Enigma of Exorcism, Empowering Future Exorcists

Dear Friends of Jesus,  


This has been an extraordinary mission to Australia. We have seen some phenomenal and staggering wonders of the Holy Spirit. Some of the exorcisms we conducted were intense and stunning. Many have encountered the miraculous power of God and we still have one more series of public meetings in Melbourne, Victoria this week. Hope to see you. You are welcomed to attend.


By the way, not only did we witness amazing miracles but we were able to participate in some very powerful sacraments that have empowered and inspired. Not only did I lead the saints in Holy Communion, each night, but I also had the wonderful opportunity to water baptize a believer (Jonathan pictured above with Chris). Then within 24 hours or so later this same believer was ordained into the gospel ministry.


As some of you know I’m very concerned that the modern church has placed holy events (commonly known as sacraments) such as Holy Communion, water baptism, and Holy Ordination aside. In some cases they have simply ignored the mandate to the carry on the fullness of the gospel. We embrace the need not only for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to operate but also allow the sacraments to flourish within local communities of disciples of Christ! The sacraments will empower the saints to go forward with holy power to reach the world for Jesus.


Jesus ordain, called, consecrated, set aside some apostles (and prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers). He didn’t call everyone to be apostles, He called some. This divine calling continues down through the centuries of church history. Those called to the 5-fold ministry as described in Ephesians 4:11 should be acknowledged by the universal church. I’m always keen to acknowledge those whom have been called by the Holy Spirit. People need encouragement and need empowerment. I’m determined to be discerning. When God has called disciples to the five-fold then we ought to do something about it –namely ordain. As an apostle, I must follow through.


In Acts 13, we see this holy event being carried out by the early church. We were fortunate to be part of this sacred continuation in the midst of the Sydney mission. God impressed on my heart and others the need to ordain into the gospel ministry –two young men who are evangelists. So, after their deliverance from demons. That’s right, both of these men received deliverance from evil spirits. I have already reported on Chris and his exorcism a few days ago. However, allow me to share about the deliverance of Jonathan (pictured with me and Chris above, post ordination).


He’s a young man I have been mentoring for the past year and it’s quite clear God has called him to be an evangelist. It was solidified while in New South Wales. After I drove out demons from Chris, I then noticed Jonathan was also needing further deliverance (Jonathan has been through a process of extensive deliverance, as often is the case with many). As I began to pray over him, strong demonic spirits surfaced. One was named “Destroyer.”


“We are NOT leaving! We are wanting to destroy him!,” these destructive beings revealed to me as they convulsed his body and twisted his limbs, “We entered in 1244. We have brought destruction through the generations and we will destroy him too.”


There were so many of these Destroyer demons within Jonathan. These were ancestral spirits lingering around and now being exposed by Jesus. He was delivered, on that night, of these powerful spirits, however, it should be noted that he’s already been freed from many thousands of demons….yet there was another layer of demonic activity operating secretly in his life. This is the enigma of exorcism.  

How could a young man, like Jonathan, who lived a pure life for Jesus since the age of 8, was homeschooled and had Christian parents be so terribly demonized? The enigma exists in the reality of ancestral evil and dissociative realities. All of our ancestors opened doors to demons and these demons remain in secrecy because no one placed spiritual pressure on them.

Which points to the reality, once again to the urgent need to bring the ministry of deliverance and exorcism to the Body of Christ! Moreover, there is a urgent need to unleash the younger generations to the work of the fullness of the gospel. We need to see many young men and woman rise to the occasion and be ordained –to be empowered to preach the gospel and drive out demons. In other words we need to raise up a generation of exorcists that will go into the world and proclaim the Jesus saves and delivers! Our world is getting darker thus the need for more exorcists.


By the way, the ordination of Chris and Jonathan speaks of the reality that God isn’t calling people who are perfect and fully delivered but those who are humble and willing to obey God. These men are. Thus the  ordination. What an honor.


I believe another young man that will be ordained at some point is the young man pictured above with his mother. Both are originally from Peru in South America and both were freed from many demons. Seeing all of these young men receiving freedom and responding to the call of God is encouraging. I love preaching, teaching and casting out demons but it really fires me up to have a part in ordaining a generation of disciples to do greater works of the Kingdom.

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