Supernatural Nights in Chicago & Newark

Dear Friends of Jesus,

These last several nights in Chicago and Newark have been supernatural nights of ministry unto the Lord Jesus. More on these nights in a moment…..


Truth to be told; I didn’t want to be here in Newark, New Jersey. Why you might ask? Well, I’m not going to lie to you. I wanted to rest. I wanted to take a day off. After that very difficult night in Grand Rapids, I was drained. Those Jezebel spirits in that meeting alone took incredible energy to fight off. In fact, after the service, one of the ladies who was consistently challenging me, approached me and another disciple, and inquired if I would be interested in some food. I said NO! There was no way I would eat that demon food and get immediately demonized.


Then, of course, after 3 straight intense meetings in Chicago where we literally drove out millions of demons and ministered to tens of thousands of broken heart parts; I was truly exhausted –physically, mentally and spiritually. I wanted to take one day off. I even waited until the last minute to organize my travel onward to New Jersey…I was looking for a way out. I even purposefully slept in; hoping perhaps I would miss the opportunity to catch the flight onward to my next mission.


That’s the truth. You want me to lie and tell you something else? I was really wanting to be on some seaside…relaxing. Though there is nothing wrong with that; God had other plans. I woke up late and was energized by the Holy Spirit to travel. EVERYTHING WENT SMOOTHLY; TRAVEL WISE! So no excuses. God safely brought me to Newark and now I’m very thankful to be here. I FEEL AWESOME –FULL OF ENERGY. It’s nearly 4am and feel like it’s 12Noon! God has truly blessed me and given me a fabulous life in HIM!


Casting out demons, curing the sick, teaching the Kingdom of God, seeing lives supernaturally restored. Can life get any better? Can it? This IS the LIFE! JESUS LIFE in the 21st century!


These past several missions in Chicago and in Newark have been astounding in so many ways. Maricela, pictured above, came to our last Chicago service with her pastor Jorge. This precious pastor has a heart for the ministry of deliverance and healing to be expanded in the Chicago area. He came earlier for the training seminar and was equipped. He explained to me he would be taking what he learned at the seminar to his church so that his church could find freedom from demons too.


During our evening service, Maricela, one of the members of the church, manifested powerful spirits. Millions of them actually. We are speaking of 2,000+ years of generational curses as a result of horrific acts. The demons spoke to me boastfully.


“Her ancestors raped children; that’s how we accessed her family bloodline,” the spirits revealed to me, “Some of her family had sex with animals too.”


We discovered there was a tremendous amount of perversion and violence in her family that resulted in allowing so many evil spirits within her blood. My heart ached to hear the trauma this young woman experienced. The demons also revealed they had been bringing into her incredible amount of pain and afflictions.


“We bring back pain, torment, and sicknesses,” the spirits confessed, “We tell her she is worthless and she believes it; so we stay.”


Evil spirits are ruthless and cruel beings. We must crush them in Jesus name! I did not back down. I used the holy angels and my cross of deliverance. These weapons greatly weakened the demons and caused the demons to give up. They were forced to release tens of thousands of broken heart parts that were being held captive by these many demons. The parts were sent to Jesus for healing and restoration.


While battling the demons; a human interject surfaced and revealed she was in her because of her soul tie with Maricela. Turns out this human interject named Sheila, was a former schoolmate of hers years ago. This human interject was dominated by a Jezebel spirit.


“I’m inside of her and she doesn’t even know it,” the human interject named Sheila revealed to me, “She has no idea what I did to her. I cast a spell on her; a destruction spell.”


Shelia was removed along with the Jezebel spirits in Jesus name! The interject was removed and so was the many millions of demons with this young lady. She was so happy afterwards. She also shared she was PAIN FREE! She testified of feeling freedom and peace. God set her FREE!


My friends, day after day, this mission continues on. I have been carrying on this work, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, for a very long time. You can trust this mission in Jesus name. By God’s grace alone, I have fought he good fight. I really need your financial help. Please give in Jesus name today.


Also in Chicago a lady was miraculously healed of blindness. The woman pictured with me, along with her husband, named Irene encountered the powerful work of Jesus in her life. She sat on the front row with her husband desperate for deliverance. For years she delved into spiritualism and occultism. She participated in the dark arts of Satan. God was faithful and rescued her.


Powerful spirits of fear first surfaced who held a little heart part –only two years of age– this part was hurting, filled with great pain. I sent this little one to Jesus. Then demons of Baal surfaced.


“We are here because her ancestors performed dedication rituals on the behalf of future generations,” the spirits revealed, “We are here and we are not leaving. We hold her eyes requiring her to wear glasses.”


Baal was confronted and greatly weakened. Along with Baal was a number of spirits named Jezebel, Mammon and many spirits of Lucifer. This woman was loaded with demonic spirits. Her heart shattered and seemed so hopeless but Jesus prevailed.


We drove out the demons and sent them to the pit. They cried out loudly and departed. Her heart was healed a nd when Irene opened her eyes –she testified that she could SEE clearly without her glasses (I had taken her glasses off prior to the deliverance). She left the meeting hall without needing them anymore. Jesus healed her!


We are seeing so many people miraculously healed of varying degrees of blindness –it’s stunning actually. Jesus to be praised!


There’s much more to report, however, from Chicago I trekked over to Newark, New Jersey, to conduct more ministry. In our meeting earlier tonight, more souls were rescued from demonic torment including a man whose father was involved in Satanism in Haiti! He was set free from many demons including spirit wives, marine spirits, voodoo spirits and spirits of blood sacrifices. Several spent all night long vomiting out demons including one man originally from Nigeria who has a long ancestral history of sorcery. He encountered incredible deliverance.


Some of the spirits confessed to me: “We were sent to him; to destroy him! To keep him from the service of God!”


My friends, we have enemies, we must press onward in Jesus name. Know we win with Jesus!


One lady who was set free was a young woman, also called by God, who had a spirit named, “Blood.”


“I entered her at 5 years of age because she witnessed her mother cutting herself in a suicide attempt,” the spirits revealed to me, “Her shedding blood gave me the right to enter the family bloodline.”


Not only was there a demon named Blood but there was also a little heart part –who was only 5 years of age. She was healed by Jesus. In fact, as I guided the little one to Jesus –she could SEE JESUS! Amazing. Moreover, the demon named Blood her also held her spiritual gifts, dreams and destinies was also commanded into the pit in Jesus name! It flew out of her and she was released by Jesus the Lord! She was also very happy.

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