I’m always wanting to make a difference and you do this one soul at a time. Looking back at our latest mission, in Sydney, I was really impressed with the young man from Peru pictured with me above. The entire service he was ENGAGED AND WAS INTENSE IN HIS WARFARE PRAYERS! This young man never set his eyes off me as he was listening intently as I preached Jesus. Seeing him receive deliverance from spirits of mind control and witchcraft was encouraging. Moreover, this young man is fired up to serve Jesus in the gospel ministry. He will go far!


This is what my life is about –seeing lives transformed. I want to see you changed by the powerful gospel of Jesus. Get the word out about our Melbourne mission. Invite your family, friends and foes! Will see you soon!

Read some of these powerful testimonies from our recent missions throughout Australia:

“I just wanted to send you a quick update after the incredible deliverance I received through our precious Lord Jesus Christ when you were here on the Gold Coast!

Jay, to say that life is completely different is an understatement. I am truly walking in the peace, love, joy and Grace of Our Lord!

Jeff and I have experienced the most incredible peace in our marriage – there is NO STRIFE!!!!!! (apart from one day of me getting ‘taken out’ a few days after deliverance)…. Prior to my deliverance, we were living in constant strife, if not every day, every second at least!! And since then, our own Ministry is growing and moving like never before. God is pushing and advancing our territory for His Glory!!! AMAZING!!!!

So Jay, from the bottom of my heart… truly truly truly, thank you!!!!!

I know I still have a bit to clean out, but for the most part, I can totally feel God’s peace and presence in me and upon me and it’s INCREDIBLE!!”

Here’s another testimony:

“Many thanks for your time, teaching and the energy you give as you minister. It was the first time I witness deliverance at that level and give all the Glory to Our Awesome God and Our Lord Jesus for sending you to us. I learn a lot and will learn more now, thanks to your introduction to such a powerful Ministry.”

Yet another testimony:

“I can’t even begin to put into words my gratitude for all I learnt over the last 3 nights and how much my faith has been strengthened just by witnessing the Almighty Power our Wonderful Lord and Savior.”

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