Houston: Spirits of Lucifer & Masonry Crushed by King Jesus

Dear Friends of Jesus,


In the past few days we have witnessed the miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance here in the Houston area. Tonight, more miraculous wonders took place in the meeting hall that were awe-inspiring. Including the salvation of a Turkish man who came to the meeting with his believing wife. Witnessing the powerful exorcisms opened up his heart to the Lord Jesus and in the middle of the service, I had the honor to lead him to King Jesus!


I’m a firm believer in allowing the demonstration of the power of God to take place so that the Jesus encounters may touch non-believers; thus opening their hearts to the love of God. This was the case with this man from Istanbul. He was saved and immediately his troubled marriage was restored as him and his wife reconciled. It was beautiful to witness.


What touched his heart? A exorcism involving a mother (pictured above; named Laura) that had been afflicted by demon powers. She wasn’t even able to partake of the Holy Communion, earlier in the service, which deeply concerned me. The spirits within her hindered her from participating in the Holy Communion.


She was baffled. She mentioned how she was able to partake of the Holy Communion at a earlier church service but wasn’t able to now. Why was that? I believe the church service she attended earlier in the day didn’t believe in the miracle working power of Communion –WE DO! Thus the effect upon the demons. They weren’t threatened at that church because they didn’t believe. We do believe. The demons could smell the blood! Laura mentioned she was “revolted” by the cup of the Communion.


“Jay, I just knew it wasn’t juice. I was holding the blood of Christ; it revolted me,” Laura shared with everyone, “It was the strangest of experiences. I love the blood of Christ but something within me KNEW it was the blood of Christ thus my inability to drink of the cup.”


Fascinating. I wholeheartedly embrace the transformative power of Jesus to turn mere juice into His very own blood in the sacrament of Holy Communion. Upon consecration; the juice turned into the blood of Jesus and the demons reacted. We have witnessed many hundreds of such Holy Communion miracles; leading to deliverance and healing of multitudes.


Soon thereafter, they (the demons) surfaced. They shook her body. They twisted her limbs. They contorted her body. They spoke to me.


“We have been for thousands of years in her bloodline. No one has ever confronted us in all of these years!” the spirits informed me, “We bring destruction, pain, suffering, migraines, fear, depression, suicidal thoughts, back pain, neck pain, skin diseases and so much more.”


I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly arrived. They assisted me in warring against these vicious demons that held this woman. In fact, a few times, they picked this woman, who was being thrown to the ground, up from the ground so I could properly minister to her.


“We have been here a very long time. Her ancestors participated in child sacrifice; all kinds of blood rituals.” the demons of Mammon, Masonry, Jezebel, Witchcraft and Lucifer informed me, “Her family participated in witchcraft and sent curses to her.”


It was also discovered that the demons held in captivity numerous ancestral heart parts and many heart parts of Laura. I even spoke to a little 4 year old part. All of them were released and guided to Jesus for healing.


After some warfare on Laura’s behalf we were able to expel the many demonic spirits within this woman and she was set FREE! She was so happy afterwards. She even testified of feeling zero pain. Here was a woman racked with serious physical pain now encountering a pain free life for the first time in a very long time. Jesus is able!

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