Freedom Fighter Healed of Afflictions in Gold Coast

I’m still marveling at the ministry that took place this past weekend in Queensland where multitudes of demonic spirits were cast out in Jesus name. We encountered dissociative identities, ancestral dissociative identities and human interjects. Moreover, bodies were healed. For example, on our second evening service a precious saint came to our meeting (pictured with me above, whom I’ll refer to as Mary) with a friend. During the deliverance service, Mary, started feeling great pains up and down her legs. These afflictions were causing her an element of torment. I commanded the pains to depart in Jesus name and the pains came out of her. Mary was so happy afterwards.


What an honor to see so many, over a span of nearly 30 years, miraculously healed. Tens of thousands of lives have been cured of various infirmities, freed from evil spirits and saved by JESUS!


Mary is one of many Australians who have enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center. In fact, she is one of the graduates of our training center who has a deep desire to serve Jesus. She mentioned to me, after the service, that even her young children love our ministry and watch our deliverance videos to learn more about the ministry of Jesus. Isn’t this beautiful? We hear this often. Many young people listen to our radio presentations and watch our videos and are inspired. We are blessed to be able to share to the world and impact millions of souls.


You might recall the testimonies of the family that have bene receiving a mighty deliverance from demons and are committed to serving Jesus for the rest of their lives. Well, I recently received a powerful email from this family that will encourage you. Read and enjoy:


“Hi brother Jay, I just want the oppurtunity to thank you one more time for the help Joan, Marshall and you gave to my family through Jesus Christ amen. My wife and daughter have been relieved of the evil spirits but we now know this is a war that will continue daily till the day we are with Christ in heaven. I am so grateful to Jesus for sending you all to Gold Coast, God had a purpose, apart from healing us all, the full extent of that purpose is still to be fully revealed. But I do know that what ever that purpose is or will be, it will be in service to our Lord Jesus (it may well be fighting demons). Thank you for showing us the tools of Jesus to fight them, we will armor ourselves daily and will now always be prepared to fight them. Thank you again in Jesus name.”

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