Teenager Released from the Curse of Satanism

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Yesterday, I received a encouraging email from a disciple who purchased one of our books and the entire family is being impacted as a result. This reveals, once again, how our many publications are reaching generations of believers thus equipping the church. She writes:


“I just read your book Exploring the Supernatural, the Strange and the Supernatural…. I loved it! Very informative! My mom just finished reading it and now my hubby is about to start reading it too. I pray for you often! God bless!”

Our global mission is much more then simply deliverance ministry, open air preaching, or speaking in churches. We are equipping the church to carry on the works of Jesus. We train the church through our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and through our many publications. We teach, instruct, and expose believers to elements of the faith that are simply dismissed or ignored by mainstream Christianity. We dare to be different and as a result tens of thousands of disciples of Jesus have been impacted.


It’s interesting that our first book is still being read by so many. That volume exposes, from a basic standpoint, the realities of the forces of Satanism and the occult that Christians need to be aware of. We are called to defeat, in the power of Jesus, these evil powers. But you must be aware of them thus our volumes. For there are millions upon millions around the world suffering from the powerful forces of darkness in the realms of witchcraft, sorcery and Satanism.


We came face to face with these powers of Satanism in our last meeting. For the past several days we have trekked across 8 different states here in the United States and have driven many miles to rescue souls for Jesus. In our last mission in Georgia we ministered to a young 16 year old teenager by the name of Sheila. She was needing freedom from evil spirits. Her family contacted us and we responded. Within minutes of praying over her; demons surfaced and spoke to us.

“She’s MINE! Don’t you understand she’s mine!,” the evil spirits angrily stated, “We have been hiding for a very long time. Many pastors and ministers couldn’t find us. We have been operating in secret.”

We discovered that these wicked spirits had been in her generational bloodline for nearly a thousand years! Why? Because her ancestors participated in devil worship –Satanism! They delved into human sacrifice and communed with demons. Those grievous practices opened the door for the curse of Satanism to be placed upon the family. This curse was never broken thus it traveled from one generation to the next without any hinderance. Which would explain why this young lady participated in great evil herself such as self mutilation and drugs.


There were spirits of Jezebel, fear, death and Satanism within this young woman that surfaced. Many of them were holding onto her broken heart. I spoke to the various parts of her heart.

  • 4 year old part. She had been placed in a darkened closet as a little girl by some older kids thus traumatizing her soul.
  • 6 year old part. She had been inappropriately touched by a man in a store.
  • 10 year old part. She fell off a swing and was made fun of by her peers.
  • 15 year old part. She was emotionally sick. Disappointed with life.

As you can see it doesn’t take much to bring about soul fragmentation. I deal with this –dissociation (broken hearts)– on a daily basis in some manner; with broken people from around the world. This mission, perhaps, encounters more dissociative souls, in our public and private meetings, then any other mission on earth. This is a high calling and honor we take very serious. Broken hearts trust us and thus surface to be guided to Jesus for healing.
Sheila was sad and broken however there is hope in Jesus! We battled the demons in Jesus name. At one point, I called forth the holy angels and they swiftly utilized their mighty swords thus damaging the invading demons. Many hundreds of demons were defeated.
“Yes, we will leave; we hate you!,” the demons responded, “We will slit your friend’s throat though.”
My friend, a young man I have been mentoring and who traveled with me on this most recent mission, shared his testimony of experiencing incredible healing from dissociation and demonization. The devils were furious with him for sharing his testimony thus they aggressively responded with a death threat. It greatly encouraged my friend and he simply SMILED knowing that he must have been doing something right for the demons to react in such a manner.
The disciples we are mentoring and equipping are receiving death threats. This encourages my heart, in the sense, that the enemy must find these believers a threat to go to the great lengths of wanting to murder them. This mission is performing a unique service in the world. I’m humbled before our great God whom deserves all praise.
This 16 year old teenager was set free as all of these demons were commanded into the pit in Jesus name. They flew out of her. The heart parts were supernaturally healed and she was joyful knowing Jesus rescued her from the curse and demons of Satanism that had her enslaved.

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