Need to be inspired? Teenager Healed of Deafness!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I am blessed. More than anything I get to serve King Jesus throughout the world and witness HIS miracles. I’m currently on Marco Island, Florida, resting. I have been thanking God for His mighty wonders these past several days in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Ft. Myers.


Being here on beautiful (and I might add, pleasantly warm) Marco Island is refreshing for me after some intensive missions here in South Florida. My vocals have needed the rest with each mission being more than 5-7 hours each night.


Incidentally, I lived some of my childhood here on the island and have fond memories of going to the beach with my Dad on weekends and playing my little trucks with him as a little boy. Those moments, with my loving Dad, provided stability in my young heart thus sustaining me all of the years later. I consider myself emotionally healthy due to the loving relationship I had (and currently have) with my Dad. He mirrored our loving God. I aspire to be like my Dad.


Enough of the nostalgia….HA! Last night while in the city of Ft. Myers we encountered the power of God. Our meeting hall, was basically, filled with precious souls, hungering for healing and freedom in Jesus!


After teaching and leading everyone in Holy Communion we proceeded to pray for those terribly afflicted with demons. One of those we ministered to was young Kayla (the teenager pictured above). As soon as I rebuked the demons within her –they manifested. I began to war against the demons of death, torment and fear within her. I called forth the holy angels of God and they came to assist me. I had the angels strike the demons, with their swords. The demons reacted in great pain and were greatly weakened.


“We are here because her ancestors abused people,” the demons confessed to me, “We killed all of her pets; to torment her.”


Now, that was an interesting and bold statement for the demons to make. I discovered it was indeed true. Since childhood, all of Kayla’s pets has died under unusual circumstances.


“We killed those pets to break her; to break her heart,” those vicious spirits revealed to me, “We desire to torment her and to destroy her.”


My heart became so sad to hear how the enemy pursed her and damaged her life so deeply. So, cowardly, those demons. They targeted the very thing dear to her young heart —her pets. I abhor demons and their destructive works.


“Demons, I want you to know I will be torturing you tonight for what you have done to this young girl,” I explained to the demons with righteous anger, “Also, be aware I will take all night to battle you if necessary; as you WILL leave this young girl.”


The demons responded: “No; we are staying!”


That made me even more determined to see this young lady set free. I fought those demons aggressively and used a multiplicity of spiritual weapons to torture the invading evil spirits. They groaned and moaned and confessed they had been defeated by Jesus!


“Yes, we are tormenting her. We make her feel unworthy, rejected and sad. We placed deafness in her right ear,” the demons revealed.


AH! Not only did these demons hurt her mentally, emotionally, spiritually but also physically by causing her deafness in one ear. Her mother was present and shared she was desperate to see her daughter healed as they have tried everything to bring healing to her daughter. Nothing worked –the medication, the syringe, other avenues that she resorted to see her daughter healed. Her Mom was very determined and prayed with me in helping her daughter.


Guess who was behind it all? Who was the Strongman? That’s right….Jezebel. I tortured her with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The demons burned in agony. Moreover, they looked terrified as the blood of Jesus was applied to them in victory over them. It was over for these wicked Jezebel spirits.


Not only did I force Jezebel to take her deafness but all of the other afflictions they had brought into her. Furthermore, I forced Jezebel to release her broken heart. A little 8 year old dissociative identity surfaced (among others) and spoke to me. She was guided to Jesus for healing and she was able to see Jesus. What a beautiful and stunningly powerful exorcism this was!


Jesus spoke to the demons: RELEASE HER; FOR SHE IS WORTHY. FEAR ME!


WOW! The demons did release her however at one point they tried to negotiate with me. I rejected all of their offers in Jesus name and proceeded to drive them out in Jesus name; sending them to there pit! Young Kayla collapsed to the ground as the demons exited.


When Kayla came back to full consciousness; she noticed she could hear. The deafness, in her one ear, was GONE! Also, she was pain free and demon free.¬†What powerful miraculous wonders we are witnessing –healing of various forms of blindness, deafness and diseases in some of our most recent missions. Jesus is curing many souls.


There are many other Kaylas, in our world, we need to reach out to in Jesus name! Please consider supporting this vital and unique gospel work we are fulfilling. Without your support, we would be forced to shut down however your generous support allows us to continue powerful missions throughout the earth to advance….


Not only was Kayla happy but so was her mother; as you can imagine. Kayla was grateful and committed her life to serving King Jesus! This exorcism really touched me deeply and there more miracles that took place. I look forward to sharing more with you!

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