Violent Exorcisms, Another Murderous Threat in New South Wales

Dear Friends of Jesus,  


Last night, here in Sydney, New South Wales, we conducted, yet another public mission to offer souls the opportunity to find freedom in Jesus name! I was pleasantly surprised to see even more souls arrived to the meeting hall to receive ministry. For the second night in a row, we encountered many violent demons including some from the woman pictured with me above.


Those evil spirits within this woman, at one point, violently threw her to the ground, no doubt in an attempt to injure her. God was gracious. She was liberated from numerous evil spirits that had brought a host of physical and emotional afflictions. We also contacted a little dissociative identity (a broken heart part) that held so much pain and hurt. That little one was guided to Jesus for healing. This woman needs more ministry however tremendous deliverance took place in her life and you could tell glancing at her picture she had experience the power of Jesus!


The night, however, began with some crazy supernatural intensity. As I taught from the Holy Scriptures I was being bombarded by numerous witchcraft curses and fiery darts. It was intense. I pressed through and led everyone in Holy Communion. Everyone assembled was led to partake of the body of Christ. Then I proceeded to lead everyone to partake of the blood of Christ. Immediately, evil spirits, surfaced from within a woman in the back of the public hall. As she held onto the Communion cup, the demons violently convulsed her and groaned. The spiritual pressure was too much for the invading demons. The cried out and screamed out of her.


As I continued to pray, the demons went into the frenzy and suddenly the demonized woman flipped backwards and chairs started to fly in the air as she crashed into the chairs. The demons were extremely violent and cried out:




Another murderous threat from a power of darkness. I have received, perhaps, thousands of such threats over the years. I take them very seriously as I have been physically attacked and even shed blood as a result of these attacks. Very serious warfare we are involved in. I swiftly went back to the demonic commotion and confronted the demons within this woman.


They immediately placed their hands upon my hands in an attempt to claw me. I rebuked them in the name of Jesus. I have been violently clawed before by demons and their claws. I forced the demons to place their hands down. They obeyed. They screamed and moaned. These were vicious demons.


Numerous generational spirits of witchcraft, perversion, lewdness, and destruction surfaced from within woman. They grabbed the woman in a very perverted manner and attempted to touch others in a perverted manner. The demons were confronted with the power of God and they obeyed and entered the pit in Jesus name. They flew out of her and she encountered the peace and healing of Jesus. More ministry needs to take place in this woman’s life however I am happy we were able to intervene and provide some much needed relief to this woman’s life.


All night long, we confronted evil spirits and commanded them into the pit. Many demons departed from those who had been tormented for so long. The lady pictured above, mentioned, she had been waiting for YEARS for relief. I’m thankful to God that we were able to intervene in the name of Jesus.


Another exciting ministry event took place last night prior to the evening service. I had the wonderful opportunity to water baptize a young disciple of Jesus, in our bathtub, in our apartment, in Sydney. What was special was that my three little children were able to participate by watching and asking questions about the significance of the sacrament of water baptism. This young man was baptize in the name of the Father, of the Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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