Witchcraft Fiery Darts Eradicated by Commands of Jesus

We have had a wonderful time in Australia however there has been some incredible spiritual warfare with the forces of darkness. I have noticed this recent Australian mission has been marked with an incredible amount of spiritual confrontation with the powers of witchcraft. My ministry team was affected to one degree or another. Even my wife was attacked one night. I led her into pulling out a number of fiery darts from her back in Jesus name (she’s fine now). Moreover, many of our meetings were invaded by demons of witchcraft. Furthermore, some of our meetings were even invaded by those influenced by the spell-binding powers of sorcery.

Despite the satanic opposition, Jesus prevailed over the powers of witchcraft and we declare: We win with Jesus! By the way, starting today, I’m offering a special 3-part audio series on how to overcome the powers of witchcraft. I have had thousands of encounters with these wicked forces throughout the earth and know how to come out on the other side victorious in Christ! Click here to pre-order this brand new special offer today. 

That beautiful couple, pictured with me above, after our last seminar in Melbourne, Victoria, was saved from the fiery darts, satanic arrows, and demonic swords that had been sent to them. Specifically, the wife, had been terribly afflicted and shared with me that she truly believed she was a victim of witchcraft. She nearly died recently as a result of the witchcraft. Very serious.

After teaching for more then 4 hours from the Holy Scriptures, I began to minister to those afflicted with demons. One lady I ministered to was dramatically freed from numerous demonic spirits that held her in captivity. Others were experiencing quick deliverance from demons and various kinds of afflictions. One Polish lady shared with me that while I prayed, she felt the pains in her neck vanish. The lady, pictured above, also encountered a quick deliverance.

As I concluded the seminar I started to command out of bodies and souls all the powers of witchcraft and it’s afflictions. As I prayed and took forceful command over those who had assembled, a number of people were being touched by the power of God including this young lady.

After praying, she immediately came up to me and said she could SEE many witchcraft darts, arrows, spears, and swords were being removed from ALL over her body, falling to the ground in front of me, as I stomped on the ground, declaring defeat to witchcraft. She was SO HAPPY afterwards and profusely thanked me for the mass deliverance commands.

This made me think of all the tens of thousands of souls that have testified of this in our public meetings around the globe. Thus the importance of mass deliverance commands and prayers. Which is one reason why I do public deliverance missions –I want to reach everyone with the power of deliverance through Jesus Christ the Lord! I can vividly recall conducting missions in South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, and here in Australia, leading mass numbers of people in deliverance prayers and seeing phenomenal spiritual results. It works!

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