Demon of Murder Warned Me in Sydney: I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!

Dear Friends of Jesus,  


The Australian mission marches across the continent as we have conducted missions in Perth, in Heathridge, in Gold Coast and now in Sydney –Australian’s largest city. Last night, we held a powerful service that was well attended and we encountered the majestic wonders of God.


After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion, a 27 year old man in the back of the meeting hall confessed to me and everyone else that he felt like murdering everyone and throwing chairs. I could sense violent spirits were surfacing from within him.


Within minutes of breaking ancestral curses, this young man named Chris, manifested strong and aggressive demons. They growled, they moaned and cried out loudly. They gnashed his teeth and spoke to me.


“We are going to kill YOU!,” the violent demonic spirits warned me, “We hate you and we will you! We have been here a very long time. Thousands of years ago we used his ancestors to kill many children. They worshipped and served other gods. They worshipped Baal!”


AH! The ancient demonic worship of Baal. Many Middle Eastern communities, through the ages, worshipped and offered sacrifices to this demon-god. I have discovered in encountering tens of thousands of demonized souls that the demon named Baal is a common spirit that has invaded billions of souls. It is a strong –yet defeated– demonic entity. We quickly discovered that Baal was present within Chris.


“We cause him pain, fear of people, we control his mind, we have placed numerous snakes within him,” the demon Baal revealed to me, “We desire for to him go completely insane. We bring depression and mental illness.”


Baal even admitted that he’s been hidden through the generations, more than a millennia, because no one dared to break the deep hidden curses. Chris did and Baal was threatened so he surfaced.


These demons that surfaced were extremely violent, they convulsed his body, twisted his limbs, and contorted his face. They mocked me and even, at one point, violently threw him into some chairs. This spirit was intent on attempting to injure him and others. However, God’s holy mighty angels arrived swiftly and assisted in restraining the demons and their blood-lust violence.


The angels restrained the demons, they arrested the spirits and forced them to bow to King Jesus. I called upon the holy fire of God which greatly weakened the demons and utilized my CROSS of Deliverance to destroy the invading demons. As we warred against these ancient entities we learned more of their intentions and workings within his family bloodline.

  • A group of demons named “Legion,” surfaced that were located within his mind. They held captive parts of his heart. They were released and were guided to Jesus for healing.
  • A group of demons named “Jezebel,” surfaced that were located within his body. The demons confessed to working with some spirits called “spirit wives.” They keep him from meeting a Godly woman and to bring isolation.
  • A group of spirits named Asura surfaced and opposed me. These were ancient beings that span Hindu, Norse and Buddhist mythologies and spirituality. These were higher level spirits that battled me and held claim to the bloodline of Chris due to his ancestors worshipping false gods.
  • A group of demons named “witchcraft,” surfaced and battled me. They were holding onto a part of Chris’s dad named Bill. This “human interject,” surfaced through Chris and spoke to me. He mentioned he was jealous of his son and wanted to hinder his progress towards the things of God. I sent him out of Chris along with the spirits of witchcraft.

This extraordinary exorcism was witnessed by many. It was intense. It was dramatic. It was violent. However, King Jesus prevailed over these demons and we cast these ancient beings out of his soul and body. Chris was set free and encountered the mighty presence of Jesus.
“Jay, I feel amazing. I feel free and healed. As you prayed over me, spiritual electiricty surged through my body,” Chris shared, “My mind is cleared and the pains I had been experiencing are GONE!”

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