Lucifer Crushed by King Jesus in Los Angeles

Dear Friends of Jesus,


After my last meeting in San Diego, when I traveled back home, my little boy, Ford (age 9), enthusiastically asked about this latest mission. He wanted to know how Jesus worked. Then Ford shared about a dream he had where some evil birds tried to attack him but he said Jesus was there as a protective shield around him, keeping him from the evil. He was excited to share how he saw Jesus and that He protected him. Second Thessalonians 3:3 promises, “The Lord is faithful and He is will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.”


My friends, this last service at the Temple of Salvation was filled with the amazing miraculous wonders of Jesus. So many were touched. Including this Chinese couple who came to our meeting hoping for some healing and deliverance. God did not disappoint.


As I approached Justin (pictured above with me) the evil spirits quickly rose up within him. The shook his body violently and screamed out of him.


“He belongs to us! We have been here a very long time, for thousands of years,” the wicked spirits revealed to me, “His ancestors were involved in ancestral worship and idol-worshipping thus our rights to his bloodline.”


I also discovered that Justin was a first generation Christian; no previous Christians were known in his family. No wonder the mass numbers of evil spirits within him –during this intense exorcism we discovered there were millions of demonic spirits within him.


As I confronted the demons the power of Jesus rose up within me and I called forth the holy angels of God and the power of the fire of the Holy Spirit! The evil spirits within Justin shrieked and groaned in agony.


“We see the light of Jesus in your eyes!” the demonic spirits confessed to me, “The light is so bright; your eyes are like lasers! They are piercing us!”


The demonic forces were in torment by simply looking at my eyes. They could see the risen Jesus within me. Makes me feel good by even typing this out; to know Jesus is fully living within me and manifesting His very presence through my eyes brings me great comfort. I must be doing something right! HA! Thank you Lord Jesus!


What was staggering was after the exorcism, Justin revealed, that he could see from afar the demons acting out within his body and speaking through him. He shared some amazing insights:

  • He could see the risen Jesus within me and around me.
  • He could see the holy angels (reaching heights of 12 feet) behind me (Jay‘s note: I have been told by many that I have a incredibly massive holy angel that is often near me).
  • He couldn’t believe that he was forced from the bench he was sitting on and taken up by some invisible force to the front of the sanctuary (Jay‘s note: I had called for the holy angels to carry him to the front of the meeting hall so I could minister to Justin as demons manifested from within him).

As I confronted the millions of demons within Justin the power of God was weakening the invading unholy spirits. They cried out.
“We had his family bloodline because they sacrificed pigs and chickens through the years,” the spirits confessed, “They participated in so much darkness and we hold captive his heart.”
Not only were there demons but also dissociative parts (read more about this below in our latest teaching). A young 6 year old boy surfaced who was so scared. I spoke to him and led him to Jesus for healing. I continued on with my battle against the powers of darkness.
As the exorcism continued on I began to ask for the holy angels to torture the demons –which they did. The demons begged for me to stop. The angels struck the demons with their swords and brought the demons to their knees. I also utilized and called down the fire of God and they SCREAMED in pain.
We also found out that many of these demons were holding his spiritual gifts in captivity. The evil spirits even remarked how they had them “locked” and were not about to release them. How many of you reading this email update have gifts, destinies and divine capabilities locked up by the enemy?
I commanded the demons to release the spiritual gifts. They obeyed. The wicked spirits of death, Leviathan, Baal, fear, and Lucifer were all defeated and sent to the pit in Jesus name! As they departed; they swiftly exited and he was thrown to the ground. Justin laid there for some time before I assisted him back up. From death to life in Jesus name!
Justin is fired up my friends. I fully expect this man to be used mightily of God in the years to come. He will be powerfully used of the Holy Spirit to reach many.
Not only was Justin delivered; but his girlfriend, Ivy (pictured above) too. She was delivered from demons of rejection and a pre-natal dissociative identity surfaced and cried out. This little part was communicated with and guided back to Jesus for healing. Ivy reported of feeling much better.
All night long, for many hours, we ministered to the captives. Many other miracles took place including a woman’s eyesight which dramatically improved after her deliverance and healing. Another example of varying degree of blindness removed by the power of Jesus. This woman needs our prayers for her faith to be strengthened, to believe in her continued healing, as she is shocked by what transpired in her life –her healing and deliverance.
We have seen so many eyes opened and cured by Jesus. We have great faith in this area and trust for many more souls to be healed in Jesus name!

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