In Chicago: One Thousand Year Curse of Mammon Broken in Jesus Name

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Last night I held another public meeting where I taught from the Holy Scriptures and ministered to those held captive by the enemy. After leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray for those who had assembled. It was encouraging to see so many who had either attended (or knew someone who had attended) our meetings throughout the nation –Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Grand Rapids. In fact, one disciple shared how he attended one of my public services when I ministered in a Methodist Church in 2008!

One lady we spent considerable amount of time ministering to was Theresa, pictured with me above; post deliverance! While I prayed for her, demons manifested and shook her body and spoke to me.

“We have been in her family a long time because her ancestors made unholy vows,” the spirits revealed, “We hold all of her heart and we will destroy her!”

We commanded the demons to release her broken heart. Almost immediately, a little 8 year old girl surfaced.

“Daddy never told me he loved me,” the little one sadly reported to us.

That will break one’s heart. Fathers: be sure to tell your children, everyday, that you love them, you care for them and reassure to them they are special. That will go a long way to keeping them spiritually safe and secure.

Sadly, Theresa didn’t feels secure and her heart parts we taken in captivity by the enemy. I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly assisted me in punishing the demons to the point of releasing the little heart parts. The parts were then guided to Jesus for healing.

Demons of death came into her due to her soul tie with her mother who has been suffering from demonic attacks and sicknesses for a very long time. There were spirits of Jezebel that boasted how much armor it wore. Very prideful in her declaration. We removed the armor and the holy angels struck the invading demons with their swords —greatly weakening the demons.

Behind, Jezebel? MAMMON! For more than 1,000 years he had been in the bloodline and boasted to me:

“You are first to ever confront me! I have been here for a very long time because of her ancestors sins,” Mammon revealed to me, “Before you came along nobody tried to cast me out!

This is incredible but it doesn’t surprise me. Demons have remained in the ancestral bloodlines because nobody ever, with little exceptions, intervenes with the ministry of deliverance. Here’s another example of MAMMON being behind Jezebel orchestrating the attacks upon this mother. By God’s grace, we intervened and rescued our sister in the Lord by driving out the demons from her! Jesus healed her and set her free!

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