In Melbourne, Victoria: Protestor Attempts to Disrupt Exorcism

Dear Friends of Jesus,


In all of the years of global mission work I have participated in, I encountered something here in Melbourne, Victoria, I had never experienced before. While ministering the past several days in the sanctuary of Imagine Church, I encountered some extreme cold. I’m speaking of being in the building and seeing one’s breath as the cold winter weather oppressed one’s body. Initially, I thought I was seeing things. HA! It was that cold. I have ministered in very cold outdoor conditions in Eastern Europe and elsewhere but never this cold while¬†inside of a building.


What amazed me and others on the ministry team was that nobody dared to leave, despite the uncomfortable and wintery conditions. On the second night, some were wearing 4 to 5 layers of clothing in an attempt to keep warm. However, no-one left. Why? Because of the power of God. For many hours I ministered and witnessed Jesus perform mighty wonders in our midst. I’m looking forward to sharing more of the miraculous events that took place. However, I must share what occurred yesterday afternoon at Imagine Church.


We conducted a all day training seminar and I was pleasantly surprised to see a good sized crowed assembled to receive from the Lord. I noticed everyone was extremely attentive and remarked they had never heard such extensive teaching before. I taught on some intensive subjects such as dissociation, ancestral dissociation, human interjects and the authority we have in Jesus Christ. The majority of the atteendees were interested however there were a few who were wanting to argue on some finer points and I refused to engaged. One young man in the back of the meeting hall looked as if he wanted to engage in a argument. He held his composure until the end of the seminar. Of all times he could have picked to protest the ministry and to disrupt, he picked the worst of times.


Allow me to explain. After the seminar I was praying for individuals when suddenly a 72 year old grandmother approached me and urgently requested intervention. She shared with me, with seriousness in her eyes, the need to be delivered of a spiritual entity that was, in her words, “bubbling up within me and pulling me down.”


I knew who this entity was! It was an evil spirit determined to destroy this woman. I made the symbol of the cross on her forehead and immediately a demonic spirit surfaced and placed her unconscious. She fell to the ground. The demons groaned and moaned. They bulged out of her eyes and revealed to me much:


“We have been here a very long time! Witchcraft was sent to her father. We decided not to go into her father but into her,” the demons revealed to me, “We entered her at age 12. She was alone so we entered her.”


AH! At the tender age of 12 this woman’s family was being targeted by some local witches to destroy. They initially targeted the father but then the decision was made to invade the young daughter. We also discovered the demons had brought much torment in her life:


“We bring arthritis, diabetes, and torment,” the evil spirits shared with me, under command, “For so long we have tormented her and we are now about to make her blind!”


That’s a demon for you. They are only interested in torment, destruction and placing gradual horrific afflictions upon a mind and body of a human. Thus, the need for deliverance from demons, generational curses and ancestral evil. I’m so satisfied in my heart to know we were able to intervene in this 72 year old woman’s life.


I also learned that over time Christians have tried to intervene and pray over her. In fact, the demons even revealed this.


“AH! Many Christians tried, to get us out,” the demons told me boastfully, “But they were not able to.”


Knowing Jesus would deliver her. I told the demons they would be entering the pit very soon. I came to understand, from those who knew her, that in fact, some tried to intervene, but circumstances always prevented her from getting her the spiritual assistance she needed.


I was about to command the demons to depart when suddenly a young man, who I referred to earlier that was sitting in the back of the sanctuary, who was desiring to argue with me, approached the front of the hall where we were conducting this impromptu exorcism. He not only approached the front of the hall but came very close to where I was ministering to this woman. He began to raise his voice and protested the ministry. He began to argue and debate me.


I couldn’t believe it. Of all times, to debate me, he choose a time when I was trying to intervene in a 72 year old woman’s life. This grandmother was on the ground having evil spirits speak out of her and this protestor wanted to stop me and hinder the deliverance. Thankfully some of the saints, including my very bold and fiery Australia mission coordinator, pastor Joan Smale, intervened and stopped the protestor and rebuked him from interfering. Thank God for Joan. We have had numerous people, on this mission, who attempted to slander me and attack me and Joan stood her ground and stopped the attacks from escalating.


Nobody knew who this man was or why he was at the training seminar. He never formally introduced himself to me and his presence raised more questions then answers. No doubt, he was another plant of the enemy wanting to attack me and this mission. Jesus and the apostles encountered resistance and opposition constantly. So, this is expected but I don’t like it. At least I know the enemy sees me as a threat. A dire threat to his work. Good.


When the protestor was removed I was able to command the demons out of this woman and she was powerfully delivered from many witchcraft demons. Moreover, she shared with me, she could SEE clearer without her glasses (during the exorcism we took off her glasses). Here was another beautiful miracle of blindness being removed and someone being able to SEE without the aid of glasses. Take a glance at that picture of the grandmother above, again. No glasses and freed from pains. We just need to pray for this woman, that she will maintain her healing as I sense she is in a weakened state and needs our prayers in Jesus name!

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