Violent Exorcisms in Houston

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently resting here in Perth, Western Australia as I prepare a series of public meetings here in Australia. We will conduct meetings here in the city of Perth and next week we will travel back across the continent to the city of Melbourne, Victoria for a few more public meetings. I appreciate your prayers for me and this mission.


Our last public mission in Houston, Texas, was explosive. At times, very violent. The services started off with spiritual fireworks as I was notified by a dignified man near the front of the meeting hall that he wanted to physically assault me.


“Jay, I really want to hurt you real bad. I can feel the urge. I want to hit you,” as he sat there trying his hardest to maintain composure.


The demons were restrained. However as the services went on many more violent demons surfaced from many among those attending our monthly Church of the Cross services; including the demons within those pictured above. One of the first ladies I ministered to was sitting in the very front row and many demons surfaced from within her. They twisted her body, they convulsed her violently, they spoke in strange languages, they spat on me and cursed God.


As we battled these demons we discovered some very deep secrets. We discovered many tens of thousands of dissociative identities that were as a result of horrific and sadistic abuse she endured as a child in Satanic ceremonies that her family participated in. We encountered many thousands of spirits of Jezebel, Baal, Lucifer and various kinds of Hindu spirits. All of these vicious demons fought me fiercely

I called forth the holy angels of God and they greatly assisted me in this spiritual war. They struck the invading demons and they groaned in agony. I had the holy angels help me in restraining the demons as they often threw her violently on to the ground and convulsed her. They were determined to stay within her. They saw she had a kind heart and many gifts to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. So, they were determined to stop this young woman from advancing in Christ. 

They failed on this night. The power of God was too much for them and they confessed their defeat. All of these demons were driven out in the mighty name of Jesus and were cast into the pit. Moreover, all of the dissociative identities were gently guided to Jesus for healing. They spoke to me and witnessed the loving Savior appear to them; including a 15 year old dissociative part that had to give up her baby. She missed her baby. Jesus allowed this young woman to hold baby in the spiritual realms and experienced a deep healing. Others in the hall were being powerfully impacted by this ministry event. 

After her intense deliverance Brianna (pictured with me above; post deliverance) was so happy and relieved the long nightmare was over! Jesus had set her free and healed her!

That was only the beginning as we continued to pray over those terribly vexed by demon powers. Another lady (pictured with me, above, along with her husband; post deliverance), whom I’ll refer to as Danielle, we ministered to was also determined to be set free from demons. As we prayed over her; violent demonic spirits surfaced named “Master.”

“We are here because 7 generations ago; her husband’s family opened doors,” the demon named Master informed me, “They were our slaves, we were the masters.”

Interesting. The spirits named Master served as a kind of Master over those ancestors that spiritually opened doors to sin and were slaves to sin. It should be noted that they were able to get into the wife because of their martial oneness. Something that should be considered in the deliverance ministry. Wives–you might have demons not because anything you have participated in but rather the things that your husband’s family participated in. Same goes with husbands–you might have evil spirits because of the ancestors from your wife’s bloodline. 

This wicked spirit named Master was very aggressive and fought me. Again, I called forth the holy angels of God and many of them swiftly arrived and assisted me. 

They spoke loudly out of her and cursed me. 

“We are here to bring cancer and many more sicknesses and diseases,” Master informed me, “We also work with Jezebel. You will not be able to get us out.”

I had Danielle’s husband (also pictured above) come up the front and assist me in praying over his wife. He did a great job! He helped me drive out many thousands of these wicked spirits out of his wife. As he was helping me; he too was being delivered from demons –the spirits of Ahab that often work so closely with Jezebel. 

After Danielle was delivered; she too was so happy! She was not only set free from demons and but from many other afflictions. She testified of feeling zero pain –she had been encountering strange pains for a long time. They vanished. Jesus provided a victory!

Many others encountered deliverance from evil spirits including a young Korean man that also had thousands of dissociative identities due to horrible sexual abuse (actually; systematic sexual torture) he endured as a young child from the hands of family members who were involved in Eastern Mysticism and other forms of witchcraft. Many of these parts were healed and guided to Jesus! Many thousands of demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name too. 

There were others in the audience that testified of experiencing swift deliverance by simply praying with us as we broke off generational curses and bondages. Many demons exited out of their victims. God was pleased to display His awesome might in our meeting and souls were set free! 

From Houston, I traveled onward to Los Angeles, then onward to Sydney, then eventually to the beautiful (and yet very hot and humid) city of Perth on the Western coast of Australia. I have been trying to rest some before our first meeting this evening at Concordia Lutheran Church. Please continue to pray for my health to be sustained. Pray that Jesus would be exalted above all else and souls healed by the power of God!


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