13 Year Old Assists in Driving Out Millions of Demons

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last night we held our monthly Church of the Cross service in Houston and God powerfully liberated a number of souls from millions of evil spirits. Families and individuals traveled great distances, from other cities, to be present, to receive ministry of deliverance and healing. For more than 6 hours we drove out millions of demonic spirits; in fact at one point during the service I asked a young 13 year old son (pictured with his family above), with the permission of his father, to assist me in ministering to his mother. This 13 year old young man, who already feels the call to be a pastor, READILY came up to the front to help me!


While so many adults are petrified of demons; I’m seeing God raise up an army of young people –many whom are not even teens yet– wanting to cast out demons in Jesus name! In fact, in this meeting not only did this 13 year old want to cast out demons but also Pastor Lucinda’s (Lucinda and Rey are our worship leaders) 15 year old daughter who is very excited about helping out in the ministry of deliverance and healing. She shared with me that she is actively evangelizing at school and teaching her friends the gospel. She has eyes of determination for Jesus!


Same with this 13 year old young man. He was determined to see his Mom set free from these demons that were tormenting her. In the midst of the service numerous spirits surfaced including spirits of rage, molestation, witchcraft, defiance, and sorcery. There were more than 400 spirits of witchcraft that were rooted in the ancestral bloodline –thousands of years back– in the family line.


Also present –spirits of sorcery! Millions of them; all of them rooted in the ancestral bloodline!


“We bring pain in her bones, stomach, we give her emotional, mental and physical suffering,” the spirits revealed, “We also hold her gifts, destiny, and dreams.”


Most of the spirits within this mother were of a generational nature and were very determined to stay within her! They yelled at me, several times, with their desire of wanting to KILL her! They hated me and they were angry.


I battled back in the name of Jesus. I invoked the presence of God’s holy angels and they swiftly arrived. They struck the invading demons with their spears and swords; causing great harm to the demonic forces. It was a POWERFUL demonstration of the superior power of Jesus over evil! It was wonderful to see Jesus set free a soul.


Not only did I ask of the assistance of the holy angels but I also called forth the holy fire of the Holy Spirit –I placed the fire of the Holy Spirit upon the the demons and they groaned and shrieked with incredible pain. I even had them holy my CROSS of DELIVERANCE and they screamed in agony!


“It BURNS!!!!” they screamed as they greatly weakened, as they embraced my sacred cross.


Then I had the young 13 year old son assist me in casting the demons out of his own mother! God used him powerfully and all of these millions of demons quickly came out and entered the pit in Jesus name! As she was being delivered; she shared with everyone she no longer felt any pain! She was finally pain FREE! Amazing Jesus! She was so happy!Look at the above picture again and see for herself how REAL this is.


My friends, there were so many other miracles of physical healing, deliverance and inner healing. One lady was set free from tens of thousands of ancestral parts. Another lady was freed from millions of demons! Staggering Jesus miracles!

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