In Sydney: Jammed Packed Hall Witness Broken Hearts Being Healed!

Dear Friends of Jesus,  


Stunning several days here in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, as we have held a series of public meetings and seminars with the hopes of reaching souls with the power and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Each night, our attendance improved from the previous night and we were jammed packed on the very last night of our mission.


Our last day consisted of two meetings –a afternoon training seminar and a evening deliverance meeting. Both were well attended. Incredible ministry took place as many encountered supernatural healing. More on this in a moment. However, I must say, it was a draining series of meetings as I poured out my heart in reaching souls that were enslaved to Satan. Furthermore, each night, we battled some very strong demonic spirits and the powers of witchcraft that had been sent to us; in an attempt to hinder the work of the gospel. However, Jesus prevailed.


After I arrived back to the apartment I was exhausted but was strengthened in being back with my family. So, this afternoon, I took the family to a fun park, on the other side of Darling Harbor, here in Sydney. Pictured above is my family as we traveled by boat, passing under the Sydney Harbor Bridge. I needed the time away with the family. I’m still needing some time of recovery. My energy levels are low. My vocals are strained too. I am grateful for your prayers in Jesus name. I have already held 12+ meetings and seminars in 4 different cities in 3 different regions of Australia. Many souls have been set free by Jesus as a result. However, all of this travel and ministry have taken a toll. I am appreciative of your prayers and support at this time.


As I mentioned, last night, we had a supernatural service where souls were freed from demonic powers. One lady we ministered to, named Judy, pictured with me above, attended each of our services. She had been terribly afflicted by demon powers. As I began to minister to her, numerous demons surfaced from within her including Jezebel, Baal, and a number of spirits named Lucifer. They convulsed her body and spoke to me as I approached her, to pray over her.


“Her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices,” the demons revealed to me, “When she was younger she invited us in.”


We discovered that when Judy was a younger lady she participated in the occult and literally called upon the devil and invited his demons within her. She wasn’t a solo practictioner of Satanism either; she was actually involved in a formal satanic cult that participated in horrible rituals.


I was honored to lead her in some prayers to renounce the devil and the ceremonies she participated in. She had great difficulty in praying with me however when she did some spiritual release took place. Many of these demons we confronted were driven out of her in Jesus name; including some very stubborn spirits named Lucifer. They had been holding, in captivity, parts of her broken heart. I was able to reach some of the little ones. They were so fearful and terrified.


I was able to guide them to Jesus for healing. The holy angels surrounded them and ministered to them. One 7 year old part had been terribly hurt. At first the little one didn’t trust me.


“This Jesus…will He hurt me?” the little girl asked.


Due to her involvement in sorcery and occultism she had been introduced to a false Christ that deeply hurt her. I’m thankful we were able to intervene and introduce this precious little girl to the loving Savior who greatly comforted her. When this part encountered Jesus, suddenly, the little one began to open up to me with a MASSIVE smile! She could tell I was nice. She told me she trusted me as she could see I was a good man and I was filled with love.


I later discovered that Judy had NO IDEA that a little 7 year old dissociative part existed within her life. Or that others existed. She just knew there was a tremendous amount of inner darkness lurking within her soul. Jesus pushed the darkness back and brought some freedom to her!


So, many hearts need the love of Jesus, my friends. So many bruised and battered hearts. I met them this week. Jesus has come to heal those broken in heart. Judy needs some incredible amount of counsel, love, deliverance and healing. However, the journey to restoration has begun and I look forward to seeing what Jesus will do in her life in the days to come.


Judy wasn’t alone. There were many others, who were dissociative, who were attending our services. I spoke to many of their broken hearts ranging from little babies to older teenagers. They poured out their grief, torment, and pain. Beautiful healing took place a result. Many of them testified of seeing the risen Savior.


These supernatural power encounters with these little broken heart parts spoke volumes to those who had assembled in the public hall. Many realized the need, for themselves, deep inner healing and in the Body of Christ. Yes, there is a need for physical healing but also healing of broken hearts. Jesus came to heal the shattered. Many hearts were supernaturally healed and many more need to healed. We are already receiving some fascinating reports from those who have experienced the restorative curing powers of Christ this past week. I’m grateful to God.

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