Epic & Extraordinary in Surrey, British Columbia

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Within minutes of walking into the jammed packed meeting hall, at the Pacific Inn Resort and Conference Centre, evil spirits surfaced and cried out loudly. The presence of God was strong within me and the many demonic spirits within those in the hall were surfacing with great fury. The exorcisms we conducted last night was off the spiritual charts. They were amazing to behold. The Lord Jesus Christ displayed His mighty power over His enemies in a very dramatic fashion. All night long we drove out untold numbers of demons and healed the afflicted.


In fact, the lady, who powerfully manifested demons, was a Persian (originally from Iran), who had been tormented by her demonic tormentors. This was minutes into the meeting; the demons surfaced and contorted and twisted her body. They cried out in agony.


I quickly discovered she had not even been born again so I had the high honor to lead her to salvation in Jesus Christ! What a start to this public deliverance mission in the city of Surrey located here in the province of British Columbia in Western Canada. It’s been some years since I last ministered in this city and wasn’t sure there would be interest in the meeting but a few disciples of the Lord encouraged me to revisit and I’m glad I did!


As I mentioned –the hall was jammed packed and hurting families and individuals came in from all over the West Coast to attend the service. After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister to those whom were afflicted by demon powers.


Demons surfaced quickly and cried out loudly; including the demons within a family (pictured with me above). I first ministered to the mother. She was set free from the powers of Jezebel and Mammon.


“We have been here for thousands of years in her family bloodline,” the spirits of Mammon revealed to me, “We cause sickness, twisting of the bones, confusion, and all kinds of pains.”


Turns out Mammon was there with Jezebel because her ancestors made unholy oaths and vows in an attempt to obtain riches and wealth. There were various forms of idolatry present too.


As I battled these many demons; they at first resisted me. I battled back and with great power in Jesus defeated these demons. I utilized the holy angels of God which by the way, were working all night long on my behalf. Some of the demons that surfaced from within this mother and her two daughters were very aggressive and violent. To give some idea:

  • For hours the demons threw unto the ground, violently, the two young ladies.
  • For hours the demons twisted the bodies of those young ladies in the most grotesque manner I have rarely seen.
  • For hours the demons were able to perform super human feats that STUNNED MANY IN THE MEETING HALL!
  • For hours the demons aggressively battled me with the hopes of staying within their young victims.

My friends, words do not do justice to describe what we witnessed last night in Surrey. The spiritual war, the conflict we witnessed was staggering on multiple levels. It was that intense. After the deliverance I was exhausted. Thank God for His holy angels that were sent to minister alongside me and assist me in restraining the violence of the demonic spirits.
At one point the demons even attempted to lunged at me with great fury but couldn’t attack me. Why?
“We can’t attack you,” the many spirits revealed to me, “Because you are a man of fire.”
HA! A man of fire! Yes, I have the fire of the Holy Spirit burning deep within me and it caused the demons to back off in their attacks upon me. With this same fire of the Holy Spirit I drove untold numbers of demons and commanded them into the pit in Jesus name! They left all of these ladies! These young ladies were so happy afterwards!
The miracles of healing and deliverance were spectacular to witness. More needs to be shared about what transpired. I’m needing to go downstairs and minister again in a few minutes so I must close this ministry report but please know Jesus is with me and He is working so powerfully in lives here in beautiful British Columbia.

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