Victoria, Vancouver Island: 3 Year Old Freed from Boogeyman

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m feeling pretty good. Last night there was a sweet feeling to our seminar. Though we were small in number the meeting hall was filled with the presence of God. I would much rather minister in this kind of environment as opposed to a large church auditorium that is void of the power of God. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve Jesus and others in this mission. God brought souls to encounter His freedom! One lady who experienced the sweet freedom of Jesus was Amanda. More on her miraculous story in a moment.


I’m typing this email update while peering out my window —to the right of me the beautiful Parliament of Victoria and to the left the inner harbor. Here, is a picture of the inner harbor, the view I had last night.

I had traveled to Victoria by ship yesterday afternoon from Vancouver and it was refreshing to travel the sea alongside the numerous forested islands, the rocky coastlines, and the marine wildlife. I left the ship with a determination to see souls free in Jesus name!


When I arrived into the capital city of Victoria one can definitely sense a blanket of oppression hovering over the capital. In the seminar later in the evening I taught from the Holy Scriptures and proceeded to minister to those who had gathered. The first lady we ministered to was Amanda, a 30-something- lady who traveled to Victoria seeking training and deliverance.


Amanda shared with everyone that when she was only 3 years of age a cruel man named Joe placed her in a trunk of a car that deeply traumatized her. I can’t imagine enduring this.


As she shared, she was having a hard breathing and immediately a little three year old dissociative identity surfaced –the one that still held the memory of being trapped in a trunk of a car.


“I’m scared,” the little one whispered to me, “I’m in the trunk. A bad man named Joe put me here. I saw the boogeyman in the trunk.”


What was this little dissociative identity referring to? No doubt because her heart experienced tremendous fear; it fractured and allowed spirits of fear to invade –including this monster that appeared as a boogeyman.


I spoke to boogeyman. It was a demon that was determined to torment Amanda. It had every right to because of the trauma that she experienced at the age of three.


I was able to gently guided the little one to Jesus and immediately Jesus appeared and healed the girl from all fear and trauma (the trouble to breathe immediately disappeared). Then suddenly another demon surfaced named DEATH!


“There’s 35 of us. We came through her mother and father bloodline because they murdered,” the spirits revealed to me, “We hold many ancestral heart parts and cause mind control, affect her blood, and hold her spiritual gifts of healing and joy!”


I commanded the demons of Death to release the heart parts and immediately a number of them surfaced and spoke to me. Some were rooted in the 19th Century. Some were generational; some were parts of her own heart.

  • One little ancestral dissociative identity surfaced that was born in 1887. She was only 7 years of age. The little one spoke to me with great amount of sadness. “Big dog killed me. I opened the gate and dog killed me.” This little one was sent to Jesus.
  • Another ancestral part surfaced that was born in 1941. “I am hiding in my bed from bad guys. They gassed the room and I went to sleep.” This one was led to the Healer!
  • A teenage boy part (17 years of age) named “Defender,” surfaced and shared he liked playing soldier. He was born in 1932 and was murdered. I guided Defender to Jesus for supernatural healing.
  • A young teenager was present that was extremely lonely. Even loneliness can bring about soul fragmentation. I guided this one to Jesus too.

I then proceeded to drive out the spirits of death, fear and torment from this woman and she was dramatically set free by Jesus. She couldn’t recall all of the things that transpired during the exorcism however she could FEEL different. “Jay, I’m FREE!”

That says it all doesn’t it? She’s FREE! Free to love, to serve, to worship Jesus. After her deliverance from demons I led the small group in partaking of the Holy Communion and I was personally refreshed by drinking the blood of Jesus. It felt so good!

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