Aspiring Pastor Freed from Jezebel in New Jersey

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Our last public mission in Newark, New Jersey (and in Chicago where this couple above encountered healing and deliverance thus restoring their marriage) was filled with the supernatural power of God as souls were liberated from the spirits of darkness. Many were set free and miraculously healed by Jesus! Including these precious disciples in the pictures above.


God has called Ron and he is in the midst of some theological training preparing for the gospel ministry. He’s been following our work for more than 2 years and decided to attend our service this past Sunday. What we discovered within was shocking.


Ron had more than 400 spirits of Jezebel within his soul. This wicked witch spoke to me:


“We are here because his ancestors, nearly 200 years ago, participated in sexual immorality,” Jezebel revealed to me, “We also hold his broken heart. We also bring thyroid problems, Lyme disease, bipolar, despair, heaviness, confusion, pancreatitis and torment.”


We also discovered these ancestral curses went even deeper. Jezebel confessed to something horrific.


“We are here with the spirits of witchcraft. For more than 300 years his family participated in Santeria and witchcraft,” Jezebel confessed, “His ancestors shed the blood of lambs to use in rituals.”


It goes even deeper. Not only did Ron have demonic spirits operating in his life, he also had a handful of young woman in him whom he dated that were attempting to seduce him –I spoke to these young ladies, all in their early 20’s who admitted to trying to seduce him to commit sexual immorality. Wicked. They even confessed to serving Jezebel.


The demons were cast out into the pit in Jesus name! The human interjects, these young ladies, were commanded out and sent to Jesus! THE HEART PARTS WERE HEALED (INCLUDING A LITTLE 4 YEAR OLD). Ron was AMAZED AT WHAT TRANSPIRED! HE WAS UTTERLY SHOCKED AND HAPPY! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL TO BEHOLD!


His email testimony really touched my heart. I just received it:


“Hey Jay,


It’s Ron, the young man from last night in Newark. Thanks again for kicking those demons out I feel amazing and empowered and free. About 4am I heard my brother crying out in pain and I went into his room and God told me it was demonic activity and I took him through the same process you did with us last night. He started vomiting like crazy and saw perversion and fear manifest in his face. I kicked those suckers out with the name of Jesus and anointing oil. I believe he is totally free, Praise God!”

My friends, another powerful testimony. This is incredible. This mission is infused with the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit. We are seeing so many miracles. Moreover, those being healed or healing others! This is NEW TESTAMENT DISCIPLESHIP!


If these emails do not spurn good people to support this work; not sure what will. Give today. We are on the verge of some major decisions about the operations of this global mission.

You might want to recall I was recently in Grand Rapids, Michigan, conducting a training seminar and being challenged by some demons of Jezebel. It was a very difficult night and environment to teach and minister in. I pressed in and continued on with Jesus and His work. Apparently, even in the midst of these challenges God supernaturally touched those in attendance. Allow me to share a testimony I just received from a lady who attended our Michigan meeting:


“Hello, Jay. I came to the Grand Rapids meeting.. I drove two hours one way for deliverance, healing, and teaching. I completely give myself to Jesus, as I do every minute. I felt something leave me and wish I could have spent more time in that moment because something left. I feel lighter, more joy and peace. I’m doing my own personal deliverance with Jesus everyday now.”

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