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Stone Idol Demon Smashed! Millions of Spirits of Satanism Crushed!

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

This region of Australia is amazing. You have warm sunshine, with a nice winter breeze, gorgeous beaches and clear ocean waters (despite it being winter, I jumped in and was refreshed!), then in the backdrop some beautiful mountains. Then off the coast the incredibly stunning skyline of the city of Gold Coast. This nation is truly blessed and prosperous. I am honored to serve and to minister throughout this continent.


In each meeting, in the Gold Coast, Jesus rescued souls from horrific satanic bondage. The exorcisms we conducted were dramatic and Jesus demonstrated that His living power is superior to every other power.


Our evening services were filled with spiritual fireworks as we assisted souls in finding freedom in Christ, including a young lady that had more then a million spirits of Satanism within her body. Many of these demons were rooted in ancestral sorcery, witchcraft and divination. As we delved deep into ministry, with her, we discovered much:

  • Nearly a million generational serpentine spirits were within her due to her ancestors participation in Satanism including the formalization of satanic dedication vows and ritualism. Her ancestors dedicated future generations to the devil. Furthermore, some of her ancestors participated in human and animal sacrifices.
  • Numerous demons of witchcraft had invaded as a result of her ancestors participating in necromancy, mediumship, occultism and spiritism.
  • A human interject was present by the name of “Gary.” This witchdoctor was somebody her mother took her to. He performed rituals on her behind closed doors –even her parents were forbidden to be present. He breathed on her, placed a feather over her body and placed shamanic crystals upon her. Her willingness to submit to his spiritual exercises allowed him to invade her consciousness.
  • An ancestral dissociative identity by the name of Martin. He was birthed in 1855. He was only seven years of age. I spoke to him. He was sad and lonely. He revealed to me: “My mom and dad left me and I was left alone.”
  • There were demons named Martin too! More than 80 of them. They had been in the bloodline for many years as a result of generational participation in blood sacrifices of all sorts.

The vows, dedication rituals were broken in Jesus name! The human interject –the witchdoctor named Gary– was removed in Jesus name! The ancestral dissociative identity was released from the demonic torment (and demons cast out) and sent to Jesus for healing. The million plus demons of witchcraft and the serpentine spirits were commanded to go to the pit in Jesus name! They obeyed! She was so happy afterwards and believe these experiences will only empower her to live for Jesus for the rest of her life. She needs our prayers.


It was an intense exorcism. Battling more than a million demons within a body takes great spiritual effort. Moreover, these spirits were vicious. They spoke in multiple strange demonic languages. I commanded the demons to speak in English. They obeyed. Furthermore, the demons had invaded multiple levels of her heart —they held captive ancestral parts, her own broken heart parts and empower indwelling human interjects that wanted to control this young woman. God was gracious in the midst of these exorcisms and provided great deliverance!


No doubt, more work will need to take place in her life however this has been a significant event in her life she will soon not forget. I am grateful for God’s mighty angels who assisted us each night and helped me in weakening the many demons within her. The fire of the Holy Spirit also defeated the invading demons. Even my sacred CROSS of Deliverance caused the demons to draw back in fear. The demons were defeated and utterly smashed by Jesus, God in the flesh!


After her deliverance, I conducted another exorcism on a mother that attended each service with the hopes of receiving ministry. In fact, this mother was our host (along with her husband). They are award-winning film-makers and well known in Australia. They have produced films that are making a positive impact in this part of the world. Thus I want to keep their identities confidential.


This private session was hindered at the beginning by a woman who was sent to disrupt the meetings by pounding on the door to the closed public hall, demanding we open it (we didn’t it). You could hear the demons within her cry out loudly as we ministered to this woman. This went on for some time. We pressed onward in Jesus name and victory was achieved despite the hindrance.


In each meeting God was touching this mother’s heart and bringing about incredible healing into her life. I encountered a number of broken heart parts that were horrible emotional pain. They were directed to Jesus for supernatural relief and healing. There were little dissociative baby parts too that needed healing.


At one point while talking with this mother I instantly saw something superimposed over her body –it was massive stone idol kind of creature. Hard to describe so I tried to look on the internet for the best representation of what I saw. What I posted above is the best I could find. It was very large and covered with armor. It was heavy and solid. Seemed to be immovable.


By faith, I began to war against it and it laughed at me.


“We are not leaving, you are not strong enough!” the spirits warned me, “We are staying, do you understand me!”


I continued to battle this strong stone idol looking spirit that was hell bent on staying within this woman. I drew out my Scriptures–my SWORD and began to break off his armor. He was getting angry and told me to STOP! I did not stop. I continued on. I even took the SWORD to his back and he said, “No, not my back!” Guess what I did? I struck his back harder. I was determined to break his will to fight me.


After some time of warring against this ancient entity, he was demolished and he crumbled. He was expelled in Jesus name! He was utterly destroyed. My sister in the Lord was so happy afterwards and thankful for God’s goodness! She just sent me a nice email report.


“Hi Pastor Jay, We too praise God for you, and I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to the Goldy. To say I feel free is an understatement. Glory to God!!”

King Jesus Destroys So-Called Queen Jezebel in Queensland!

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I have never been one seeking large crowds. Sure, I love preaching the good news of Jesus to tens of thousands in open air meetings but I genuinely desire for quality over quantity. This past weekend, we were small in number but the miracles we encountered were extraordinary. That pleases my heart and causes my spirit to leap for joy.


I have traveled to Queensland before for ministry but never held a public mission in this gorgeous region. I’m here in the Gold Coast enjoying the near perfect weather and Jesus ministry that we participated in. We were blessed to be able to lodge right on the coast and every morning I woke up with a fabulous ocean breeze coming through the balcony into my apartment. What a awesome way to begin a day! Can life get any better?


For the past few days we have been conducting powerful seminars and services to reach souls for Jesus. Yesterday afternoon, during our training seminar, in the midst of teaching, demons and broken hearts parts suddenly surfaced. One lady I ministered to, pictured above with her husband, was the mother of a young lady I reported on that was set free from many strong spirits of Satanism. Well, not only did the young girl receive a powerful deliverance from evil spirits but so did her mother.


This mother began to convulse and shake. She began to get sick. Demons began to surface including the demon of Jezebel. As some of you are aware, Jezebel likes to refer to herself as a Queen. She often surfaces with a disgusting element of extreme haughtiness. In fact, she’s not a Queen but a defeated creature that must bow to King Jesus. On this day, she bowed before King Jesus and was destroyed!


However, Jezebel did fight me for a moment. She looked at me with disgust.


“I don’t like you! Get away from me!,” Jezebel told me, “I really don’t like you. I’m not leaving her. I have been throwing fiery darts at her husband to attack him. She’s mine! I want to kill her! I hold three of parts of her broken heart!”


I commanded the Jezebel spirit to release her heart and the heart parts swiftly surfaced. They spoke to me. They were hurting and I quickly guided them to King Jesus for healing. Moreover, I also ministered to a little 9 year old ancestral part that didn’t belong to this woman but of an ancestor. This part was guided to Jesus and was grateful to encounter a long waited healing.


I battled the spirits of Jezebel and they eventually weakened and were commanded into the pit in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I ensured the spirits also took upon themselves everything that had brought into this woman including respiratory problems (the demons confessed to trying to chock her in an attempt to kill her), confusion, hopelessness, torment and other pains. As the demons departed and flew into the pit, this mother smiled and laughed with joy of her newfound freedom in Christ!


This mother testified of feeling peace, joy and felt the pains in her back disappear. King Jesus set this precious woman free from Jezebel here in Queensland! I’m expecting beautiful things to come to this family as they walk with Jesus. It’s amazing the wonderful works of the Holy Spirit that took place in all of their lives. They just recently came to Jesus in salvation. To think their daughter, over the course of two days was set free from over a million evil spirits of Satanism, is astounding. There’s much more I want to share about her exorcisms in a future email update. Suffice to say, Jesus prevailed over the demonic forces and she encountered a deep healing!

Generational Satanism Defeated in Queensland!

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


We were small in number however God was mighty in power as we conducted a powerful exorcism earlier this evening here in Queensland. We held the meeting in a city public hall and precious souls arrived needing deliverance and healing, including this young lady, pictured with me above.


I discovered she had participated in various forms of the occult and New Age alternative practices that opened her life to powerful demons. Yes, there was occult bondage but I also saw a tremendous heart for Jesus. Turns out this young lady whom I’ll refer to as Jennifer just surrendered her life to Christ several months earlier but was desperate for deliverance.


After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion, demons suddenly surfaced from within Jennifer. They twisted her body and spoke out of her, speaking in various demonic languages. At times, they even screamed out of her, as they had been tormenting her for years. It was interesting that the demons responded adversely to the Holy Communion. There’s holy power in the Holy Communion that causes demons to rise up as they are weakened and defeated by the precious blood and body of Jesus Christ. Demons cannot stand being in the very presence of the holy sacrificial blood of Communion.


As the demons rose up from within Jennifer I began to battle them in Jesus name. Some of the first demons I encountered were a small group of demons that entered her family bloodline because her ancestors participated in divination and sorcery. These were cast out quickly in Jesus name. Another group of demons surfaced that were aggressive in trying to keep within her.


“We are here because her ancestors participated in animal and human sacrifices,” the spirits of Satanism revealed to me, “They honored Satan. We bring anxiety, panic attacks, fear, torment, madness and depression.”


These vile spiritual beings were hell bent on fighting we fought back in Jesus name! I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly arrived. I asked for the mighty angels to strike the demons with their swords. They did. The demons begged me to stop; they were being greatly weakened.


Moreover, many of the demons were crying out with loud voices inquiring for Satan’s help. They cried out loudly: SATAN, SATAN, SATAN! They begged for his help! I told the evil spirits that Satan wasn’t coming to rescue them. This went on for an hour –the calling for Satan! Truth to be told, the devil didn’t care about his henchmen. He wasn’t coming and when these particular spirits realized this reality –they were utterly discouraged and depleted of energy to fight us.


In the midst of the exorcism I located an ancestral dissociative identity that perished in the midst of a fire many centuries ago. I quickly released this part to Jesus. Furthermore, there was another ancestral heart part as a result having been sacrificed many generations ago. These parts were swiftly led to Jesus to be healed.


All of the demonic spirits were defeated and commanded to release this woman’s heart and body. The demons screamed out of her and she was finally released from this horrific satanic bondage. Jesus supernaturally healed and liberated her. She was so happy afterwards and filled with joy. Her smile said it all!

Western Australia: King Jesus Overpowered Demons & HEALED EYES!

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


All last week, while in Western Australia, we witnessed King Jesus crushing His enemies, including many spirits of Jezebel, death, murder, and Mammon. These are common spirits we encounter as we minister deliverance to the captives. I’m thankful to God that we can obtain freedom from these evil powers through the atoning blood of His Son!


My last speaking engagement was at a new church mission pastored by my friend, Richard and his wife Connie, who are 100% supportive of our global mission. I had great liberty to teach and minister to those who had assembled to hear God’s Word and to experience the powers of the age to come. At the very beginning of the ministry session, demons began to surface and challenge me. A number of spirits named murder surfaced from within a woman named Gayle (pictured with me above, post deliverance).


“We have been here for more than 120 years,” the spirits of murder told me, speaking through Gayle, “Her ancestors participated in abortion!”


Murder wasn’t alone however as many other demons surfaced: Jezebel, rejection, Mammon and others. All of them were intent on destroying this woman and carrying out a demonic assignment: To hold her gifts and destiny!


After her deliverance, Gayle, revealed to me that for 5 long years she had sought for deliverance as she knew something had been holding her back but didn’t know what it was! After her deliverance she realized it was DEMONS!


During the deliverance, the evil spirits spoke to me and boasted on how they held her in captivity. I know she isn’t alone, many others face similar bondage.


“We hold her gifts, her dreams and her destiny,” the spirits of Jezebel, Mammon and Murder confessed to me, “But we must release her because Jesus commands us to GO!”


The demons, indeed, were commanded out of her in the name of Jesus Christ. Moreover, they released her gifts, dreams and destiny. This woman will now be able to serve God without demonic hindrance in the days to come as her gifts have been activated as result of her powerful liberation. Furthermore, not only did Gayle obtain freedom but she also experienced a healing of her eyes. She came in wearing glasses but after her deliverance (during the deliverance we took her glasses off) she testified she could see much clearer (without the aid of the glasses) and was able to see things she couldn’t see previously. Another supernatural healing of the EYES!


It’s amazing how many people we have seen over the years who have received complete or significant healing of one’s eyesight! In this last mission alone, we witnessed a handful of souls who testified of their eyesight experiencing a healing to some extent.


It should also be noted Gayle was also healed of a broken heart; as we communicated to little dissociative identities that were hurting. They were quickly guided to Jesus for healing. This last week, in Perth, we witnessed many hearts healed –many dissociative identities guided to Jesus for comfort and love. Also, many bodies encountered a physical healing. Numerous people testified of being healed of various ailments and pains.


Even after the church meeting a lady approached me and testified that after one of our services, at Concordia Lutheran Church, while driving back home from the meeting, she could feel many demons departing from her –even an HOUR after the service had concluded! So many beautiful testimonies and I give God the glory!

Secrecy of Freemasonry within Souls

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in Sydney, New South Wales, with the family, after last week being in Western Australia teaching and driving out demons in Jesus name. One of the individuals we prayed for, while in Perth, at Xebec Christian Fellowship, was a lady whom I’ll refer to as Mary (pictured with me above, post deliverance). She has been regularly attending our seminars and meetings for the past several years and have come to see her as a committed believer in Christ. However, unknown to me (and to her), deep within Mary’s soul was the curse of Freemasonry. It was very difficult to locate the spirit but it was there within her.


Interestingly, I wasn’t even directly praying for her when unholy spirits manifested from within her. I think I was merely leading everyone in prayer when suddenly demons within her cried out loudly. This is what occurred in the days of Jesus as recorded in Luke 4:33 (“he [the demon] cried out in a loud voice”). This was seen in the ministry of Philip the evangelist in Acts 8 where it was recorded many demons cried out as they left the bodies of many.


The cries and screams were very loud and the demons surfaced. A number of demonic spirits that first surfaced were the spirits of fear and torment. They were holding onto a little dissociative identity that didn’t belong to Mary but of an ancestor. It was an ancestral dissociative identity that was only 3 years of age. She was hurt and in pain. I swiftly led this little one to Jesus for supernatural healing.


I continued to place spiritual pressure on the demons and they resisted me at first. I called forth the holy angels of God and they were quickly dispatched and assisted me in battling the demons. I even had the holy angels strike the invading demons with their swords. They groaned in agony and pain. This weakened the invading evil spirits. I called forth the holy fire of God too and the demons finally gave up fighting.


The strongman was finally identified, he was very reluctant to speak. However, after applying the pressure it was discovered it was the demon of Freemasonry. He had been there a very long time. You could sense it was an ancient spirit.


“We have been buried in secrecy,” the demons of Freemasonry told me, “Her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices thus our presence.”


Buried in secrecy. This is something I have seen in hundreds of cases, around the world, where the Freemasonry curse is present. The satanic curse is deeply imbedded within the souls of individuals requiring persistence and power to force it to surface. This is not unusual. For in Freemasonry is the curse of the Illuminati and these tend to be very strong spirits that swiftly conceal their identity and their work within individuals.


I have even encountered individuals who are rock solid disciples, who even know about the spiritual warfare, still being affected by these ancient curses. Many times not even knowing what it is. Thus the need for the deliverance ministry.


I’m grateful to God that we were able to intervene in the life of Mary. She had been carrying this ancient curse from her ancestors and we were able to defeat it in the name of Jesus! Mary was set free by the power of Jesus and her smile and her disposition spoke of liberation and relief.

Wondrous miracle of encountering Jesus

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Just landed into Sydney on a 2am flight, across the continent, from Perth. I’m grateful to God’s grace, goodness and empowering presence.


This past week in Perth, Western Australia has been challenging on multiple levels. As I reported a few days ago, during one of my public meetings at Concordia Lutheran Church, we were invaded and disrupted by a group of protestors hell-bent on hindering the ministry of the gospel. They yelled, slandered and opposed me. The following night we even had to have a State police officer at the entrance of the church to prevent another disturbance.


Despite the resistance of the enemy I continued to preach God’s Word and ministered to the captives. Souls were still impacted with the gospel ministry. I refuse to allow the enemy to deter me or discourage me. As a result of my persistence, Jesus blessed me with a wonderful night at a new church plant in the Perth area. I encountered the sweet presence of God and was greatly encouraged by my brothers and sisters.


Last year, while ministering in Perth, I was honored to ordain three ministers of the gospel, who are pictured with me above –pastors Richard, Connie and Danick. After their holy ordination, God began to work powerfully in their lives and a new church was established –Xebec Christian Fellowship– in the city that is dedicated in preaching the gospel to the nations. In fact, on a recent mission to Indonesia, the church, as Pastor Richard reported to me, witnessed hundreds of souls being touched with the gospel and many miraculous signs and wonders taking place. Pastor Richard shared with me that in one service alone, more then 200+ souls were won to Jesus Christ after his preaching.


Richard has been going through our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and is being empowered to fulfill the work of the evangelist, pastor and teacher. Even our Australian mission coordinator, Pastor Joan Smale has fully completed the curriculum and is being empowered by the Holy Spirit to reach many. This brings me joy to see disciples of King Jesus fulfilling their God-given destinies.


Last night at Xebec Christian Fellowship we witnessed the power of God in delivering souls from Satan’s hold. We also witnessed the Savior providing healing to broken hearts and hurting bodies. More on those miracles in my next update however we also witnessed another extraordinary miracle, that being the miracle of the new birth. In nearly every public service, on this mission, we have had the honor to lead souls to salvation in Jesus Christ. Last night was no different.


The left hand side picture above was a post salvation picture of a new brother who was birthed into the Kingdom of God last night, in the midst of the service. I’ll refer to him as Mike. After teaching from the Holy Scriptures I demonstrated the power of God, to those assembled, by casting out demons. Mike, while sitting with his wife, witnessed several powerful deliverances. No doubt, God was using these power encounters to open his heart. At some point during the meeting I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to reach out to Mike and inquire about his salvation. He confessed he had not been born again.


I shared the good news of Jesus, briefly, with him and was honored to pray with him –for him to receive Jesus as Lord! Afterwards, he testified of feeling happy. His smile said it all. Jesus saved him! Seeing souls encounter the wonders of salvation in God is really special and it never gets old. This mission, for decades, have been faithful in preaching the gospel and have witnessed many thousands call upon Jesus in salvation.

Walked in with Death, Left with Life

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Thank you my friends for standing with me in prayer support. After the previous night of ministry I was sadden that the enemy struck us in such a manner where we were prevented from assisting souls in finding freedom in Jesus! I am happy to report your prayers were answered, resulting in souls finding relief and supernatural healing in Jesus name.


There was much more liberty to teach and minister last night at the Concordia Lutheran Church, here in Perth, Australia, then the previous night. A number of souls experienced the power of Jesus in healing and deliverance. One lady we ministered to, pictured with me above, came to the meeting so unhappy and tortured. There was abuse, witchcraft, addictions and all forms of bondage. My heart went out to her. I just knew Jesus would touch her with His love and peace.


There was so much grief, sorrow and pain deep within her. Much of it surfaced while I prayed for her. Including a number of little girls –dissociative identities– that held onto so much pain and hurt. They were quickly guided to Jesus for healing. Then I confronted the many demons within this woman. The spirits of death had been in her bloodline for many generations. He spoke to me.


“We have been here since she was in her womb,” the demons of death informed me, “We have been trying to kill her!”


The evil spirits revealed all of the pain, suffering, sicknesses and havoc they had brought into her life. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I commanded all of the demons and all of the pains they had brought into her life to come out of her body. They left and flew into the pit. Immediately she was glowing with life, she was happy! The demons were gone and she was set free!


This woman was terribly demonized when she walked into the sanctuary. No joy. No peace. No life. After her deliverance, joy came back into her life and you could SEE it! Glance at that above picture again. In fact, she was staggering around with so much joy.


“I feel like I’m drunk, I’m so happy!,” she told me as she laughed and laughed.


She was so happy. She fell to the ground and just soaked in the presence of God. I know the Lord was pleased.

In Australia: Satanic Saboteurs Invade & Disrupt Meeting!

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


We request your prayers for our mission in Perth, Australia! Please lift up our meetings to the Lord for our mission has been under some severe spiritual assault. For one, powerful demons, primarily Jezebel, have sought to hinder our meetings. Secondly, a local cult group, led by the Jezebel spirit, have been targeting our public services in an attempt to sabotage our ministry work. This shouldn’t surprise us. The enemy is ever seeking ways to destroy. For years, I have had to endure such spiritual hardships.


Over the decades I have seen, on various occasions, the enemy rise up in great fury against this global mission. I have been jailed, slandered, severely opposed, threatened with death, physically attacked, and conspired against. Some of our meetings have, actually, been infiltrated by the enemies of the cross. Well, last night, again, we were infiltrated by the agents of darkness.


I was just about to go forward and begin teaching when suddenly I began smelling something very strong, a smoke like odor hovering around me. It was very strange. I then felt waves of intense demonic oppression surround me. I commanded it to leave, it would depart some but some of it continued it’s spiritual assault on me.


It was during this time, a group of 11 individuals, whom I do not know, entered the church foyer, stood in the back of the sanctuary, hoping to intimidate and disrupt. They were welcomed to be part of the service. They rejected the offer and continued to stand, in the back, with demonic fury. Many could feel it.


Unbeknownst to me, at that time, a few saints in the sanctuary began to see into the spiritual realm. One disciple noticed a powerful angel of the Lord standing in front of me, wearing armor as to protect me (and himself as apparently he was being assaulted too by vicious demons seeking to harm me). Another holy angels was standing behind me. God’s angels were truly encamping around me, in an effort to protect me.


As I began to welcome everyone, a few of the satanic infiltrators, spoke out loudly and began to slander me personally and the ministry before those who had assembled. I wasn’t too surprised or shocked, as this kind of public disruption have taken place before in our missions around the world. I was sadden, though, that this hindered the work of the Holy Spirit in our midst. That was unfortunate.


I asked a few of the men to escort the individuals (who are part of a local cult that have caused some problems, in the past, in our meetings) outside of the church. They began to get verbally aggressive and flatly told everyone they would not leave the church. I turned to our praise and worship team and asked them to lead us into some worship. In the midst of the praise and worship, this cult group, eventually departed. However, they continued to slander and attempted to poison the minds of many with lies.


Sadly, the damage was done. Nearly everyone in the sanctuary was unsettled and on edge due to this public sabotage. Make no mistake about it, these individuals were satanic saboteurs driven by evil spirits seeking to hinder the work of the gospel. Despite the opposition, God’s WORD was still proclaimed and a few people experienced some deliverance from demonic spirits. However, due to the demonic interference I felt it was prudent to end the service earlier then our scheduled time.


Another saint, in the sanctuary, approached me after the service and mentioned that he could see into the spiritual realm and noticed that towards the end of the meeting, two strong Jezebel spirits came up to the front of the hall and stood around me with spiritual weapons in their hands. He said the demons were not able to strike me but were present and roaming around. No doubt looking to strike me and destroy me.


The satanic saboteurs who invaded our service was being led by a woman who was a Jezebel –hell-bent on destroying me through character assassination and witchcraft. What is perplexing to me, that amazes me, is this: I have never spent time with these individuals nor do I know anything about them. Why they would choose me and our meetings is puzzling. All I know is this—demons see us as a absolute threat– which is fine with me. I am a threat to them, as it’s my desire to crush them and to send them to the pit in Jesus name!


We need your immediate prayers and financial support as these attacks that affected the giving of God’s people. Thank you for standing with us in Jesus name! Victory is Mine Saith the Lord!

Demons of Jezebel, Mammon & Death Sent to the PIT in Perth

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in the city of Perth, in Western Australia, teaching and driving out demons in Jesus name. Last night, at the Concordia Lutheran Church, I encountered some spiritual opposition as I taught from God’s Word and ministered to the captives. It was difficult to minister however I pressed onward and God blessed our night with released souls.


After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray over the afflicted. Several souls were swiftly delivered from demons including one lady, perhaps, in her early 60’s, who manifested evil spirits that caused her to fall down to the ground. These tormenting spirits had been holding captive her broken heart. I commanded the demons to release her heart. They obeyed and I spoke to the heart parts and guided them to Jesus for healing. Moreover, I commanded these vicious spirits to leave her body and they entered the pit. This woman testified that after her deliverance that the pain had vanished and her heart felt whole.


Another lady I ministered to, pictured with me above, had attended one of my previous meetings in the city, but was needing more deliverance from demons. I was so happy to see her find more relief and healing. More heart parts were supernaturally healed and she was dramatically liberated from thousands of demonic spirits that held her in captivity.


As they surfaced they would cry out and SCREAM! It was very loud cries from deep within her soul. These spirits had been in her bloodline for many thousands of years. They revealed much to me.


“We have been here for many generations as her ancestors participated in animal and human sacrifices,” the demons revealed to me, “They participated in the abuse of children and other evils. So, we entered her bloodline. We cause so much pain and hurt!”


I called for the holy angels to assist me and they quickly arrived and they struck the demons with their swords thus greatly weakening the invading demonic spirits. These demons had been placed in submission.


There were spirits of fear, torment, death, Jezebel, and a group of spirits of Mammon who were furious that they had been exposed. Mammon revealed much.


“We came in her bloodline, because her ancestors, thousands of years ago, offered blood sacrifices to obtain riches,” Mammon told me, “We bring so many problems to her.”


In your bloodline did an ancestor participate in a blood ritual in order to obtain riches or power? Something that ought to be investigated. The demons of Mammon are, generally, very hidden within souls. Undergoing an exorcism will assist you in understanding what might be at work within your life.


“We see the Lord in you,” the demons told me, “We must come out of her. This is what the Lord commands us!


This is true. The Lord Jesus had spoken to these demons and they must obey. So, thousands of these demons were commanded out of her and they flew out of her in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! She shared with me afterwards that all of the physical pain that she had been experiencing had vanished. Jesus is so wonderful.


Interestingly, in the midst of the exorcism, the demons of death within this woman, revealed of a another woman in the crowd that had similar spirits. They actually pointed to another woman in the sanctuary. I walked over to this woman and I had this woman renounce the curse of death. Immediately this woman felt something lift off of her body and shared she could feel something exit her body! This woman received swift deliverance.

Dismantling Pacts with Devils? Supernatural Jesus Can!

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


One of my favorite publications to read on a regular basis is T he Economist and every year they put out a top 10 list of the most livable cities in the world that factor in the local economy, weather, security issues, walkability, sustainable living, environmental issues, and quality of life issues. Some of my favorite cities in the world are included on the list including Vancouver, British Columbia, Perth (where I’ll be ministering at very soon) and where I’m presently, with my family, Sydney, Australia. When I wake up in the mornings and as I look at over our balcony –I see the Pacific Ocean! I take in the beautiful breeze that comes in from the ocean which simply refreshes the soul! No wonder this wonderful city is on the list. No wonder Jesus spent so much time near the water. HA!


The past few months we have confronted an incredible amount of spirits of witchcraft and those whom made pacts with devils. The powers of witchcraft, sorcery, spiritism, Satanism, occultism, are rising on the face of the earth and we must counter these dark powers with the overcoming force of the resurrected Jesus. Do not back down to these forces. Do not give into their deals. They are defeated but we must press in and drive them back.


The lady pictured above had many evil spirits rooted in ancestral witchcraft which would explain why she had made a pact with some devils earlier in her life. Her ancestors participated in horrific blood rituals that allowed many demons to enter her bloodline. Nobody in her family bloodline, that we were aware of, even fought against these powers resulting in many generations of witchcraft bondage. The demonic spirits boasted how no one touched them with the power of Jesus.


During the exorcism, while conducting a service in San Francisco (a hotbed of demonic activity), we confronted these powers and drove them out in Jesus name! She also renounced the pact she made to the devils! God was faithful to free her. She was so happy afterwards. So many others are suffering due to the powers of witchcraft (and those who made pacts with devils), even many ministers, who have no idea to the extent the ancestral witchcraft maybe working within their lives unless one goes through a personal deliverance.


We saw this firsthand, while in Southern California, at one of our powerful seminars.  As I began to pray over a minister by the name of Kelly. Many evil spirits surfaced including powerful spirits of witchcraft. I discovered that the witchcraft was rooted in her family participation. They performed rituals with candles and made pacts with devils. Many demons had appeared to her family including Kelly. 


The demons screamed out of her and quickly told me: “We hate her, we want to destroy her! We have an assignment to carry out! We bring sickness, poverty, lack and we hold captive her destiny.”


This satanic assignment (and the pacts to the devils) was cancelled in Jesus name and all of the torment, sickness, poverty, lack and afflictions were removed in the name of Jesus! But the evil spirits battled me as they sought to keep her in captivity.


I called forth the holy angels of God and they struck the demons with their holy swords greatly weakening the invading the demons and forced them to hold my sacred cross which they hated. The power of the cross of Jesus defeated these many witchcraft demons and these pacts with demons.


The people of God stood in agreement with me as I warred against these demons. The last group of spirits I confronted on this night within Kelly was named Lucifer. They had been appearing to her and her family for many years bringing spiritual havoc and pain. These demons were also forced to bow to Jesus. Kelly was set free by the Supernatural Jesus and she was so happy afterwards and testified of feeling healed and delivered. She exhibited a beautiful smile afterwards!