions. Moreover, the spirits of blindness departed and I took off his glasses and he was able to see clearly (without the aid of his glasses) after awakening from his demonized state. We are seeing so many miraculously healed of varying degrees of blindness. God is granting favor and power in this. This man was so happy and felt so peaceful. Jesus truly liberated him. 

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