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In Sherman Oaks: Appearance of Jesus, Blindness Departs, Ancient Demons Flee

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Another amazing public meeting here in Southern California; this time in the city of Sherman Oaks, which is just outside of Los Angeles. As many of you know my family and I have been located in Southern California for the past several months to enable us to effectively travel throughout the western region of North America (British Columbia, Washington State and California) ministering to the captives. We have strong ties to this area. I was formally ordained into the gospel ministry many years ago here in California. We will continue to maintain a strong presence here (actually live part of the year here), in the years to come, as there is a tremendous need to extend the mission throughout this region of the United States (and western Canada). 

Our public meetings have been well attended. I’m glad we have launched out into different cities instead of conducting all of our meetings in one location; as we have been able to reach new friends with the gospel. Even last night, we had the wonderful opportunity to lead another precious soul to the Lord Jesus Christ! I was also really encouraged to see someone I had led to the Lord the previous night show up to the meeting and testified of being able to sleep (a true night of rest) for the first time in a very long time. I was also encouraged to hear of so many people in the meeting hall who shared their testimonies of how they have been deeply impacted by this mission –salvation, healing, deliverance and restoration. I am so honored to serve Jesus and His church.

Last night, I taught from the Holy Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion; then I began to minister to those assembled in the meeting hall. Several individuals received a swift measure of deliverance and healing. Some little child heart parts surfaced and were guided to Jesus for healing. I kept on ministering to those afflicted with evil spirits. One lady I ministered to was originally from Guyana, South America. She came along with her husband. Both of them have been attending many of our meetings; as they desire to minister in this area of healing and deliverance. As I began to pray over her (I’ll refer to her as Mary), demons surfaced.

The first group of demons that manifested were named anxiety, anger, and fear. All of these spirits entered through the bloodline from 7 generations ago from the mother’s side. One specific demon within Mary confessed to holding a spiritual chain around her neck thus creating respiratory problems (Mary’s husband confirmed this; a problem rooted from early childhood). As this demon was dealt with and driven out; Mary immediately started breathing without any difficulty. God healed her. 

It was also discovered, during the exorcism, that there were numerous spirits of witchcraft within her; actually they were attached to numerous ancestral dissociative identities that were within her. I spoke to a few of these parts including her grandfather, her great-grandfather, and her great grandmother. Each were were rooted from the latter part of the 19th century. They told me they were able to gain access to her with the aid of demonic powers –the powers of witchcraft. Each of them told me they were present to control her. Ah, witchcraft at it’s essential roots –control, seduction, manipulation, domination. Wicked. Each of these ancestral parts were sent to Jesus to be dealt with by Him.

The spirits of witchcraft revealed they had been causing her physical pains, dizziness and sickness. In particular they had been holding her supernatural gifts of healing, prophecy, deliverance and brought upon her blindness (she wore contacts and reading glasses) and lack of focus. All of these witchcraft spirits were commanded out of her body and soul in Jesus name! As the demons departed; her eyes began to strengthen. It was beautiful to behold; as when Mary was being liberated by Jesus I tested her healing; as she could not normally read the Bible from close-up. I turned to the pages of Scripture and placed the Bible in front of her. She began to read without the aid of her contacts or glasses! Blindness departed; Jesus healed her! 

We have seen so many dozens in the recent years miraculously healed of varying degrees of blindness. From a little blind boy in Latin America being healed; to young teenagers here in America encountering supernatural healing from blindness; to precious souls in Australia experiencing restoration of sight; we have seen so many throughout the world healed by Jesus. I have gained great confidence in the Lord Jesus to open blind eyes (that’s not saying everyone I minister, who is blind, is healed; but many are). 

I’ll never forget as Mary came out of her demonized state; she fell to her knees and exclaimed: I CAN SEE, I CAN SEE, I CAN SEE! 

Not only was she able to see physically but also spiritually. During the meeting she was able to SEE the risen Jesus in the back of the meeting hall!

What was interesting about this was that Mary had cried out to the Lord, a few days earlier, and asked the Lord to appear to her. It wasn’t until she came to our meeting that she was then able to SEE Jesus! I’m honored that the Lord would make His visible presence known during our meetings. This marks our mission; the hundreds of appearances of the risen Savior; to those who would believe. I have actually seen the ascended Lord, too, in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, of all places; several years ago. With my very own eyes; I saw Him! 

Another fascinating aspect to Mary’s deliverance was encountering the Hindu spirit named, Kundalini, that is often located in the base of the spines of humans. Kundalini surfaced and revealed much:

“AH! You found me! I have been here since she had her abortion! We have been here for many years!,” Kundalini boasted, “We entered her when the abortionist touched her. He was a Hindu and some of us were within him.”

Very interesting confession. It was through the act of the unholy laying upon of hands, by this Hindi doctor, while enduring the abortion, that a number of the Kundalini spirits were able to access her life. They had been in the doctor and were now able to access her. Some of you precious ladies who have endured an abortion (no judgement here; just the love and forgiveness of Jesus); please consider this spiritual implication. Doctors, medical staff workers who touched you during the abortion could have spiritually transferred demons to you thus your immediate need for deliverance in this area (this is why we offer our extensive home encounters to provide deep inner healing and ministry to those suffering from great personal evil). All of these Hindu demons were driven out in the name of Jesus! 

Along with the Hindu spirits were numerous demons of abortion, murder and death. The death demonic spirits confessed they had been in her ancestral bloodline since the “days of Noah.” They also revealed that they had bringing death, murder and abortion to every generation of her ancestors. This is incredible. Jesus conquered these powerful death spirits too! They were also sent to the pit. Mary was so happy after her deliverance and rejoiced in the kindness of our God! 

Mary’s miracle was only but one of many that took place last night. Others encountered freedom and healing. I marvel at the goodness of our God. He truly does save, heal and deliver! Allow Him to save, heal and deliver you today! We will be holding more public meetings this coming Saturday and Sunday; we look forward to meeting you!

Jay Bartlett

In Ontario: Jesus Walked Among Us & Conquered the Insidious Jew Hating Amalek

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night in Ontario, California we held another public deliverance mission where precious souls traveled in from all over Southern California to obtain healing and deliverance. Our conference hall was jammed packed; in fact every single seat was taken. I was excited about being present despite still experiencing some jet-lag. God was gracious to me as He provided me strength and power. For more than 6 hours I ministered. Before the teaching I presented the gospel and a precious young man who had just heard about this public meeting, inquired about being born again. I shared and he was saved by Jesus on this night. He was born again; what a beautiful miracle. After leading everyone in a salvation prayer; I taught from the Holy Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. I then began to pray over those afflicted with evil spirits. As everyone participated in the prayers of deliverance quite a few souls experienced immediate spiritual relief and deliverance. Not only were evil spirits expelled in the name of Jesus but many heart parts surfaced throughout the night and were guided to the Lord Jesus for healing and comfort. 

Towards the end of the evening a powerful demon named Amalek surfaced from within a twenty-something year old young lady, whom I’ll refer to as Amber. When the demon surfaced, it wanted to aggressively war against me. Knowing it was a warrior kind of demon I commanded it to identify itself. 

“Our name is Amalek, we are here to torment her! We have been here for more than 20 generations as her ancestors offered child sacrifices and practiced idolatry,” the ancient spirits of Amalek revealed and boasted. 

This was indeed a strong ancient demonic entity. Amalek was a pagan people group that existed from the days of Abraham. They were constantly seeking to destroy the people of God. Interestingly, it has been said, “Amalek is etymologised as a people, who lick blood…” In Deuteronomy 25 Moses reminds (and warns) the ancient Israelites of these pagans. 

Remember what the Amalekites did to you along the way when you came out of Egypt. When you were weary and worn out, they met you on your journey and attacked all who were lagging behind; they had no fear of God. When the Lord your God gives you rest from all the enemies around you in the land he is giving you to possess as an inheritance, you shall blot out the name of Amalek from under heaven. Do not forget!

By God’s grace, I will not fail to recall how these insidious demonic spirits worked within these various ancient pagan people groups that surrounded and detested the ancient Israelites. As a disciple with Jewish ancestry, I am keenly aware of these same kind of strong warrior-like Jewish hating demons that still roam the planet seeking to attack the church of the living God. These ancient spirits must be dealt with ever so severely. I’m reminded of the promise in Exodus 17:8, “This is what the LORD Almighty says: ‘I will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel…” 

In the city of Ontario, last night, while we ministered to Amber, we witnessed the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob punishing the demonic spirits of Amalek in a very dramatic manner. I was deeply touched what transpired. Allow me to explain.

While battling Amalek, he also confessed to holding her eyes and bringing an element of blindness (note: Amber was wearing glasses), along with so many other mental and emotional afflictions. I began to spiritually war against this ancient entity –utilizing my sacred cross (Amalek groaned as I commanded him to embrace it: “It is stabbing me.”) Moreover, I called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit fire to burn him –he moaned in defeat. I also called upon the holy angels of God and legions of them entered the room (some of the disciples testified how they actually felt, a sense of refreshment, as the holy angels made their presence known). I then proceeded to ask the holy angels to strike the invading demons; they did so. Amalek was utterly defeated however still wanted to fight. 

“We will fight you. We want to stay within her,” the spirits of Amalek boasted to me, “But he is there…”

As they stated this FACT; they specifically pointed in the corner of the meeting hall. Who was Amalek referring to? I asked him. 

“Jesus!” Amalek cried out.

The Lord Jesus, obviously, is omnipresent, but there are times He visits His people in a more tangible manner like He did last night in Ontario. Amalek could SEE Him and begged Him not to draw near. I invited Jesus to come near; from the back of the hall. I welcomed Him. He walked from the back of the hall and approached Amalek. The spirits shrieked and begged Jesus again and again not torture them. Amalek began to cry out in defeat and revealed what Jesus was actually saying to him.

“Jesus says that He loves you! He’s proud of you! That you in the perfect will of God. That your children are full of His light.”

Now this is very fascinating and enlightening on multiple levels. 

~We (the Body coming together to conduct this public meeting) must have been pleasing to Jesus for Him to be present with us.

~The first word offered was an affirmation of love; Jesus loves me!

~Jesus encouraged me deeply by stating I was in the perfect will of God! 

~My little children are filled with Jesus light.

As you can imagine it’s very spiritual fulfilling to hear those words from the Lord Jesus. So, I guess I’m being led by the Holy Spirit (and allowing myself to be led; which is a key) as I’m in the perfect will of God. What does that mean? It means that conducting this meeting; by leading souls in salvation, deliverance and healing; He was pleased. Moreover, I was meant to be in Ontario, California –as I was in the “perfect will of God.” I’m extremely happy to know I am exactly where I need to be in the world. 

My friends, I would encourage you to be in the perfect will of God. Knowing you are in the will of God is quite satisfying and strengthening. You might ask how can I obtain this; the perfect will of God? It’s quite simple. Start doing the works of Jesus. Let’s not get complicated. It’s not difficult to discern the will of God for us. Start sharing the gospel, start driving out demons, begin to minister to those broken in heart, pray for those who are sick and will find yourself in the perfect will of God! Can you go wrong by actually doing the things Jesus did? 

As Jesus spoke; the demons cried out in defeat. Moreover, Amalek was extremely frightened by Jesus, obviously, but also of His angels. 

“This room is filled with them, the angels, they are everywhere,” the demons revealed, “Jesus also says he loves Amber, that she is healed and has authority over all of us.”

WOW! Jesus affirmed His love not only for me but also for Amber. As the Lord Jesus –was front and center in the meeting– along with the holy angels; I then commanded the demons of Amalek to directly enter into the pit in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Immediately, Amber was FREED from Amalek! Her joyful face said it all. Moreover, she testified before everyone that her migraines that she had been suffering from for a long time instantly vanished. Amber, was physically healed of many ailments including a varying degree of blindness. She testified that her eyesight was improving as she looked around the meeting hall (her glasses had been taken off). I should also add that not only was Amber set free from demonic bondage and physically healed but she was also freed from more than 10 ancestral heart parts that the demons were holding captive within her. 

More miracles took place on this night –others were set free including a woman from Switzerland with a anti-semitic background. As a Jew; the demonic spirits really hated the fact that I prayed over her. As I gently placed a finger, dipped with holy oil, on her forehead, she fell backwards and the evil spirits of fear manifested. They were driven out in the name of Jesus. She was so happy and relieved to be free from these spirits. Another lady was instantaneously freed from a very strong spirit of hopelessness, as she burped them out quickly. She was very happy also. Others were testifying of feeling liberated and healed. Praise be to God!

Baal Defeated; Arabic-Speaking Ancestral Dissociative Identities Surfaced, Including a Martyr from the 15th Century! Fascinating Ministry Session in Southern California

Monday, October 6th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Our international mission has extensively, over the years, reached into the Middle East; thus reaching many Muslims for the Lord Jesus. We have made more than 12 trips into the Middle East, in the past several years, which has allowed us to spread the gospel throughout this region. We have conducted open air evangelistic meetings; house church meetings, and deliverance services. Many residing in the Middle East inquire of our services and assistance. There is a great need for the love of Jesus to expand in this region of the earth.

Moreover, we have reached many from the Middle East; as we travel throughout the world conducting missions. Even yesterday, here in Southern California, we reached out to a 65 year old Lebanese woman who had many ancestral dissociative identities; including some Arabic-speaking identities that spoke to me in Arabic. Fascinating. Allow me to share.

While traveling from Orange, Beach, Alabama to the airport in Gulfport, Mississippi, after some private meetings in the deep South, I spoke on the phone to a precious Lebanese disciple, who called our toll-free phone line, who is truly committed to serving Jesus. Yet, she has faced a number of spiritual difficulties; thus her call. She requested urgent prayer. She lived in the Los Angeles area so we were able to schedule a meeting with her. God ordained for sure.

This dear woman, whom I’ll refer to as Debbie, is a strong disciple of the Lord, who consistently shares her faith wherever she goes in her daily life. She shared one testimony after another of lives being transformed (her husband works in the entertainment industry; thus their evangelistic outreach to actresses and actors) and healed as a result of her personal ministry. No wonder, she has been a target of satanic assault. As I began to pray for her; a little heart part, only 7 years of age surfaced; she had been deeply wounded because her mother had been abusive and cruel. The little one surfaced with great pain and hurt. She couldn’t see any light but darkness (the demons) so I began to confront the powers of darkness; numerous evil spirits surfaced from within her including the ancient spirits of Jezebel and Baal.

“We have been here for more than 50 generations, because her family practiced ancestral worship and worshipped idols,” the demonic spirits revealed to me, “We bring torment, doubt, and fear. We must stop her as she’s dangerous.”

AH! The demons remarked, “how she’s dangerous.” Interesting. She is dangerous to them; as she continues to preach the gospel wherever she goes. No wonder the enemies have been conspiring against her; she is a threat to their very existence.

“We make her feel the pain; we like tormenting her husband too,” the demons confessed, “We sent a fiery dart into his right foot to torment him. We make him tired.”

 Devils are ruthless and will attack even the most committed disciple of the Lord. With Debbie, the demons referred to a very strange accident she had some years earlier (that they were behind) that brought tremendous fear into her life thus deepening their hold.

“She’s had pastors and ministers, even well-known ones, but we hid,” the demons boasted, “They weren’t persistent and they had their egos that hindered them.”

Wow! I see this all of the time. Demons hiding to conceal their work lest they be exposed to the light of Jesus. Debbie had many ministers counsel her but to no avail as the ministers simply offered a quick prayer and never delved deeply into her soul to investigate her life. Thus her continued unresolved bondage. Look, we are all needing the mercy of God. Many ministers, have good hearts, they just don’t understand the complexities of dissociation and ancestral demonization thus they are often ineffective in assisting the demonized. I’m thankful we had the opportunity to intervene in her life.

Not only were there many hundreds of these Baal and Jezebel spirits; there were also numerous ancestral dissociative identities that were being held captive by these vicious demons. We commanded these demons to release these ancestral parts and they quickly surfaced.

 A 20 year old woman who died of a disease back in the 1100’s

A 13 year old boy who was killed by the sword in 1250.

A 20 year old woman who died while giving birth in 1400.

A 40 year old man who died of disease in the 1400’s.

A 30 year old lady who died as a result of an “infection,” in 1480. This ancestral part revealed she had given her life to Christ as a early child and entered a Catholic convent and became a dedicated nun. This part confessed to her love for Jesus. It was a interesting conversation with this ancestral part. She revealed that many of the priests and nuns didn’t even know the Lord but “some” did and were committed to Jesus.

A 17 year old boy who died in the 1500’s during a war.

A 33 year old woman who died of a disease.

A 60 year old woman.

A 18 year old man who was killed centuries ago by Muslims because of his faith for Jesus. This Lebanese man was committed to Jesus; never rejecting the Lord. I spoke to him and could easily tell he was firmly dedicated to Jesus. He spoke some Arabic and revealed his love for Jesus.

A 31 year old woman named Mary who lived in the 1800’s; she had committed suicide. I spoke with her and it was revealed that she was given in marriage, “to the devil,” referring to her pre-arranged marriage to her husband her abused her horribly.

All of the parts were guided to Jesus; many of them thanking me for freeing them from the spiritual chains of Baal and Jezebel. However, a few of them revealed they did not know the Lord Jesus. These were sent to the Lord too. After these ancestral parts were removed; Debbie came back and remarked that she no idea these identities were living within her. Many of you reading this email update have this phenomena operating in your life too. This is why we encourage precious souls to schedule a Extraordinary Emergency Home Encounter so we delve deep into your life. Sometimes, public meetings can only go so far.

Not only were these dissociative identities removed (and heart parts healed); but also the many demons deeply rooted within her. Many of them went back thousands of years; some many hundreds of years. All of their darts, curses and sicknesses were bound to them in Jesus name! All of them were forced out of her body and sent to the pit in Jesus name! As Debbie returned to the surface, she revealed that her eyesight was now “clear.” She had been wearing glasses but once her deliverance took place; healing occurred. She could see without any issues. Another example of one’s eyesight healed by Jesus in one of our public and private meetings. She also testified of feeling pain FREE (no more pain!), light and peace. Debbie even looked different; she was shining the light of Jesus! Deliverance works! All praise to our Living God!