Memorable Miracles in Melbourne

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Been receiving some powerful testimonies from our recent Sydney and Melbourne missions. Allow me to share one that involved a miraculous healing after attending our deliverance service:


“Hi Jay Its very inspiring to read your stories of deliverance. I met you in North Epping on the last night and I was the lady with the pentagram earrings. I actually forgot to mention that night that my right ear continuously felt inflamed; something I probably only experienced when I was really sick with hay fever or sinusitis. I just realized my ear has been healed. I no longer feel the inflamed ache.”

In our services, we see many souls healed and freed from evil spirits. Often times, the miracle is reported to us well after the meeting as the healing is manifested. Many times, we are able to witness the miracle right before our eyes. Such as the case in our most recent mission to Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, where a number of souls encountered a miraculous healing and deliverance.


In fact, in each service, we witnessed Jesus freeing souls. On the first night, I recall vividly, encouraging everyone to break generational curses. Suddenly, demons manifested within a woman in the back of the meeting hall, demons were quickly leaving her body. After her deliverance from this group of evil spirits she mentioned she could no longer feel any back pain (she previously had some major back problems). God healed her.


On the second night, she was freed from an additional 600 spirits of divination. Then I was led by the Holy Spirit to minister to a young woman in her twenties, whom I’ll refer to as Mary. As I prayed for Mary, little heart parts surfaced –a two year old and a seventeen year old. The two year old spoke of great fear and torment. Attached to the little dissociative identity was a spirit of fear.


“We appeared to her as a monster!” the demons of fear revealed to me, “We entered through her eyes and have brought some blindness to her.”


Turns out when she was only 2 years of age she was hospitalized due to some asthma. It was there, during the hospital visit, that the demon appeared to her and brought the torment. Besides the spirits of fear, there were a number of evil spirits named, “Heart-Breaker.” All of these spirits worked in conjunction to enslave her broken heart. As we ministered to the hurting parts –something POWERFUL TOOK PLACE!


The little ones feel down to the ground as they could actually SEE the resurrected Jesus. His holy appearance was enough to cause the little ones to fall down to worship the Lord Jesus! I then proceeded to drive out the many demons within her. During the exorcism we took off her glasses.


After her deliverance, without the aid of her glasses, she could actually read what was posted on the wall of the sanctuary. She said she couldn’t previously read these things on the wall. Another miraculous healing of the eyes. Please pray for her, for her faith to be strengthened, as I heard a report that her eyesight, though improved, has some issues still. May she continue to walk in faith in the God who healed her.


Moreover, after her deliverance from these demonic spirits she testified of being able to breathe better! She exclaimed, “Jay, I can breathe.”


For a long time she has suffered with respiratory problems and for once she could breathe! Jesus healed her breathing. Take another glance at her picture with me, post deliverance. So many others received a measure of supernatural healing –either emotionally, mentally or physically. What a beautiful mission in Melbourne…memorable!

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