Orlando: Fraud? Fake? Showman? Real Deal?

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last night, I was surprised to see our meeting hall jammed packed here in Orlando, Florida. I held a public mission in 2014 in Orlando and was extremely disappointed with the turnout however this time around I was overjoyed to see so many assembling to learn and to receive ministry from Jesus. The hotel staff eventually opened up an overflow area to accommodate all of those arriving from all across the nation for spiritual intervention.


I was concerned to hear one story after another of those who tried to reach out to churches, for spiritual assistance, to no avail. In North America, deliverance and exorcism is considered, by and large, an aspect of ministry that is not considered needed (many churches teach believers are immune to satanic attacks). This is a spiritual crime; as it leaves millions of people in bondage to the chains of demonic affliction. We are doing our small part to expose the Body of Christ to the authentic biblical ministry of casting out demons. Tens of thousands have been trained — thus reaching untold numbers for the gospel of Jesus.


Some in the audience weren’t so receptive to the ministry however many were. Some wondered if I was a fake, a fraud or simply a showman. One who was quite skeptical of this mission was Brian (pictured above with his wife). He arrived to our last Orlando meeting wondering if I was genuine or simply a fake. In the midst of the service very violent demons erupted from within him. Many were expelled in Jesus name. His thoughts on this mission instantly changed –there was no doubt at that point I was for real.


Life improved in many ways but his “house” (his life) was not filled with the things of God (as he testified this past Sunday) and he re-opened the doors for demons to attack him. They attacked him relentlessly. He was determined to come back to the Orlando meeting and seek another deliverance with a new perspective in the seriousness of the battle we are involved in. Moreover, he was serious about repentance and getting right with God. Thus, he was a prime candidate for deliverance!


During my teaching from God’s Word, this past Sunday, demons were being agitated and were surfacing. It was a taking a toll on Brian as he fought to control them in a sense; to keep them from becoming extremely violent. Mind you, this man, was a black belt in some of the martial arts and has ancestors that were involved in the Russian Mafia. Besides, this man is a rather large man, physically, that could crush you.


As the murderous spirits rose up, after teaching from the Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I didn’t back down. I fought the demons in the power of God. The demons roared at me.


“We are RAGE!!!”


There was no doubt in my mind it was, indeed, the demon of rage. He was vicious and wanting to destroy. He forced me into the back of the wall but I stood on the powerful force of the blood of Jesus to protect (the demons never did touch me on this night; to the astonishment of many).


“We cause him pain, we hold his heart, we bring him mysterious diseases,” the demons boasted to me, “We want to destroy him.”


Brian’s wife (pictured above) confirmed that he did possess a “mysterious disease” that physicians could not offer any relief too. This “mysterious disease,” was a demon. The spirits of rage, violence, death and anger, confessed to being behind this so called disease.


(By the way, many of you have “mysterious” afflictions –have you considered an exorcism to determine if it is demonic?)


I forced the demons to release his heart. They obeyed and a little heart part surfaced. A 12-year old part spoke to me terribly hurt and sad.


“They picked on me when I was a kid at school,” the little boy shared with me.


This massive man crumbled before me and poured out deep pain and hurt. I’m thankful and grateful to God for being able to be there to offer help and healing in Jesus. The heart parts were guided to Jesus and I was able to deal with the powers of evil desirous on destroying him.


In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ all of these murderous spirits were destroyed and sent to the pit. They quickly exited and Brian was set FREE! Afterwards, he was so happy and testified to everyone, in public, how he was skeptic (and wondering if I was for real) to now believing in this mission with his entire heart!┬áHe ended up assisting me in delivering his wife from demons (that’s another entire story) and praying for others to find freedom.


Furthermore, not only was he supernaturally healed of dissociation but also delivered from many evil spirits. Also, he was miraculously healed of various physical ailments. He no longer was in pain. He was experiencing a new life in Jesus! Pray for him and his wife (and children). God has a calling for him and his family to fulfill. Even, well after the service concluded, he sticked around and was sharing how happy he was; finally finding deep freedom and healing.


My friends, this mission is for REAL! In many of our public meetings, people are finding out themselves. Join us in Tampa, Florida, this coming Sunday at 5pm to see for yourself. I use to bristle, in the past, when people considered me a fraud or a fake (or just a showman). I have been called this (and much worse) for many years. Well, was not Jesus accused of working in the power of Beelzebub? Am I, a servant of the Lord, some how better, than the Master? NO! They hated Him! They will hate me too. I follow Jesus.


Fraud? Nope. Fake? Hardly. Showman? Yes, a showman for Jesus –pointing people to the miracle power of Jesus and if that is considered showmanship. So be it. We will continue to preach Jesus and call people to repentance. We will continue to perform miracles before the watching world –often times before Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and idol-worshippers–thus reaching many unbelievers with the gospel.


(Scheduled to be in Islamic nations in a few weeks and idol-worshipping nations; bringing forth miracles, thus evangelizing, in Jesus name).


So many other miracles took place on this night –many were miraculously healed of various physical ailment and maladies. Many were supernaturally healed of a broken heart and were freed from demon powers. Jesus was glorified above all else.

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