Chronicling the Battles in British Columbia Part II

Dear Friends of Jesus,

 It was refreshing to conduct our latest mission in British Columbia. In each city, we witnessed the power of God. We also equipped many saints for the ministry of healing and deliverance. One such saint is Connor, pictured with me above. He was assisting me in driving out many demons and has been used of God on the streets to heal the sick, cast out demons and win people to Jesus. I will be ordaining him into the gospel ministry in my next trip to Canada and will be marrying him and his soon to be wife too! Exciting times ahead….

 As promised in previous email updates I am going to share some of the bizarre and eerie demonic super feats that were displayed before our public meetings in Vancouver and in Surrey this past weekend. For nearly three decades I have battled demons and have witnessed, perhaps, more evil supernaturalism then 99.9% of the earth’s population (I have also witnessed the amazing grace, power and love of Jesus which trumps the demonic acts).

 I have actually seen with my own very eyes levitation, materialization, dematerialization, metamorphosis, translocation, among many other strange and curious supernatural acts. In the power of the Lord Jesus Christ I have seen the dead raised back to life on three different occasions. I have seen quite a few incredible spiritual acts that shock and awe.

 In our a recent meeting in the United States, we conducted a public exorcism on a middle-aged woman, perhaps, in her 50’s, that manifested very strong powers of Santeria. They literally started slicing at her body while EVERYONE could SEE. The scratches appeared on both arms and started to seep some blood. I placed some holy oil upon the marks and gradually the demonic marks disappeared. I have witnessed in numerous meetings the satanic stigmata. Strangely demonic and fierce.

I witnessed some of these unique manifestations this past weekend in Vancouver, British Columbia. Allow me to explain.

 In our first service two young teenagers, 14 & 16 years of age respectively, arrived with their mother with the hopes of obtaining freedom. They both received significant deliverance and healing (more needs to take place but nevertheless powerful freedom took place). It was a intense war however.

 For HOURS on both nights, the demons surfaced aggressively and placed these young ladies in very strange contortions.

Granted, I would have loved to film the exorcisms but since these were very young ladies I didn’t think it would have been prudent. Their parents were very involved in their deliverance and their input played a significant role in much of their freedom from many evil spirits.

 See the picture on the far left? Angela, the 16 year old, was in this kind of twisted position over a period of hours. In fact, her head touched the ground, a number of times. The hands were clawed like and at times made satanic symbols. Moreover, the quickness of these spirits were off the charts. During one late night exorcism, the demons crawled around like a serpent and were headed to the exit. I just had enough time to swiftly declare: the BLOOD of Jesus on the door. It caused Angela’s body to literally bounce off and land on the ground in a defeated position.

 My friends, the demons placed Angela, at times, in the very strange and grotesque spider-walk position (as seen above; center picture) so many times I lost count. The twisting of the limbs (as seen to the very far right) was common-place during these exorcisms. The numerous spirits that surfaced and spoke to me were aggressive and revealed much.


  • Many of the demons gained entry because of their participation in yoga and ballet (nothing wrong with ballet per se just that their instructors were witches).
  • Many of the evil spirits accessed the young girls by the unholy laying upon of hands; including the yoga and ballet instructors.
  • There were spirits of Jezebel, self harm, death, torment, yoga, Kundalini, witchcraft, Mammon, heaviness, and idol-worship. Many of them were generational as a result of ancestors that participated in blood sacrifices of all sorts.
  • Most of the unclean spirits were rooted, generationally, from thousands of years ago in the bloodline.
  • Many of the demonic spirits invaded because of the young ladies participating in a theatre presentation that involved playing a witch. Moreover, some of the ladies, delved into the devious video game called Warcraft and other occult themed games that allowed so many demons the ability to invade.
  • I spoke to several human interjects within these teenagers. They were the ballet instructors. I commanded them to depart. They did.
  • Countless ancestral parts were released from these girls and their mother.
  • Numerous broken heart parts surfaced and spoke to me. So very sad. They were guided to the Healer, Jesus.

My friends, these young girls were terribly demonized. For a demon(s) to have this kind of control and ability to contort and twist the body in the most unusual positions I have rarely seen leads me to believe these demons had deep significant control of their bodies and souls. Even their father, who was a former special forces military operator in South America, cried like a little baby, witnessing his precious daughters acting out in the most violent, perverse, and sexual positions known to man.

One of the powerful spirits that surfaced was the demons of witchcraft. When they surfaced they prowled around me, circled around me, waiting for the opportunity to jump on and pounce on me. They were furious with me. They were even, at one point, conjuring up their powers. I called upon the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and our great God answered in awesome power to defeat these demons.

“We can see you are man of fire. We are unable to attack you. You have fire surrounding you,” the demons explained to me in utter dismay, “We see you have Him inside of you!”

HA! Yes, I have the fire of the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus within me. Moreover, I am in Him in the heavenly realms. I have VICTORY! I used this position to drive out all of these disgusting demons in Jesus name.

Moreover, many of our ministry team is undergoing very strange and unique satanic attacks. I’m not a liberty to share the details but the attacks are very similar in nature. Furthermore, my wife, while I was in conducting international gospel work, received from our Southern Californian offices a letter from a demon possessed man who is threatening me. My wife wouldn’t even allow me to see the letter –she destroyed it.


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