Overcoming Death Demons

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently on Santa Rosa Island writing this email update to you. What a joy it’s been to travel throughout Florida teaching, driving out evil spirits and curing the sick. Moreover, it’s been wonderful to have my family with me. We have had a great time ministering and having fun time with family. We have one more public mission in Tampa on Sunday and a few private meetings on Monday/Tuesday.


Thus far on this Florida mission we have traveled, by car, more than 1,000+ miles to various cities scattered throughout the State; conducting more than 10 private and public meetings. Many have been reached with the healing of the Lord Jesus Christ. This last mission was extraordinary as many were set free from evil spirits and supernaturally healed by Jesus. Moreover, we witnessed some truly amazing angelic interventions whereby the holy angels assisted us in battling these terrible demons of death.


After our main public meeting; we held yet another impromptu meeting that same evening until well after¬†midnight. In this meeting a precious couple (pictured above) came desperate for continued ministry. William and his wife have attended our meetings in Orlando, West Palm Beach, and in Atlanta, Georgia and were determined to receive more healing and deliverance. This is a key aspect to maintaining and strengthening one’s deliverance —a serious commitment to continue to receive more and more freedom (more on that very subject in our ‘Freedom Fighter Training Moment’ below). In fact, William, a military veteran, has just enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center. I love seeing many of our military friends enroll in this special forces equipping center. They know better than most the kind of war we are involved in.


So, in this impromptu meeting, William’s wife, manifested very violent demons. They were extremely difficult to locate and to bring to the surface. They were hidden; deeply hidden. (Many of the demons, within you, my friends, are deeply hidden within your soul nature, and will require much persistence to force them to the surface). As the demons surfaced, they growled and groaned. They were furious. I called forth the holy angels of God and they greatly assisted me in restraining these violent demons.


“We are death!” the demons confessed as I placed them in submission to King Jesus!


Turns out, her parents, who were present, had considered at one point, aborting her. Not only did demons of death invade her but also her little heart broke. I ministered to a little pre-natal dissociative identity that also surfaced. This little pre-natal baby was deeply wounded and spiritually damaged; as the the little one picked up the death curses that the parents spoke outside the womb. I guided the little one to Jesus. So much grief, hurt and pain surfaced.


My friends, in every mission, so many dissociative identities are surfacing during our public services. Staggering; if you consider the implications. I’m very happy to know these heart parts are surfacing so quickly as they feel our meetings are safe zones. Thus, they surface and are healed by Jesus. This is a unique aspect of this mission. There might not be another mission in the world that see as many dissociative identities, human interjects and ancestral dissociative identities that we see surface in our public meetings. God has granted us a unique ministry to the broken. We do what we can in Jesus holy name.


These powerful death spirits were quickly sent to the pit in Jesus name and William’s wife was delivered. She was extremely happy; as was my brother William. I’m so proud of them. They have been following the ministry for the past few years and know God will be raising them to serve in the Kingdom of God.

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