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11 Year Old Freed from Jezebel in Dallas, Opposition in Michigan

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where I earlier concluded a public mission here in the city. I was very disappointed with the response to the call of deliverance. There were quite a few that needed deliverance and healing, yet, many held onto their demons for one reason or another. There are times when we have meeting like this. It seemed there was opposition from the very beginning — incredible unbelief, doubt and lack of faith. In fact, several wanted to argue with me about the demonic activity operating in their life.

Despite the resistance. God still prevailed. One family that arrived, after driving for several hours to our meeting, was a mother and her two young daughters, ages 13 and 11. All of them looked terribly afflicted. At one point I had the honor to pray over the 13 year old and her eyes. Before I prayed over her I inquired about her interest in being healed so she wouldn’t have to wear her glasses anymore. She said she would be very happy if she was healed.

I asked Jesus to heal eyes and rebuked the blindness and death from her in Jesus name. Within seconds of praying over her eyes; she mentioned she could see clearly (without her glasses being on) with no problems. God had supernaturally healed her! Some demonic spirits were removed from her and a few others in the meeting hall. It was extremely difficult to minister in this spiritually darkened environment; with so much unbelief and doubt. It was horrible, in fact. I looked forward to concluding the service as so few wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to encounter the healing power of Jesus!

So, now I’m off to the great city of Chicago for a meeting tonight. However, before concluding this email update –I need to share a victory report from our Wednesday evening service in the Dallas area. I was pleasantly surprise to see that our meeting hall was nearly jammed packed with hungry souls desperate for deliverance. Unlike some of the previous Dallas services there was great participation in our meetings from those attending. Because so many operated in faith and authority, God worked extraordinary miracles in our midst:

  • One lady we ministered to was liberated from hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits named Death and Moloch.
  • Another lady, was set free from millions of evil spirits of witchcraft and sorcery.
  • A human interject was removed and sent to Jesus the Healer.
  • Numerous dissociative identities were reached and guided to Jesus for healing.
  • Ancient spirits of witchcraft and sorcery from thousands of years ago, within a bloodline, were discovered bringing a host of sicknesses and afflictions.

The young lady, pictured with me above (with her Dad) whom I’ll refer to as Ashley was the first one I ministered to. The entire night I could feel and see this 11 year old was under tremendous attack. It was obvious in some ways –as she shook, convulsed. At one point during the service I brought her to the front and immediately spirits of fear surfaced. They were angry with me and battled me.
“We are not leaving her. We killed her mother (note: her mother died of cancer a few years earlier). We will also kill her. We bring cancer, fear, torment and so many other things into her,” the invading demons revealed to me, “We also hold her broken heart!”
The heart parts were released and guided to Jesus. It was beautiful to see as the heart parts experience God. They shared with me they could see Him and encountered His great love! As you can imagine there was deep pain within this young girl; with losing her mother at such a early age.
My friends these demons were ruthless –they killed Ashley’s Mom with cancer now they wanted to do the same with her daughter. It was a generational curse that needed to be broken and it was in Jesus name!
Demons kill! Do not be naive and deceived. Deliverance is NEEDED to SAVE LIVES! The devil wants you to believe a lie –that he couldn’t possible kill! YES HE CAN! He is a murderer! We must stand in Jesus and resist him and cast him out!
Not only spirits of fear and death spirits surfaced so did Jezebel. She resisted me at first so I called for the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived and battled the spirits of Jezebel. The holy angels struck the demons with incredible force; greatly weakening them.
Moreover, within my hand I held on to the CROSS OF DELIVERANCE that the demons absolutely hated. They glared at it and wouldn’t remove their eyes from it. They were petrified of it; they felt it’s holy power. Furthermore, the holy cup of Communion. Same thing. They watched me as I brought forth the holy cup of Communion.
“Do not dare bring that cup near me. What’s in it is disgusting!”
What’s in it? It’s simply juice, right?
“No! It’s not juice, it’s blood!”
AH! The miracle of transubstantiation; upon my prayer of consecration over the cup of Holy Communion. We have seen many hundreds of these kinds of miracles. Jesus can turn water into wine and in Holy Communion Jesus turns juice into His prevailing blood for our benefit to destroy the powers of evil.
The CROSS, the BLOOD of Jesus utterly destroyed these demons and they were forced to reveal that one who was above them. It was interesting, they did not want to reveal this one, at all. It was the demon named Mammon (1 Timothy 6:10 reveals that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil). I first encountered the demon named Mammon many years ago but now coming across this deeper spirit more then ever before. There’s much to be said about this demon however we know this spirit is often working in conjunction with Jezebel.
Mammon was within this 11 year-old girl and had been orchestrating the attacks. He was above Jezebel and all of the other demons within her. He was a strongman. He was crushed by God almighty on this night as Ashley’s father joined me up front and we commanded all of the invading demons to leave in Jesus name! They came out and Ashley was set FREE by JESUS! She just smiled and smiled. No more fear and no more death!
Others were set free in Dallas including a American woman who had ancient spirits rooted in Nigeria. She had one group of witchcraft spirits that numbered in the millions that gained access through blood sacrifices that her ancestors participated in. She was powerfully delivered. Yet another woman was set free from death demons —hundreds of thousands of them– as they held claim to her bloodline due to ancestral curses. All of these demons were commanded into the pit in Jesus name!

No More Pain, My Heart is Healed

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


The testimonies I’m receiving from our last North American mission (even from prior missions) have been stunning! Many dozens were physically healed, delivered from evil spirits, and restored. I would like to share some of the testimonies with you; so you might be encouraged and refreshed.


Miraculously Healed of Pain & Dissociation at Seminar in Austin


“All the Glory to God! The Holy Trinity is REAL! Thank this ministry for all that you do and for your obedience! This is a testimony…I was at the Austin, TX service and got deliverence! I have no more pain, my heart is healed, peace, joy, love and everything from above! There is power in the name of Jesus!!! I am so happy that I attended because I was tired and ready to be free! Thank you! I love youl! Peace and Blessings!”

German Disciple Revived at Seminar in the UK

“Please continue with what you are doing. I hope and pray that next time you are in Europe, I will be able to make it and visit again. My Christian walk was greatly revived by your teachings on Deliverance for this is something I had never encountered before in any church. There are so many Christians I have met with (not even considering non-believers) who are not aware what deliverance is all about, let alone spiritual warfare, so many, that it is really worrying. That??s why we need people like you. I visited your seminar in London, UK in October 2012 and returned back to Germany with a better understanding of what spiritual warfare is actually all about. I had been dealing with issues I could not understand and was living a very frustrated and defeated Christian life almost despairing at the futility of trying to live a Christian life. I was mightily touched at this conference and between then and now, I have grown immensely in my relationship with Jesus and I am amazed at what God has done in my life since then. I am not yet where I want to be, but thank God I am not where I used to be!!! I thank you very very much for what you are doing for the Body of Christ and I highly appreciate the sacrifice you are putting into this work.”

Saints Strengthened in Pittsburgh

“God bless you! This is Candie from Pittsburgh, PA –  you did deliverance on my sister Shelly and my son Tony when you were here in Pittsburgh and I just want to say how 


of you that I am! You are a strong man of God who loves the Lord with all of your heart and 

you took our faith to an entirely new level as we watched Jesus use you to send those demons to flight! As I said when you were here that I have been following you for a few years now, praying that God would send you to Pittsburgh and I was 

very excited when I saw that Pittsburgh was on your schedule. We 

HAD to come, I can’t stop talking about you and Pastor Kat and Adam, you all work so smoothly synchronized as one body and I loved it!”

Holy Spirit Encounters in America

“I wanted to tell you two things that I saw in the supernatural last night that just blew me away. The first event occurred when you began and spoke about we have to fight against the enemy. When you said that I say two warrior angles on each side of you take out their swords and raise them above their heads as though they were preparing to battle! The second thing I saw last night, and it was seen my pastor as well, was The Holy Spirit came down like a mist upon the entire room. We could actually see The Holy Spirit cover the entire room! The anointing was only there inside the room with us. As soon as you left the room it was gone.”

Threatened with Crucifixion, Witches Visit Me, Jesus Wins

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


In recent days I have received a few death threats including one from overseas whereby a demon possessed individual threatened me with death by crucifixion. Horrible. But, as the picture above so effectively displays I am hiding in the shadow of the CROSS of JESUS — where there is victory over the powers of hell.


Just days after the death threat I was speaking at our first evening seminar in Dallas when suddenly two young ladies in the back of the meeting hall began to laugh, mock and disrupting the service. Both claimed to be Christians however they were very disruptive. Others picked up on it and were wondering why they came to the meeting. I wondered the same thing.


During the service, one of the ladies suddenly leaves and waits outside the door until the meeting ends. Odd. After the service the ladies challenge me on some spiritual warfare issues. I turn to the Scriptures and they are dumbfounded and do not respond. They leave.


Unknown to me these two ladies sought out two different men in the building and inquired if they could pray over them. These two men consented to the laying upon of hands. The next night, both men shared their encounters with these ladies and reported how they felt they slid into more bondage as a result of their laying upon of hands. Moreover, the wife of one of the men, revealed that she was visited by these two ladies in a nightmare she had that night. She reported it was around 4am when the nightmare transpired.


Fast forward to the last service in Dallas. The lady, whom I’ll refer to as Linda, who was visited by the two “Christians,” manifested powerful demons –Jezebel, Death, Mammon, Witchcraft and Moloch. Witchcraft and Jezebel revealed much.


“HA! Some of us are in those ladies that came to your meeting the other night!,” the spirits confessed to me, “They have been deceived and they are  working in conjunction with us.”

Many of us discerned this already but this confirmed for us that these two ladies were masquerading as “Christians,” but were being filled with the powers of witchcraft. This is why the Body of Christ must be very careful in whom they allow to lay hands upon them for prayer. Me, personally, I do not allow anyone to lay hands upon me. Only a few trusted friends and my wife. You must be cautious too. There is an invasion of witches within the church we must watch for —many with the spirits of Jezebel.


Linda manifested strong and aggressive demons. They spoke to me and early on threatened me. In fact, the demon of death, growled and contorted her face and limbs grotesquely.


“I will KILL you!” the demon warned me, “and we will kill her.”


As they warned me they began to chock her in an attempt to kill her. We battled back in the name of Jesus. Her husband joined me in this intense confrontation and we spoke life to his wife.


“We hold many babies as her ancestors killed many of them in rituals,” spirits of Moloch boasted, “We go back many generations as her ancestors practiced witchcraft and desired death.”


I commanded the demons to release the babies (many ancestral baby heart parts); they obeyed. As we battled the demons; they fiercely battled back. They twisted her limbs in strange positions and growled at me. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived to assist me.


I asked them to strike the demons. They did. The demons groaned and were in great pain as the holy angels thrusted their swords into their spiritual bodies. At one point more powerful spirits surfaced and challenged me.


“We have too many powers, our powers are GREAT, you have never dealt with these kinds of powers before,” the spirits warned me.


Since they wanted to challenge the power of God, I brought out my CROSS of DELIVERANCE! They quickly changed their mind. They didn’t really want to fight anymore. HA!


I commanded the demons to embrace the CROSS. They had tremendous difficulty doing so. I asked the holy angels to raise their hands and grasp the cross and as the demons did they were utterly defeated and cried out in defeat!


“Your power is greater. Jesus is indeed Lord,” they now confessed!


WOW! What a demonstration of the power of God in action for all to see! Jesus prevailed and loosed Linda after decades of satanic bondage. Many heart parts were guided to Jesus and after the demons were commanded into the pit –Linda resurfaced. She testified of being pain free!


Her husband shared with the audience that for “decades” his wife had suffered from various kinds of pains. Doctors were baffled. Jesus had healed her! Amazing Jesus!


After Linda’s powerful exorcism we continued on with the ministry. A lady in the back of the hall manifested strong and violent demons. They punched her with her fists, they flung two chairs, they hit the wall and were very vocal in their disgust with me.


I battled back however it was an violent battle. The first group of demons that surfaced were named “Incest,” who had enslaved this woman for years. They held her in captivity and the broken heart parts. The heart parts were loosed and after a long struggle the spirits of incest pronounced their doom and were sent to the pit! There’s much more to deal with however Jesus provided this woman with freedom from sexual perversion!

Millions of Demons Cast Into the Pit

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s been a blessed series of seminars and meetings here in the Dallas area. It’s been many years since I held a public service in this area and it was good to be back to set the captives free in Jesus name. However, our offerings were stunningly dismal. In one service, jammed packed service, the mission barely received $100. I was shocked. 

Anyway, our last few services were spiritually incredible. Miracles, signs and wonders. Jesus blessed us with His presence and souls were set free from strong demonic powers including this 14 year old young man, pictured above with his father. It was a jammed packed service and I was leading everyone in prayer when suddenly this teenager manifested powerful evil spirit hell bent on battling me. 

I’ll refer to him as Ryan. He was sitting in the back of the meeting hall and as soon as I prayed for him; aggressive demons surfaced including some demons named BLOOD!

“We entered his grandfather. He was involved in the KKK (a white supremacist sect). They offered their own blood to me,” the demons named Blood revealed to me.

How did they do this? I demanded to know.

“Well, they cut their sexual organs thus shedding their blood,” the demons confessed, “Then they threw the knives, they used to mutilate their own bodies, into the bonfire they had started, thus their blood was given as a offering.”

Horrific. The father (pictured above with his son) knew of some of this but didn’t know all that transpired that night when members of the KKK gathered around a fire in the middle of a forest. The truth came out –his father was involved in horrific self-mutilation blood rituals that conjured up demons. These demons entered the family bloodline. 

The spirits of blood were not alone. There were many others. In fact, there were millions of various kinds of demons within his body that brought torment, asthma, fear, anger and hate. Some of the demons we battled with were named Satan. 

When I confronted the spirits of Satan my spiritual weapons were having difficulty getting through to him –to weaken him. Why? Well, these demonic spirits had armor on. Turns out they were wearing some kind of costume on that warded off some of the weapons I utilized. I tore off the armor and the demons went crazy!

“Why did you do this? We do not like you! We are not leaving him! We are staying! There’s millions of us,” the spirits of Satan revealed, “We have been in the bloodline for thousands of years because his ancestors participated in blood sacrifices. We really like his grandmother as she has in her home idols!”

Idols? Yes, idols. Turns out this young man’s grandmother possessed in her home more than 10 Buddhist idols as confirmed by the rest of the family that was present in the hall. Idols will be a point of contact for demons, obviously. We need to be aware and flee all forms of idolatry. 

As the demons of Satan battled me, they terribly convulsed his body. The demons glare was very strange as they glared at me with hatred, perversion and bloodlust. I called forth the mighty holy angels and they struck the demons thereby greatly  weakening the invading demons. The demons were awe-struck of the power of Jesus! HA!

I also utilized the fire of the Holy Spirit and holy water causing the demons to cry out in agony and defeat. The demons bowed to King Jesus and were commanded into the pit —millions of them in Jesus holy name

This young man was set free and healed and was very happy to encounter the risen Jesus. In fact, while ministering to him, he was visited by Jesus in a personal way. In many of our meetings Jesus is visiting those whom are being delivered from evil spirits. It’s been astonishing to say the least. 

Then there was last night….

Spiritual fireworks!!! More on that in my next update. Suffice to say, Jesus proved Himself as LORD! Very violent exorcisms; especially the last one where chairs were being thrown around by a severely demonized woman. I was threatened to be killed. Jesus provided victory and demons were sent to the pit! 

Religious Crowd Witnesses Miraculous Healing in Dallas

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was difficult to minister last night as I was in the midst of a religious group of people. That always makes it difficult to minister to those needing deliverance and healing. No wonder I haven’t held a public meeting in the Dallas area for 5 years! For you must understand this large city is filled with churches and seminaries –a religious city that lacks the power of God. The religionists are steeped in theology but rarely experience the power of God. That was obvious last night. 

Truth to be told –I try to avoid religious areas. I abhor religious pride and false spirituality and Dallas is filled with it. That is why we spent such considerable time in other regions of the country. However, Jesus spoke to my heart about revisiting Dallas. So, I’m here and have scheduled 4 meetings with the hopes of reaching hurting people with the gospel. 

Last night, during the training seminar, I noticed a good portion of the group struggled with unbelief and didn’t participate at all in the training. I wondered to myself –why are they here? I even asked one religious lady, who clearly had problems with my teaching, that very question. “Well, I was invited.” 

Did she not ask what kind of meeting she was being invited to? Of course. But still came loaded with her unbelief and doubts. Oh, well. I still taught from the Scriptures and prayed for the afflicted —demonstrating the power of God over evil.

The first lady I ministered to was Susan (pictured with her family above). Susan looked terribly tormented during the entire meeting. I approached and started to pray over her and immediately some demons surfaced. The first one up? Jezebel!

“I have been here a very long time and I’m not leaving,” the spirit of Jezebel boasted to me, “The blood sacrifices that her ancestors participated allowed me access into the family. Some of her ancestors even burned humans which allowed us access too.”

Horrific. There were many other demonic spirits within this precious mother. There were spirits of Mammon, Baal, and Death too. Some of the demons boasted how they appeared to her when she was a little girl as a “imaginary friend.” One dissociative identity I spoke to, that was 13 years old, revealed how she had been visited by these imaginary friends. She didn’t know they were in reality demons! Her communication with this “imaginary friend,” allowed evil spirits to invade her body and mind. 

I commanded the demons to release the heart parts (there were others including a 7 year old). They obeyed. However, there were times the evil spirits resisted me. I turned to the holy angels to assist me. They swiftly arrived and battled on my behalf. At one point while the holy angels were striking the demons with their swords and spears; the demons cried out: “Stop it, stop it, stop it…IT HURTS!!!!”

The angelic intervention along with the commands of Jesus were wearing down the invading spirits. I even had the demons smell and taste the Holy Communion cup. They were disgusted and cried out: “Get that away from me, it smells horrible. I hate the blood of Jesus!” 

Ah! They understood the cup of Communion was actually the blood of Christ! The blood of Jesus defeats demon powers! 

There was also a human interject, present within her, from a prior relationship back in 1970. This human interject was removed. Moreover, demons of Masonry were present as a result of her ancestors participation in the Illuminati. For awhile I commanded the demons of Freemasonry to remove the various devices and ceremonial garb from her body. They obeyed. They were disgusted with the commands but obeyed. 

I then finally commanded the demons to release her eyes. Susan came in wearing glasses but was determined to see her leave without them in Jesus name! The demons released her eyes. As Susan came back to FULL consciousness (I had taken off her glasses at this point) she began to cry. 


Another miraculous healing of the eyes! We have seen so many miracles of healing! This never gets old. NEVER! 

Obviously, the many demons within Susan were commanded to the pit in Jesus name. They departed and she was HEALED! She was so happy. Jesus set this woman free. 

Her powerful deliverance spoke to so many last night including to many of the religionists. One remarked: “There’s no denying what just took place before our eyes!”

However, there were some still being stubborn and said it was not possible. Sad, how some Christians are determined to adhere to the traditions of men rather then embracing the power of God. Nothing has changed in 2,000 years of church history. 

I will continue to preach and minister the miraculous despite the religionists. Thank you for standing with me in your love and support.

Holy Spirit Working Powerfully

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


LATER THIS EVENING I’LL BE CONDUCTING ANOTHER SEMINAR; EXPECTING GREATER WORKS OF JESUS IN OUR MIDST! This past month or so I have been trekking across North America, visiting dozens of cities, witnessing the power of God. Make sure you read our latest victory report by clicking above. However there’s new reports and testimonies coming into our global mission daily. Allow me to share more:

TACOMA MISSION: A grandmother named Rhonda (pictured with me above; post deliverance) had traveled to my seminar with her daughter and granddaughter with the hopes of seeing them both free. Instead of working with them –the Holy Spirit directed me to the GRANDMOTHER! For a good portion of the seminar I battled thousands of demons within this lady. I encountered Moloch, Jezebel, Death, Mammon, and many tormenting spirits. Many of these spirits entered the ancestral bloodline more then 2,000+ years ago! Rhonda, was set free from these evil spirits. Moreover, she was healed of some dissociative identities (including some ancestral heart parts). After her deliverance, this grandmother could SEE without the aid of her glasses THAT SHE WORE TO THE MEETING.

ATLANTA MISSION: Michelle and her husband (pictured with me; post deliverance) were desperate for spiritual assistance. They traveled hours to be present and God did not disappoint. She was liberated from powerful Nigerian witchcraft spells that were placed upon her by some witchdoctors that sought to destroy her. In fact, some of these witchdoctors had invaded her soul –I SPOKE TO THEM! They were determined to destroy her through sorcery. I removed these human interjects (foreign living soul parts) and the many demons attached to them. Multitude of demons were commanded out of her body in Jesus name! (Read her testimony below for further encouragement).

HOUSTON MISSION: Speaking of human interjects, in our most recent Atlanta services, we encountered some. Moreover, our latest service, in Houston, was marked by the appearances of these human interjects (by the way, we are scheduling a series of Houston services this month that we strongly suggest you make plans on attending). This precious sister (pictured with me above; post deliverance) not only had many demonic spirits within her body but she was also invaded by a boyfriend –a human interject. I spoke to him and guided this part to Jesus. This disciple is about to obtain a doctorate degree in education and recently wrote me revealing her plans on attending our upcoming Dallas services this week for even more deliverance and healing! Amen!


These Jesus missions place me in awe. I have so many stories to share and so little time to reveal all of what God has done in our midst. Suffice to say, He is working powerfully in our midst and would welcome you to our Dallas services this week.


Speaking of stories. Allow me to share a beautiful testimony I received from Michelle (from Atlanta; pictured above with me) earlier today:


“Dear pastor Jay –I would love to thank you for the deliverance that you brought to me and my husband Charles this past weekend in Atlanta we are still running strong in the Lord. I look forward and am excited for our next meeting, I will continue to follow your ministry and I pray your strength as well for you, your family. God’s continued blessings. Keep doing what you’re doing my brother in ChristJesus! P.S. when I get my wealth & riches your ministry will be the first one I support!”

Miraculous Wonders in Albuquerque, Charlotte, Atlanta & Tacoma

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


These past few weeks have been astounding! I have been traveling non-stop witnessing powerful miracles, signs and wonders (which explains why I have been late in reporting our recent missions). I am extremely blessed to be a part of this extraordinary global mission — to taste of the powers of the age to come on a consistent basis. Most churches rarely see miracles and yet we see them daily. I’ll give you some examples from this most recent North American mission:

ALBUQUERQUE MISSION: A man (pictured with me above; post deliverance) who had traveled for more than 40,000 miles, across the nation, in th e past year seeking an exorcism, attended our New Mexico mission. He experienced a powerful deliverance as many serpentine spirits, that contorted his face and dramatically drew out his tongue in a grotesque manner, were commanded into the pit. Others encountered deliverance from demonic spirits. 

CHARLOTTE MISSION: A group of young ladies (pictured with me above; post deliverance) attended our training seminar with the hopes of getting some freedom from demons that tormented them. Not only were they set free from evil spirits but one of the sisters encountered salvation in  Lord Jesus Christ. Two of the young ladies were not only demonized but had also been invaded by some human interjects –their boyfriends! One had access because of some witchcraft they had participated in and utilized to gain entry. into their girlfriend’s soul. I spoke to them and explained they couldn’t be there. I guided them to Jesus and expelled the demons. 

ATLANTA MISSION: Each meeting was jammed packed. Great participation. Dozens encountered the deliverance power of Jesus. One of the first individuals I ministered to was a Russian believer, whom I’ll refer to as Natasha (pictured with me above; post healing). While praying over her –evil spirits surfaced named Baal and Jezebel. They confessed to having brought fatigue, high blood pressure, panic attacks, shame, and headaches. In fact, some of the demonic spirits revealed they had placed chains around her neck in an attempt to kill her. Moreover, they boasted how they had placed spiritual pins and needles into her body to torment her. Not only was Natasha demonized she also possessed an 18 year old ancestral dissociative identity that had been raped who was born in 1144. His name was Dema. This broken heart part was guided to Jesus for healing and the demons were cast out. Despite what the enemy did Jesus prevailed and Natasha was freed. She was also physically healed!

Public Exorcisms All Night Long! Woman Set Free from Witchdoctors!

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus —


Everywhere we go we end up, obviously, teaching but also conducting public exorcisms. We follow the example of the Lord Jesus who traveled village to village teaching and driving out demons (see Mark 1:39). Why? Well, because Jesus did it. Secondly, it allows everyone to witness the power of God in ACTION. Too many churches have simply watered down the gospel, void of any power. We dare to be different. We demonstrate in public the superior power of the Lord Jesus Christ resulting in backslidden believers fully surrendering their lives to Christ and the lost being jolted to the reality of Jesus and His power.


This past weekend, we held a number of meetings which were standing room only, where demons were confronted and commanded to the pit. Many lives were transformed. On Saturday, for more than 14 hours –ALL NIGHT LONG– we ministered the gospel and witnessed extraordinary miracles. We are receiving stunning testimonies:


“Hello Pastor Jay! Just wanted to say – we have never sat in church straight for 13 hours with only a fifteen minute break not really caring to eat or drink anything. The services were extraordinary. I thank God that he delivered me from many demonic spirits. The teaching was very resourceful and I praise God for every deliverance and inner healing.”


Not only were many delivered from demons but many were miraculously healed by Jesus by simply being present in our meetings. Read this amazing testimony:

“Jay, I attended the teaching seminar Saturday in Houston. Wonderful. Sat in the back which is unusual for me-always sit in front. Kept belching through most of service. Then I heard a pop in my left shoulder where I had pain and knew not right. I’ve had many healing miracles. Praise God!!! No pain since. Must have been being delivered as you were teaching and then Jesus/Holy Spirit healed my shoulder. Thank you.”

Another lady that was miraculously healed in our services was the woman pictured with me above. For years she delved into the occult, spiritism and sorcery. She actually visited and was counseled by witchdoctors. Years of bondage to occultism! Throughout the night, Lucy, was vomiting out demons. Her teenage daughter, who attended the meeting with her also experienced some incredible deliverance too. It was heart wrenching to see so many people in our last service terribly vexed by demon powers. However, I was encouraged to see so many FREED including Lucy.


It was quickly humbled as the I called forth the holy angels and asked them to strike the surfacing demons. The evil spirits shrieked. The angels struck the demons with their holy swords and spears –the demons moaned and groaned in agony. 

“AHHHHH!!!! There’s hundreds of thousands of us,” the demons revealed, “We entered as a result of her participation in black magic and her ancestors blood sacrifices. They sacrificed many animals to Satan.”

We discovered there were hundreds of thousands of differing kinds of demonic spirits within her –many named Satan. These boastful ones included spirits of Santeria and witchcraft. They confessed to holding onto a few human interjects that had invaded her, to control her. 


One was a warlock. He surfaced and spoke to me. He initially laughed and laughed.


“I am inside her to control her. I like when she visits me. I deceive her. She thinks this is good witchcraft. I use the name of God and crosses.”


Since he liked crosses I handed him mine.


“This is a different kind of cross,” he said with astonishment, “I have never felt this kind of power. It’s greater then the power I have! It feels very warm!


HA! Of course, as this CROSS was the CROSS of Jesus –God in the flesh. This was the real deal not the counterfeit he offered to his victims. He was stunned.


There was another witchdoctor within Lucy too. He was able to use her mirrors, in her home, as spiritual portals, to enter into her life and torment her. He was visiting her to have sex with her while she slept.


He also actually confessed to me and everyone in the meeting hall that he would steal her soul parts on occasion and took her by force to various rituals where he had inserted, via her vagina, utilizing black magic, a little piece of a frog within her. It was done to torment her. Horrific. No wonder this mother was vexed with a host of maladies and afflictions; she had a piece of a frog within her.


I commanded the human interjects to leave –they both left. I also commanded the many demons of sorcery to take hold of the frog and to depart. As the demons departed, Lucy vomited out some strange colored substances –no doubt, the frog, that dissolved within her, by the power of the Holy Spirit. Disgusting.


We also discovered that the demonic spirits within her brought into her body many diseases and sicknesses. Some of the afflictions they had brought into her: Thyroid problems, gallbladder issues, ulcers, insanity, depression, and dementia. It was also revealed that the NO ONE –not one single believer in God– had ever attempted to confront these vast numbers of demons through the generations. How sad. I refuse to allow people to have demons! By God’s grace I WILL intervene.


I commanded the many demons out of Lucy in the name of Jesus. Moreover, I released the many dissociative identities they held in captivity. They quickly went to the Healer Jesus. Lucy was set FREE! It was an incredible to see her smile and testify to everyone she was healed and liberated. Amazing Jesus!

Jesus Heart Stirring Power Unleashed in Houston & ALBUQUERQUE!

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus —


I’m currently in Albuquerque, New Mexico where we are conducting another public deliverance mission (more on this mission in next update). This long journey has taken me all over nation. For the past 12 days I have been conducting public deliverance missions witnessing spectacular signs and wonders. We have witnessed extraordinary miracles of the Lord Jesus. I’m honored to serve the King.


Though in each city we have witnessed remarkable miracles however this past Friday and Saturday, in the city of Houston, have been heart stirring, thrilling, shocking, awe-inspiring. To give you a idea of the stunning wonders that took place in Houston allow me to list some of them:

  • Hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits commanded to the pit in Jesus name
  • Many ancestral heart parts healed and guided to Jesus for healing
  • Many human interjects removed and sent to Jesus
  • Many dissociative identities guided to Jesus for healing
  • A cursed animal part (a frog) was dissolved & removed from a woman
  • Generational curses tracing back thousands of years ago broken in Jesus name
  • Spirits of Baal, Jezebel, Moloch, death, witchcraft, Santeria, and others defeated
  • Dozens of incidents of God’s holy angelic intervention in the lives of many
  • Dozens experienced a miraculous healing including blindness & deafness
  • For many hours –up to 14 hours– ministry took place to set the captives free
  • On Saturday, well after 2am, nearly 60 people, were STILL present needing help
  • Many equipped ministers assisted in casting out demons in Jesus name
  • Participants, in services, reporting of delivering others from demons
  • Unusual miracles of the fire of the Holy Spirit empowered many saints
  • The fire of God devoured untold numbers of evil spirits
  • Untold numbers of demons SCREAMED after embracing my Cross of Deliverance
  • Dozens manifested demons; dozens delivered by JESUS
  • Dozens convulsed, cried out, and became rigid as demons were departing
  • Many testifying of experiencing the fire of the Holy Spirit in a significant manner
  • Many testified of being inspired, renewed, encouraged and restored
  • Many spiritual gifts, destinies and dreams released by Jesus
  • Many dissociative identities testify of seeing Jesus
  • Many Holy Communion miracles that brought deliverance to the captives
  • Many demons were forced to bow to Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit
  • God supernaturally sustained us to minister 12-14 hours; driving out demons
  • God’s power was unleashed upon the audiences in an extraordinary manner
  • And so much more…

There are countless victory reports I can share with everyone. One incredible miracle took place in Maria’s life (pictured with me above; post deliverance). She was one of the first ones I prayed for. Immediately, Jezebel surfaced along with Baal and many spirits of fear. They shook her body and a spirit named Bali spoke in various strange demonic tongues. This went on for some time. I rebuked all of the curses in Jesus name and commanded the demons to speak in English. It eventually obeyed.


“We have been here for hundreds of years, nobody has ever confronted us,” the demonic spirits revealed to me, “We entered her ancestors because they participated in blood sacrifices and rituals. Her ancestors worshipped other gods.”


Maria’s life had been filled with pain and torment because of these spiritual invaders. I was determined to see her free. We called for the holy angels of God and they assisted us greatly in battling the armies of Satan. Though the demonic resistance was real; they relented to the superior power of Jesus. Numerous demons were cast out of her and many heart parts were miraculously healed by Jesus. She was so happy afterwards and peaceful; it was so beautiful to witness. Maria now desires to serve Jesus with all of her heart.


One of the attendees of the seminar and service sent this testimony about this weekend’s meetings:


“Good afternoon Pastor Jay! just wanted to say –yesterday was amazing, seeing all those people being healed and delivered! The teaching seminar was amazing. I’m thanking God that I had the opportunity to witness it and learn new things. I didn’t leave until 3:30am; 14 hours straight!”

Our services and meetings are consistently lengthly, not for the sake of being lengthly but due to the immense spiritual needs of the hurting people who are needing deliverance from demons and healing of a broken heart. Pastors Sharon, Tony, Betty, Rey and Lucinda (part of our ministry team in Houston) were instrumental in bringing liberation to so many souls. Many of the ministers continued on driving out demons up until 4am. 

Furthermore, many of the participants of our meetings didn’t want to leave the meeting. Our many missions are 5-7 hours long and we are seeing an increased number of miraculous signs and wonders taking place thus the disciples of the Lord are not wanting to leave lest they miss one of God’s powerful miracles.

Thrilling & Spectacular Wonders in Austin & Houston

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus —


This most recent mission journey throughout North America has been spectacular on so many levels –in Boston, in Pittsburgh, in Wichita, in San Antonio and the past few nights here in Texas in the cities of Austin and Houston. Last night, while in Austin, before a jammed packed meeting hall –actually it was a standing room only crowd (I will be definitely coming back to Austin in the near future) precious souls gathered to hear the WORD and to encounter the miracles of the WORD!


After teaching from the Scriptures I began to pray over those afflicted with demon powers. A number of people began to manifest strong evil spirits –quite a few witchcraft and voodoo spirits surfaced and battled me. I battled back in the name of Jesus!


One lady I ministered to was Regina (pictured with me above with her husband; post deliverance). She had been following the ministry for a few years and I was overjoyed to see many who had been following the mission for many years present. As I brought Regina to the front of the meeting hall I noticed she was in some pain. She mentioned that she has been experiencing constant back and neck pain for YEARS!








After her supernatural healing I began to confront the demons within her. There were many including: Jezebel, spirits of death, and ancestral witchcraft. They surfaced but had no chance as her husband (pictured above) helped me drive out the demons from her. They swiftly flew out of her and into the pit!


She was incredibly happy and so was he too!


That was only the beginning…others were delivered powerfully by the Lord Jesus including Alexis (pictured below; post deliverance)


Very strong and powerful spirits of voodoo surfaced as I began to pray for Alexis. The spirits contorted her body and growled at me in anger. We discover that many of these voodoo demons entered her from her grandmother because she practiced and participated in various voodoo rituals back in Louisiana. They were driven out of this woman too in Jesus name! Alexis was also so happy too!


Many others were freed from demons too in Austin. The crowd was expectant and appreciative of the mission. I truly felt a lot of love from the crowd and it was great to see some old friends of mine who have been following the mission for many years.


Then tonight in Houston we held yet another powerful service; a supernatural thriller! Where do I begin? Except to say the Holy Spirit visited powerfully in our midst! It all started when I began to teach from the Scriptures….as I taught I felt the incredible liberty of the Holy Spirit to preach….such liberty!


After teaching I began to pray for the afflicted and immediately the Holy Spirit directed me to a young woman, named Karla, pictured with me below; post deliverance.


Karla like so many in our last few meetings had been invaded by spirits of witchcraft, Moloch, animalistic spirits named dog and wolf.


“We have placed little pieces of glasses in her eyes to hinder her vision (note: Karla came into the meeting wearing glasses). We also cause deafness, bad dreams, all kinds of pains and torment,” the many demons boasted to me, “We have been in her bloodline for thousands of years and nobody has come along to try to cast us out!”


Think about that for a moment my friends! NO ONE came along with all of these centuries to assist the family in curse breaking and deliverance from demons! I hear this ALL THE TIME!!!! This must stop. The church must intervene to rescue souls! 


In this very dramatic exorcism, we commanded out all of these evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, her body was healed including her eyesight and her ability to hear! Deafness had left! She also testified of feeling zero pain too.


All THREE of these exorcisms were dramatic, supernatural and thrilling! All THREE had a number of things in common:

  1. Ancestral curses of witchcraft and spiritism; including blood sacrifices.
  2. Inner presence of evil spirits.
  3. Dissociation. All THREE had broken heart parts –all THREE were healed of dissociation and encountered the Risen JESUS!
  4. Fruit of deliverance. All THREE experienced peace, joy, and miraculous healing as a RESULT of their deliverance!

My friends… I could spent HOURS detailing the numerous miracles and wonders of the Holy Spirit we encountered in these past few mission but I just don’t have the time. I have a training seminar later today to lead. I’m expectant for more miracles, signs and wonders in the days to come.

Right after Karla received a mighty deliverance and healing; I called forth any others who wanted to experience the power of the fire of the Holy Spirit as it was very tangible in our service. QUICKLY many got out of their seats to the front to experience the power of God. Many were receiving healing and deliverance. It was beautiful to witness.