Ominous Threat: “ISIS will come for you next and execution will be your destiny!!”

Dear Friends of Jesus,


That grim title I’m sure got your attention. Trust me; it got my attention too. I’m going to share more on this very serious forebodding murderous threat in a moment. I think this threat connects with what recently transpired in British Columbia on our most recent mission there. I do not believe in random occurrences…..


For the past several years, in my travels throughout Canada, I have noticed a trend that has concerned me. While entering into the Canadian customs area I have experienced consistent troubles. Generally, when one visits another country you will be briefly interviewed by custom agents and promptly waved on. This has, generally, been my experience too, as I travel to every continent of the world. Not so in Canada. Of all places –Canada!


My last few travels into Canada has been a hassle; especially this last mission into British Columbia. I rented a vehicle in Seattle and drove onward to the Canadian border (which I have done multiple times). My ministry partner and I were interviewed by the border police and questioned. Numerous questions (more so then usual) were asked and when it was discovered that we had 10 Bibles that prompted an investigation.


We were directed from the main customs checkpoint to the border police facility. The agent was angry. He immediately inquired about our exorcism work (I didn’t even mention anything about exorcism; or anything remotely to it). It was obvious they had done their research. However, up to this point, I do not believe, conducting exorcisms is illegal in Canada. So, they had no legal grounds. But, they wanted to make this experience an uncomfortable one for me, so they directed me to sit down and wait as they continued their investigation. 


Obviously, we were not involved in any illegal or immoral activities so our wait wasn’t long. We were eventually released to go over the border. However, this experience is speaking volumes to me.

  • It’s quite clear I’m on some kind of Canadian border “watch list.”
  • It’s clear the Canadian border police has investigated me.
  • It’s clear the Canadian custom agents are dismayed we are involved in Christian activities.
  • It’s clear I’m a target on multiple levels….

Yes, I’m a target! All of these experiences are interconnected. Glance at that title of this update again. The enemies of the cross –physical & spiritual– are looking to destroy me. This email was sent to me earlier today:

“We are going to kill you and your family and all of the Christians in this land you disorganise our religion we will disorganise your lives! Fear and terror is dominant now. ISIS will come for you next and execution will be your destiny!!”

My friends, this is a very serious death threat. The demonic forces behind ISIS have indeed risen to bring fear and terror onto the lands of the world. I will refuse to back down! I will rise up, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and speak the TRUTH that Jesus is LORD who overcomes fear and terror. I’m concerned that most disciples of the Lord are asleep as ISIS and their demons are advancing throughout the world with very little spiritual resistance. One means to resist their advances? 

Conducting exorcisms! Expelling demons in the name of Jesus. Yes, I might be on the watch list of governments of the world but more importantly I’m on the watch list of hell. The kingdom of darkness are desiring to kill me and my family. 

Even in the midst of these persecutions I will continue onward for the gospel as I did this weekend while ministering in Surrey, British Columbia. Our public meeting consisted of teaching (“Defeating Witchcraft”), partaking of Holy Communion and driving out demons. 

While leading everyone in Holy Communion, a man, perhaps in his 60’s, was immediately set free from tormenting spirits. They swiftly departed and he was so happy to experience deliverance. I was joyful too. His face shone of the light of Jesus. 

“Brother Jay, while partaking of the blood of Jesus, I felt the demons exit my body. I’m free! Thank you Jesus!”

There is power in the blood of Christ. I also had the opportunity to assist in the deliverance of a Russian woman (pictured above with her son-in-law) who had attended many of my meetings over the years but yet never receiving deliverance. This time was different. As I began to minister to her; her body shook. I commanded the demons of death, witchcraft and Jezebel to release her in Jesus name. They quickly departed and she testified of feeling 100% peace. 

I knew this woman’s deliverance would be quick. She came from a Godly heritage. Her Russian father was a pastor who was placed in prison for preaching the gospel. Her mother was very committed to the gospel inasmuch to move next door to the very prison her husband was placed in. 

Her son-in-law (pictured above with me) testified of experiencing extraordinary blessings as a result of his powerful deliverance in our last mission to Vancouver just several weeks ago. He’s walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and encountering tremendous spiritual and material blessings. Actually, it was staggering to hear. He’s even lost 16 pounds and was given a lucrative job that includes usage of a company car. More importantly, he’s close to Jesus and experiencing His life! 

My friends, though we were small in number and I was extremely tired due to all of the traveling —from the tip of South America to the Western coast of British Columbia– God was gracious to give us grace. He is my DELIVERER! 

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