Chronicling the Battles in British Columbia Part III

Dear Friends of Jesus,


This last mission was extraordinary. Yes, we taught from the Holy Scriptures but we also demonstrated the power of the WORD. As the apostle Paul declared to the Corinthians, thousands of years ago, the Kingdom of God in not merely of talk but of power (see 1 Corinthians 4:20). We desire to clearly demonstrate to the unbeliever and believer alike that our God is a living God who is able. Throughout the series of meetings and seminars we conducted in British Columbia we witnessed powerful manifestations of God’s holy power.


For hours, demons were restrained by the holy angels that swiftly arrived. The holy angels froze those who were demonized; to ensure the demon possessed wouldn’t be thrown about violently. The mighty angels, dozens of times, would straighten out twisted limbs to ensure bodies were in proper order. God’s angels fought in great power those demons that battled me. There were times the angels struck the demons with swords and spears that weakened the unclean spirits. The demons begged me to stop calling the holy angels. HA!


For hours, I utilized holy anointing oil that could be felt by the invading demonic spirits. They would scream, groan, moan, as they could feel the fire of the Holy Spirit descend upon them. The fire of God burned up the demons, diseases and death. Many in the services were cured of various addictions and afflictions.


For hours, I utilized my holy cross of deliverance, which caused the demons to scream in great torment and pain. The cross was “heavy” at times to the spirits. Other times, the cross “burned” the evil spirits. The cross of Christ was used to defeat the powers of darkness. There is power in the cross of Jesus!


For hours, in the name and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I utilized His power, by virtue of who I am in Him, over very strong and aggressive demons. This included very strong demons; high level spirits such as Moloch, Baal, Jezebel, Mammon, spirits of Lucifer and many others. One group of demons we encountered, within a middle-aged woman, were millions of Hindu spirits such as Kali and Shiva. These spirits, alone, hold in spiritual slavery –close to a BILLION SOULS IN THE WORLD! This is astonishing if you ponder this reality.


These demons were within a lady who sat to the left of me during our evening service in downtown Vancouver where I conducted a deliverance meeting. There were millions of these demons, within this woman, that boasted how they had been in the bloodline for many generations and were rooted in ancestral blood sacrifices –such as human and animal sacrifices. Though these powers were strong; they must bow (and did bow) to the Lordship of Jesus! All of these numerous Hindu spirits flew out of this woman and she was set free from generational Hinduism.

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