Nestled in the Mountains of North Carolina: Demons Threaten to Kill Me!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


This small town, nestled among the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina, has only 1,700 souls residing here. Yet, in this community there are plenty of demons to drive out. After traveling more then 14+ hours, we arrived into this town determined to see Jesus set the captives free. Mary (pictured with me above) has been living a nightmare.


For starters, she had been kidnapped TWICE as a teen. Then endured horrific abuse. Moreover, she lived in a FUNERAL home and a haunted home. I could go on and on. She had been terribly assaulted by evil spirits. They have been unrelenting. Non-stop torment for YEARS driving her to be a recluse.


Jay, I have rarely ventured outside of my house in the past five years,” Mary revealed to me with fear and terror in her eyes, “I have been a recluse because of these devils.”


I also discovered that, with an exception of one pastor who spent about 15 minutes with her, no other disciple of Jesus had intervened in her life to offer ministry. Mary was a church-goer, a very nice lady, with a soft heart but within minutes of talking with her I also uncovered that she had never been born again. I took a few minutes out and shared the good news of Jesus with her. Immediately the love of God captured her heart and she READILY prayed with me to receive salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! For 51 years of her life, nobody came along to introduce her to a relationship with Jesus. So sad.


This global mission is centered in evangelism. We are always looking for avenues to proclaim the gospel. It has been my high honor, over the many years of ministry, to personally lead tens of thousands of souls to salvation in King Jesus. Here again, on this night, in a small community nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, I was given another opportunity to lead a hurting soul to Jesus. This never gets old.


After leading her to Jesus I began to minister deliverance to her. For hours, we encountered many differing kinds of demons –thousands upon thousands of them. There was Legion, chocking spirits, witchcraft, and American Indian spirits named Cherokee (an actual Indian tribe here in the United States). Interestingly enough, we conducted this meeting in Cherokee County. These were territorial demons that were linked to this specific land. They did not want to go to the pit! But, they did in Jesus name.


One group of spirits that surfaced were named “Murder.” He was furious with me for daring to confront him. At one point, he was so angry that he looked at me and said he would not only kill Mary but he would also kill me. I placed my holy cross of deliverance upon him and it greatly weakened him.


“Get that thing off of me,” he said several times in disgust, “We know where you live and we have been following you Jay Bartlett.”


This is very strange. I get this often where demons will remark that they know of me. That they follow me. I can recall hearing this all over the world in the midst of an exorcism. Murder was also driven out in the name of Jesus. Many other demons were confronted and commanded into the pit including spirits of death.


After hours of deliverance, Mary grew understandably weak and needed to rest. So we stopped. Obviously, there was much more work that needs to be accompolished but I’m grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to give this woman some hope. Moreover, giving her the opportunity to surrender to Jesus Christ!

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